Why is Fruits Basket so popular? | Fruits Basket 2019 vs 2001 Anime Discussion

Why is Fruits Basket so popular? | Fruits Basket 2019 vs 2001 Anime Discussion

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Ooooh~ *2001 Fruits Basket OP plays* *NOSTALGIC SIGH* Just by hearing that short sound you
may have been stricken with nostalgia or maybe you’re not aware of the phenomenon
that was Fruits Basket in the early 2000’s. Fruits basket or furuba is a
highly influential shoujo romance drama fantasy comedy series Its manga ran from
1998 to 2006 and was immensely popular in the west and japan. In japan it is the
seventh best-selling shoujo series of all time. It sold 30 million copies. Putting it two slots below Sailor Moon in sales. Similarly in North America the manga was a huge hit and the American distributor
Tokyopop even stated that it was their best-selling manga in 2006. Fruits Basket
also had an anime that ran from July to December in 2001. It had 26 episodes but
did not cover the full story of the manga. The anime was so popular in the
United States that in 2005 Funimation had a bunch of American fans make a
thousand origami cranes and show them to Studio Deen… and basically Japan to say
we really love this anime and we want a season two. Okay! You get it…
Fruits Basket *was* popular! But Fruits Basket is old now so what’s with the new
hype? I mean if you’re watching this video… I assume you already know that… There’s a reboot! *Celebration sounds* This reboot is similar to the Hunter x Hunter reboot where it’s
going to start from the very beginning. This means for people that are
interested in Fruits Basket You just start watching the 2019 anime… I mean you just jump into it! The story follows Tohru Honda a poor orphan girl
secretly living in a tent. But don’t worry because she’s gonna be daijoubu! She’s a shoujo heroine and she has the power of unrelenting optimism. It turns
out where she has placed her tent is on the property of the soma family. The soma
family comprises of a bunch of mysterious… prestigious… bishounen. It’s a shoujo series. *whispering* This attractive family allows Tohru to
live with them because she’s good at housework… and
they’re not. Yes, she’s a Yamato Nadeshiko. and so we get to watch the lives unfold
of the too pure for this world Tohru… the cool princely Yuki the questionably
adult Shigure and we also get a glimpse of a rare type of tsundere… the male tsundere… with Kyo Sohma. Throughout the story many more members of the soma
family show up… because there is such a large cast I believe that it is easy
for viewers to find someone to relate to on some level. It’s also refreshing that
most of these characters are given their own development and multi-layered
identities. As Tohru continues to get to know the soma family she uncovers many
of their family’s hidden secrets… but I’m not gonna say much more than that
because I’d rather you guys check it out yourselves! A short description does not
give fruits basket justice however and this is because at its core Fruits
Basket is much more about fitting in friendship, family and of course… LOVE! For
anyone that thinks this series might be too feminine for them just because it’s
a shoujo series I’d still recommend that you check it out. A lot of the show’s
charm comes from its ability to juggle comedy and heart-wrenching drama.
There are even fantasy and slice of life elements to the show as well and I
believe it was so widely successful because it has something in it for
everyone it also has some really nice underlying messages that resonate with
lots of people. Lots of shoujo series are also excellent so don’t be knocking
something because of its targeted demographic. *Popping sounds as shows appear* If you’re new to fruits
basket and want to get into it you have three possible paths. Number one, you can
start watching the new 2019 series as it is currently airing the anime is going
to adopt the entire manga which is something the 2001 series did not do. Your second option is you could read the manga because it’s complete and because
everyone knows the manga is always better… *kinda sarcastic* The third option is you could watch the 2001 anime and this option I’d really only
recommend if you prefer older anime or even find that your loving fruits basket
so much that you just want more of it. The main reason I’m not gonna push this
one is because although the anime is great it is not complete and stops
partway through the manga. Although I am recommending the 2019 series it could
honestly turn out to be crap but based on the first episode I don’t think
that’s going to be the case. You know I generally tried to be positive and I
have high expectations for the reboot. Mostly because Natsuki Takaya the manga
coup of Fruits Basket is actually an executive supervisor on the new 2019
anime. I think for some older fans the new style is kind of jarring however
this new art style was actually requested by Takaya she says she wants
