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– So it is the big,
large family once a month grocery shopping day out at Costco. But first I have five
boys that we need to find their heads again, they need haircuts so, doing that first. Mr Dan the man now is
getting his hair cut, looking so cute, I’ll give you a peak. Oh boy Daniel. You’re gonna feel a
lot lighter once we get your bangs cut huh? Oh my Daniel has the
goops but at least you got your hair cut. Ready to run. Okay so obviously here we’re trying to get a haircut aren’t we? We can’t give all the
details of how it went down, but you made it, did you make it through? Lots of hair, but your hair is shorter. We got haircuts done, some
of the kids didn’t know what Chick-Fil-A was so
we had to fix that today. Hair cut boy you don’t
mind your Chick-Fil-A. – Thank you mommy.
– Oh you’re welcome baby. So we are in Costco now,
we are working on our list but we’re gonna look at the fun stuff too. So we see what it’s starting
to look a lot like, already. If the Christmas trees are
out that means they’ve got aisles of toys. Whoa, whoa Daniel. Oh it’s cute.
– The door opens. – Mommy, mommy.
– I know, mommy, mommy. Oh look at all the Hatchimals. All the dinosaurs, oh
my 13.99, good prices. That looks like fun yeah, so 13.99 of fun, good job Costco good job. Let me know guys your vacuum thoughts ’cause I’m in the market for a vacuum. We have all kinds, the Shark,
the Dyson Ball is the most expensive one here but
which one would you say out of these vacuums. Here’s a nice all white plate set, some nice mixing bowls. Oh wow, yes. – Whoa.
– Whoa. – [Jamerill] $79 wine glass, look what they do with it, look Liam. – [Liam] Do I put the wine in? – [Jamerill] They can collect
their corks in it, fun. Some lights.
– Those are Christmas ones. – You like those lights. Looks like they marked down
that bunk bed, 100 bucks off. Okay come hither feta. Now I need mozzarella, we’re
gonna try these grapes look. They look like little
eggplants would be better, but I had said like little fingers. We’re gonna give them a try. Wild Wonders, do you wanna try those okay. – Yeah they’re tomatoes. – Okay, huge pile of meat down here. Good job Gabriel, Gabriel went
and got a cart by himself, and now he’s filling up milk, woo-hoo. Here’s that wonderful
deal on the tomato sauce that I love, I’m gonna
get four of these today. Two, good job. Three.
– Three. – Yeah, one more. Four. Our favorite part, all the Costco books. We are back, we made it over many rivers, and over many woods and my
kids are in front of the TV eating jello and squealing, so I can do this grocery haul. But let me show ya all that I got. So what I’m cooking up this month is, brand new, you’ve probably heard the news, heard me shouting it out by now. Finally, my new large
family freezer meal packs, packs seven, eight and
nine, ring the gong, they are out, they are
available for purchase. If you didn’t know this
yet my large family freezer meal packs have had a bundle of packs one, two, three, four, five, and six, and it has been, has it been a year? I think it’s been a year since I released, packs four, five and six. So yeah, seven, eight, nine. All that to say, packs seven
and eight are the long awaited, and asked for, long
anticipated low-carb packs, and pack nine is the dairy free pack. Super exciting, and I am going to cook up all three packs and share those with you. All in all I plan to end
up with right about 75 low-carb freezer meals, and
some dairy free freezer meals as well, I am going to
keep about 37 of those, and give the other half
to a good friend of mine who could sure use them right now. So that’s what we do,
I’m gonna make ’em for me and I’m gonna make ’em for her, and I’m gonna show you everything
I got to make this happen. Plus my regular old groceries going down. Now I still have to do a
Walmart grocery pick up order, Travis and I are going for our weekly date to the chiropractor in the morning, and that’ll be coming up
here in this video as well, so stay tuned. When we’re all done, I’m
gonna give you my pantry, refrigerators, and
freezers tours, here we go. Because these are low-carb, keto friendly, whatever you wanna call it
meals there’s a ton of meat. And when I was in the meat
section tonight at Costco I just saw one of the men coming
out of the meat department, and I was like “Hey buddy,
getting ready to wipe out all your ground beef down here, just wanted to let you know.” ‘Cause I needed 50 pounds,
remember this is a lot of meals going down, and he said, oh, he said, “If you’re buying
that much you can get it in bulk from us and get a discount.” So I was about to pay 3.69
per pound for this ground beef and I got it for 2.69. He said the only difference
is I have to buy it, it’s still in the plastic wrap, it’s not in the individual,
the Costco packages were like five and a half pounds each. So obviously that was
a lot of the packages. So he loaded it up for me in a box and I saved a dollar a pound, who knew. I don’t know how many pounds
you have to buy at one time. Obviously 50 pounds was fine
with him to give me that deal, I like saving on ground
beef any way I can get it. So I need to keep that
in mind for another time. And here is how that Costco
ground beef worked out. This was, let me think, I
think this was at least, 80/20 ground beef, I consider
Costco meat good meat. So anyway, but it’s in a
10 pound long rolls here, this would be the same
ground beef that would be in the packages on display in Costco. So I was happy to get that savings. Then like I say just absolute ton of meat. So this is beef round