the reboot to honor the source material but also to refresh and rebuild the
fruits basket world so it can continue to touch as many new people as possible. This apparently is why the Japanese voice cast has been completely changed
and some people do not like that at all… Except I’m really excited to hear the
Rie Kugumiya as Kagura eeeeeeeeeee It’s said that Takaya wasn’t very happy with the 2001 anime
made by Studio Deen… So maybe this new anime will follow her
vision more closely. Based off the first episode of the 2019 anime I actually
already noticed that the new anime does more faithfully adopt the manga.
Personally I actually like a lot of anime that studio Deen has made
especially as of late like… Konosuba or Rakugo. However I think most people could
agree that studio Deen has been kind of like hit or miss. The studio that is
creating the new 2019 anime is TMS entertainment and although TMS
entertainment is very very famous for working on Lupin the 3rd and detective
conan the only thing I’ve watched that they’ve made lately is megalo box.
However considering their nice work on Kamisama kiss another shoujo series… I
think they’re gonna be able to pull it off phenomenally. Funny enough, Akitarou Daichi actually directed Kamisama kiss and the old Fruits Basket anime. but because
Takuya requested all new staff for the new anime there was no way he was going
to be the director again. The director for fruits basket 2019 is Yoshihide Ibata… who I honestly know nothing about? Already fans in the West have been so
excited for the new series *singing badly* And in America they actually had the first two
episodes show it like a pre-screening event. Americans got to see in theaters
and they got limited-edition merch and you know what? I’m not salty at all……. Anyways for many people in the West including myself Fruits Basket is one of
the first anime that had a major presence in my life. For the non fans
I’ll try to paint a picture. I remember going to cons in the mid-2000s and cons
at this time were very small and the dealer’s rooms were very small and the
amount of anime Goods was very small this was mostly because it was hard to
get goods from Japan it wasn’t he’s easy to order things
online etc … So certain anime dominated the dealer’s room I mean you got Death Note, Naruto Trigun, Chobits and of course Fruits basket. At the time my local
bookstore actually had stacks of fruits basket manga that said the best selling
shoujo series in North America and it was very weird to me to be able to see
manga in like a normal store… *awkward laugh???* It wasn’t a comic book stores like a chapters… Fruits
Basket is a shoujo classic but for many fans that is also a part of their
childhood. For that reason it is fine to be skeptical of the hype and I even plan
on kind of checking myself to make sure that when I’m praising fruits basket I
am not blinded merely by a nostalgia. I haven’t revisited Fruits basket as a
series in a few years now but I do remember the main story points. I am
excited to re-experience fruits basket because I believe depending on what
stage you are in your life you may relate to different characters every
time. I feel like I might get some hate for this but for example I remember when
I was young I really didn’t like Tohru. Mostly because I just wish she was more
assertive, less timid and just basically fit my own image of what was “cool” at the
time. To be fair I generally like characters that don’t take crap from
anyone and Tohru is kind of the opposite of that. As an adult I have become more empathetic towards Tohru and I can
understand that she is very emotionally strong she has the ability to forgive
almost anyone and be kind to anyone genuinely! I just I think that’s amazing…
In reality people are very frustrating selfish and mean at times but she is
just like… *angelic music?* Always able to forgive… that’s Tohru. I don’t know maybe at the time I
was just like too edgy or something to like her… I have no idea. Last time I reread fruits basket I really enjoyed the parts with Hatsuharu, Shigure and Arisa. Arisa is tohru’s best friend who is a delinquent and you
may have already known I liked her if you watched my anime girl delinquent
guide. Because I mentioned her and Fruits Basket in it briefly. *thigh slapping sound???* So tell me! Have you
heard about fruits basket before? If you’re a fan of it what do you think
about the new anime? I would love to hear people’s opinions.. Tell me your favorite
character in the comments below! It’s really exciting that this
show is hyped up again so you know… All the fans we can get together and… talk
about fruits basket! Like if you think cats should be a part of the zodiac…
and subscribe for more videos! Thanks guys, bye!!! *Fruits basket hip hop remix plays*

100 thoughts on “Why is Fruits Basket so popular? | Fruits Basket 2019 vs 2001 Anime Discussion

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    Fruit basket is almost like a guide book to bettering your self as a human.

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    From what I've seen so far in the anime reboot, I'm enjoying it. Although I've noticed the order of how they're approaching the story so far is slightly different from both the 2001 version and the manga (such as how early they're mentioning the culture festival), but it's not that much of a big deal to me. As a long time fan of the series, I'm really glad that this is really a thing!

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    Nice video. I think that you covered all of the major points. I also really liked how you use the correct Japanese words. Subbed.

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    Love the remake so far. But definitely miss the original ost. Really gives you the feels. I find myself skipping the new op. The singers voice isn't for me.

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    I am adoring the new anime. Kyo has been my favorite anime/manga character since the manga came out, and the story was always my favorite. To be honest, at first I didn't like the new kyo, I thought his face looked way too different…but after 5 episodes he's grown on me so much.

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    Sorry for my earlier comment. I was in a mood. Your video was actually good. Good job ๐Ÿ™‚

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    my home boy…

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    Whats next? OHSHC?

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    I an so unbelievably happy that they're re-making anime. Fruits Basket was the anime that got me INTO anime. I was 11 when I first started reading it and I LOVED Tohru I honestly could see myself in her a little bit and the rest of me wanted to be her. And then I got to the 4th book and cried so hard that my mom checked in on me and I knew that this whole series had to be good and I tore that series like my life depended on it. And then I watched the anime… and I loved it at the time but I was sooooo disappointed they didn't continue the story. Now I feel it's going to get the ending it deserves and I am BEYOND HYPED.

    Sidenote my favorite characters are Kyo and Momiji but I genuinely love them all…. there is not one character I dislike. Not one whenever a character pops on screen my heart feels so so warm.

  • Emma Evans Post author

    I just finished watching the 6th episode of he new series and rewatched the corresponding episodes of the old series (6th and 7th) and the corresponding manga chapters. What i have to say is this:
    1. I love the OST, OP and ED of the original series way to much, i can sing it all in japanese; I do enjoy the OP and especially the ED of the new series but to me they just can't compare.
    2. the animation on the new one and the colors are obviously beautiful and i love seeing Fruits Basket with all this colour. Indeed the animation on the original series is pretty dated.
    3. Voice acting wise I loved Kyo's voice actor (Tomozaku Seki) enormously but didn't really like the fact that Yuki was voiced but a woman and that Akito was voiced by the wrong person (voice timber wise). That's why I'm quite happy with the voice acting on the new one. Also Kyo's new voice actor also voiced Ash from Banana Fish wich makes me super super happy.
    4. I've read the whole Fruits Basket manga and have been rereading it as I watch the new series and the new anime is following the manga closely (aka not making up stuff like what happened in some instances on the original anime) and rearranging some of the things that happen in a way that soen't hurt the story and so that all 136 chapters get adapted (hopefully) in less that 136 episodes of course. And I'm very much enjoying that as well.
    5. I think having Natsuki Takaya overseeing the new anime is great because she has a grasp of the whole story (because she wrote it of course) and that way she can guide the people writing the scripts on how to organize stuff so that the essence of the story remains unchenged and so that the design of the characters are correct (aka Kyo's red and white beads bracelet which were black and white on the original anime).
    All in all, I'm very much enjoying the new anime despite me analysing every single detail due to my my love for the original anime and all the nostalgia it brings me.

    To end, thank you very much for this video. New subscriber right here.

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  • Miranda Schiess Post author

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    Gotta say, I'm most hyped to see Kureno in the new anime, and like Katsuya and Machi and Kakeru and all those guys who had hecka great story lines but didn't make the original anime. I'm missing some of the old voice actors too, don't really like Momiji's accent, but I think they're doing a pretty good job with the new animation and character appeals and such, excited to see how it plays out!

  • Remisbestwaifu 09 Post author

    You have a really good camera presence and voice. And apparently you equipment is pretty good, I can see your channel being alot bigger.

  • SangosFire Post author

    Fruits Basket is one of the most influential series I've encountered in my life. It's been there for me at numerous times in my life and I cried when I read they were rebooting it. As much as I love the original anime, the art style is a tad dated and I value the manga so much that I was sad they changed certain elements or left them out altogether. I SCREAMED when I saw the hat in the reboot, I was so excited. My favorite parts of the manga came after the original anime ended, so I'm so looking forward to seeing them animated.
    I honestly never thought Fruits Basket would get another season or a reboot, so I've just been so excited about it. The new anime is a different tone than the 2001 anime, but I think I prefer how much more closely its been sticking to the manga. I also think its amazing that a series I discovered when I was about 11 can still capture me as a 24 year old woman <3 <3

  • Eva-Maria Hanchar Post author

    I grew up on fruit Basket and was originally disappointed that the original anime had strayed from the manga content as well as the fact that the production had been dropped a long time ago.

    I am so glad that this new adaptation (2019 series) is getting the FMA: Brotherhood treatment it deserves!
    Reading the manga Tohru Honda was an inspiration to me as well as all the other characters in the series.
    It taught me how to aspire to be truly kind and thoughtful about other and other peoples pains, I guess it taught me genuine empathy.

    I can not stress enough how much this series means to me and I am so glad many other people feel the same way.
    I have nothing but love for this series and yes …

    The Manga Is Always Better!!
    *But this new series would probably level off on equal standing if it measures up <3

  • AnimangaGirl Post author

    I'm sooo happy for the fruits basket reboot. I know the anime since 2003 but unfortunately I never watch it I was too busy watching other animes and I left fruits basket behind I left clannad behind too unfortunately. But I grew up listening the fruits basket op song because it was so cute I really love the op song of the 2001 series. I always wanted to watch fruits basket but the art was so old and that kinda made me not watch it. So I'm really happy for this new reboot. I can finally see the anime and I'm loving it. I love this story. I love Tohru. She's strong she wants to deal everything on her own. She so kind and its hard to be kind tbh. I think she's a great role model. Just like Usagi.

    Guys that criticize shoujo are dumb. Because shoujo and shounen are not that different. They kinda transmit the same messages. The only differences are the fights and shoujo be more delicate. But both show similar messages and main character in shoujo and shounen are really similar. Naruto personality for example he's just like Tohru.

  • JoJo Talks Too Much Post author

    The new anime is my first experience with the series, and I'm absolutely loving it! Shigure is my favorite thus far, and I will protect Tohru from the world! :p

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    I need to binge both fruit baskets I need to make it my mission, also I LOVE YOU'RE DISCUSSION VIDEO SO SO SO MUCH

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    I've only seen the 2001 anime adaptation and adored it immediately. I never really read the manga although I had wanted to for the longest time.. I have a strong preference for anime instead of manga so I kept putting it off… but now I'm glad I did! I can enjoy the reboot and the entire story with no spoilers.

  • kclightman Post author

    At its core, Fruits Basket is about dealing with really deep and complex feelings. I love it because it has helped me see different things at different times in my life. It actually helped me handle some hard emotional things. Momiji remains my absolute favorite, because underneath his sweet and carefree demeanor is an even sweeter but brave, wise and deep soul. I had such a crush on him when I was young. Mad luvs for Momiji!!!

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    the original Steven Universe!

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    This series is one of the best anime of all time..

  • Little Monster Post author

    The first time I read fruits basket I was about 13 and loved everything about it, I wanted to be just like tohru. Now 23 re-reading the manga, my absolute favorite story arc was in volume 16, when kyoko met and fell in love with Katsuya, then had tohru but became depressed once Katsuya died. Man I could relate to everything on such a different level now that I'm a mom myself, I was bawling for so much of that story. You really do take different things from fruits basket at whatever stage in life you're at. It'll always be my favorite manga.

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    Maybe itโ€™s just me but the old animation is better, in the sense of the manga style and feel. But I will definition give the reboot a try!

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    I'm rereading the manga now as an adult, and Tohru is such a beautiful character I love her so much. Kyo is one of my favorite characters of all time, I'm also so excited to see Rin and Momoji's stories on screen, the reboot is coming along so beautifully. This story holds such a special place in my heart โค

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    QUESTION!! so the reboot will include all eps and chapters from the manga or just a reboot for the anime???

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    I've always loved Fruits Basket. When my niece started getting an interest in anime, this was the series I introduced her with and she lapped it up. When I told her of the reboot, she was extremely delighted.

  • radchoco Post author

    When I was young, I read the first volume at my library and I hated it so much because of Tooru (same reason you stated) that I read the last page of the manga (to see if it's worth it) online cause my library didn't have all the copies. Additionally, I watched the first episode of the 2001 verison and hated it back then. I'm SO glad I am now watching the 2019 version, I love it so much!! Also DUB SQUAD!!! I grew up with the dub and I love it! Laura Bailey FTW!

  • Joey Post author

    I'm scared of the new anime. While nostalgia can be blind, it is also a valid reason to feel discomfort for reboots, especially for something that had an impact on you.

    I loved how the 2001 anime looked, it was like a vivid and endearing watercolor painting with extremely exaggerated features all guided by a mellow soundtrack. It was calming and helped set a lighthearted tone that assisted with the darker aspects of the show. The reboot does look nice by modern standards and is more palatable to audiences, but I find the touching old art style being removed as a sad loss (But I understand why they would do it).

    All I can say is that I will try to enjoy them as separate entities.

  • Sarah C. McLachlan Post author

    I love Fruits Basket so much! I actually read the manga first before watching the anime and was really bummed out with how it ended. So this adaption is the best to me!

    Personally, (and most people disagree with me), but I personally can't wait to see the true Akito we deserve. And of course Kyo and Tohru, (I love them so much).

  • Aingeal Jackson Post author

    I don't know. Fruits basket is known for the multidimensional story arcs and character development. I loved the old art style because it beautifully reflected the dimension of the characters and the dialogue was really good at hitting you where it hurt most, it had its happy moments that made you laugh and its sad moments that made you cry and it really knew how to pull you in and feel what they felt. And ive seen the first 3 episodes of the new fruits basket and I don't know if its just me but… I just wasn't getting that. The art style is just so… Bright and happy and kinda generic, and even the part where Toru really connected to he Somas for the first time, like I knew it was trying to punch me in the gut. But I just didn't get that heart wrenching feeling like I did in the original… I don't know maybe it will grow on me eventually I just hope as the show goes one they can figure out what they are missing to give us back that emotion that made fruits basket so special. Its ok from what I've seen but it doesnt hit its mark like the OG

  • murraymanitos Post author

    The shift in art style totally makes sense to me, because the art style in the manga had changed a lot by the end of the series. I think that the art in the 2019 anime is more reflective of the place the art ended up arriving at by the end of the manga.

  • pacoexco Post author

    I agree, always beware of the hype

  • Pamela Barrera Post author

    I really want to re read fruits Basket and watch the New series! When I first read it, I was Torhu's age (like 16 or 17) now I am 26… Im wondering if this time I will relate more to Shigure, Ayame, and Hatori? I think it could be a nice surprise to be able to relate more to a character that is closer to your age as you grow older.
    Now I remember they talked about being in high school like old Men hahaahahahahaha they werent even that old and I remember thinking oh god they sure are old.

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    Great video!
    Wish you had more subs. ๐Ÿค—

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    The manga series to this day is the only book/media/anime thing that has ever left me feeling not empty at the end, i was 14 so I shud reread it but still. Itโ€™s surprisingly mostly heart wrenching drama more than love shook. Everyone ends up finding themselves

  • Henyu Jurai Post author

    I just hope the Fruits Basket reboot is better than Star Trek Discovery

  • Stolen Queen Post author

    Wait they aired it on theaters AND I MISSED IT!? Then again I was born in 2000 and had no Idea about anime till 2015 and Iโ€™m currently reading the manga for Fruits Basket so i canโ€™t really say shit ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ

  • Viki Pedia Post author

    I discovered the 2001 Anime after I read the whole manga and oh boy… I was so disappointed in the anime. The manga is so much better and deeper and touches much more dark topics like isolation, fear of being alone, abuse and much more. And because the anime fucked up akito – my favorit charakter. But I love the series so much it is one my favorit mangas ever.

  • Jordan Post author

    Fruits Basket was always popular(to me) I cant believe theyโ€™re making newer series with more episodes (rooster and horse gonna be thereeeee)+WHOOOP KYO IS EVEN CUTER THAN B4

  • sock Post author


  • Angela D Post author

    Honestly I donโ€™t mind & if it covered more YAY! Bc I love this anime & want to watch it more & I love Kamisama kiss to so YAY lol

  • Kiyou Mi Post author

    but Kyo is more adorable
    specially when he is with Tohru alone, GAHHHH AND THE WAY HE BLUSHESSSS

  • Samuel Church Post author

    Weirdly enough even though they changed every voice actor for the new series they did the exact opposite for the dub with a few exceptions. Like Momiji and Hanajima have new voice actors, but pretty much every other one is the same. Including Eric Vale as Yuki who has since gone to voice characters in the dub for One Piece and Dragon Ball.

  • timeladyjamie Post author

    I'm loving the new series. I'm glad they are going to have it finish out the manga. That story is just so dear to my heart and so many others. It makes people want to be better human beings to each other. I have too many favorites, but I like Rin (who wasn't in the 2001 anime) and Yuki.

  • spicaspicx jkjmyg Post author

    I still remember how i cried like a baby with a snot on the last episode of the first anime. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚still one of my best anime cry

  • Mochiette Post author

    I've heard about Fruits Basket a long time ago but never got the chance to see the 2001 anime or read the manga. Now, I'm watching the reboot anime XD

  • Bri Bri Post author

    I picked up the first volume of Fruits Basket at a local bookstore when I was 9 years old because I thought the girl on the cover was pretty and I could easily pronounce the title. I'm 22 now but I'm so happy about this reboot. I've tried to show friends the show and/or manga, knowing they'd like it if they gave it a chance, but they aren't willing to look past the dated animation. The new reboot really visualizes how I've always seen Fruits Basket in my head – something truly beautiful, but now other people can see it too. This is something I'd be proud to show anyone without asking them to overlook anything.

  • jeice13 Post author

    The housework thing seemed more like a surface purpose for letting her live there to me. They werent exactly opposed to her living there before she said she would do chores

  • noonacosmos Post author

    furuba is the first anime i saw that wasnt on adultswim wayyyyy back in the day. i think i was maybe 15 when they were selling the dvds in Suncoast, the cover of the dvd just spoke to me and i had to get it. Bought the ost in that store too. best shojo. tohru best girl!!

  • JakulaithWolff Post author

    Thanks for covering all my questions so smoothly lol
    Also, the moment you said that the girl lives in a tent I decided to watch it (will get kicked out soon and get homeless here ahhaa)…

  • JakulaithWolff Post author

    He sure does remind me of Gaju from Ballroom e youkoso ๐Ÿ˜€

  • JakulaithWolff Post author

    You have the same taste as me (delinquents)

  • MewSn0wk1tty Post author

    I love the show!

  • a jerk Post author

    I am officially gonna comment on every vid so I can raid this channel (idk If it's actually a raid tho)

  • Brenna Escamilla Post author

    Girl, I just gotta say that I loved this video and how focused you were on making sure you spoke clearly. Good job!

  • kisap mata Post author

    I watched the 1st 13 episodes of the reboot first before the original one I must say I have already fallen in love with it. The morals of the anime are very beautiful because of that matter I would always talk about it to my friends in school.

  • Virginia Dias Post author

    When I was 11 or 12 ( 2010-2011)I was getting into anime and fruits basket came up and my friends would all head to one of our houses and watch it but I never would watch with them and neither did my closest friend cuz I had so many anime to get into and then more recommendations to watch after like Ouran highschool host club, Maid Sama , Full moon, etc ( the normal with newbies ) and my friend said she didn't like it so I kinda based my opinion off of her since she helped me get into anime and we kinda had the same tastes.
    I see know it was kinda a waste and I should've just watched myself and made my own opinion but I'm enjoying the reboot series!!๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…

  • Dark Lord Of The Universe Post author

    I'm reading the manga and it's not just for girls ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • Yasikins Post author


  • Anni Kalapudas Post author

    Fruits Basket is quite certainly my favourite manga ever and one of my favourites stories across all mediums. My favourites… well, as you said one does come to love all of the characters in one point or another, but my eternal love is without a doubt Tohru (or Tooru as I've known her). Momiji is also close to my heart because he's so similiar to me.
    It's true that Fruits Basket is a manga to grow up with – I remember really liking Shigure just few years ago, but growing up has made me realize how toxic person he is (I suspect he's a sociopath tbh).
    I was absolutely ecstatic when I heard that the anime would be rebooted. I'm really disappointed with the art style though (it's just not my cup of tea) – I would have wanted it to follow Takaya's evolved style (like in the last books of the manga).

  • Anh Tu Hoang Post author

    My favorite character HAS to be Yuki. He is very relatable for someone feeling lonely, hated and depressed, at least in his childhood. Also being the last one to leave his zodiac self meant he unconsciously hung on to it, I mean even after all the suffering he couldn't let go…
    That's just so relatable.

    Also I ship Yuki x Machi ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  • kenny lauderdale Post author

    Furuba? What's with Japan abbreviating things that don't need it? It's a SMART PHONE, not a Sma-Pho.

  • Hiding in Public Post author

    I like the Konata figure. I Wanna find one that looks that nice

  • Anushka Rivera Diaz Post author

    honestly i'm not really a fan of the remake cause i feel is not as funny or hype and the character are less emotional and really bland. in the first 3 episodes is like is going way too fast. i love the design is beautiful and is more accureten but i feel like the remake is boring.

  • iJay 2017 Post author

    Haha GUTS ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ˜‚

  • DJ Baby Otaku Post author

    The new ANIME OF FRUITS BASKET 2019 IS SOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER! LIKE THEY EVEN BRUNG most of the DUBBED cast in the 2001 BACK to do the 2019. I was soooo hyped and happy.

  • Retnaning Ratri Post author

    It has a wonderful storyline

  • Mackenzie Gress Post author

    My boyfriend doesn't care for slice of life or "slower" paced series. Fruits Basket has been my favorite since the manga and the 2001 series was alright tbh not that great lmao. Showing him this reboot he has absolutely fallen in love with it and he loves all the characters and the story so far. He still thinks nothing much is happening but he'll be so surprised in the next season!

  • Zatannas covers!!! Post author

    ekkkk I loved fruits basket 2001 and was so sad that it didn't go on but NOW I love It even more !!! I can girl everytime I watch it!!

  • I'mWatchingYou Ppl Post author

    I like the new version and the fact it's getting more fleshed-out. Fave characters right now are Momiji (LIVING the accent), Kisa, Ayame, Haru, Hatori and Kyo.

  • brooklynn white Post author

    Iโ€™m a weird mix between Kisa and Ritsu. I love both characters but it depresses me how much they remind me of myself

  • Samantha Payumo Post author

    I love the 2019

  • anis muhd Post author

    1:have you heard about fruits basket ?
    Me: yes
    2:What do you think about the new anime ?
    Me: i love it so much
    3:tell me your favorite character ?
    Me: KYOoooo!!!

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