eye roast 5.36 pounds, I got it for 5.79 a pound,
and so $31 for this. Let me just, so much, so much here. Basically a whole other
one to match it underneath. And then these big pork
loin, boneless roast, this is 8.5 pounds,
$1.99 a pound, 16 bucks. And this one, $1.99 a pound, 17.63. These two together are going to be six, low-carb keto meals
from my new large family freezer meal packs that are available now. And as far as my packs
that are available now just look in the description
below I’ll have it as the first link with more info, and I’ll tell you more about
it here a little later. I also got two packs of
bacon, I needed three pounds for some of my freezer
cooking, and of course we’ll eat the rest then. There’s so much, so I
basically bought a cow huh. This is 5.18 pounds, 5.99 a pound, 31.03. That’s more of the beef round,
and then here’s another one. Basically two more under there, so yeah, a lot of this grocery haul is meat. Meat, meat and more meat, but again, 75 low-carb meals, or dairy free meals, it’s gonna be a lot of meat. Then with the chicken, uh-huh, uh-huh. So I needed 80 pounds of chicken, you would not be surprised by this huh. One of these is a bag of chicken legs. Oh here they are, I got wings. Okay so the recipe is spicy chicken legs, I got 10 pounds of chicken wings, and then I got 80 pounds of chicken, what in the world am I making? You will have to come
back to see all of this low-carb, healthy freezer
cooking that’s going down. And okay over here for the
tuna cakes that we’re doing from one of the packs I
needed 120 ounces of tuna, and these are lets see here, 48 ounces. I thought when I grabbed these
I saw that it was 66 ounces, so I’ll have to add a
few more cans of tuna to my Walmart order for the morning, or I may have enough tuna for that. I think you’ll like the total though when you hear this, all the meat for all of
those, for 75 freezer meals. Then we got a bag of
Craisins, this is just for fun for the pantry, you saw
Amelia wanted to try the gourmet variety of the
little tomatoes that she loves. We’ve got two packs of English cucumbers, two packs of baby carrots,
two things of hummus. I’m doing a stuffed pepper freezer meal, several things with peppers
so I’ve got four bags of these, then I have mozzarella, that’s going in a freezer
meal, and then I just like these snacking cheese mozzarella. Four of my favorite tomato sauce, and a box of diced tomatoes. Two things of my shaky cheese, a big block of cream cheese and feta. Then I got four packs of strawberries, we got a big four pound
box of green grapes, and then these really neat sweet sapphire black seedless grapes, I
mean those will be fun, something different. Two things of sour cream,
two things of cream cheese, then over here we have
six packs of blackberries, and a pack of blueberries. Eight gallons of milk,
and a pack of Ziploc bags because we know all this
freezer cooking is going down. Also couple things to note,
I did a Sharp Shopper haul last week at some point
which got us lots of junky snacks ’cause we
always need the junky snacks. I’ve also been getting 40 pounds a week from Misfits Market that
I’ve been trying out, and what they were
supposed to do is I think when people signed up with my link they were supposed to get 25% off, and I would get 30 or so percent off. But instead they’ve been
giving people 30% off and I’ve been getting these
coupon codes for 50% off. So at least right now that ends up being about 160 pounds of organic
vegetables and fruits, delivered to my door,
it’s 40 pounds a week, and it’s about $155 a
month is my current math. So I’m still testing that out, it’s actually going really well. When I had a bunch of veggies
this past weekend left over and I made a huge stock pot
of veggie and sausage soup this weekend I was going to film it, had a good friend over, we ended
up chatting the whole time. So I ended up not filming
it, but just saying, I’m using up the veggies
in a lot of different ways. That’s why this haul is actually,
I don’t think I mentioned the bananas, I got one, two, three, four, five, six, that’s
seven bundles of bananas. All of their bananas
were really super ripe, ready to go so I didn’t
wanna get anymore then this, and again there’s more
coming here in the next two seconds, you have
the rest of the items I needed for my Walmart haul, so for this haul it was $886.80, and I’m sure I’ll spend
some more on my Walmart grocery order, actually
now I’m gonna sit down and get that filled out, and yeah. See you in a few seconds here with that. Next day, different shirt,
it proves I do sometimes swap out my shirts. I know some videos it’s like can you wear that same shirt in any other videos? Any who, got some Walmart
groceries going down here and I’m gonna do the price break down for all of these freezer meals. This is the items that I just couldn’t get my hands on at Costco, so I
put in the order last night, and this morning while
Travis and I were out at the chiropractor, passed
the test for my neck, it’s still on my shoulders,
we picked up this order. So let me show you what I got. Pay no attention to the
iced coffee in the corner. So I needed these Italian sausages to do my Italian sausage and pepper bake. Didn’t have ’em at Costco,
got ’em at Walmart. These two are substitutions,
I didn’t have to pay anything different, or anything
more for the substitutions which is nice. I got four things of ricotta, this is for the cabbage lasagna. Two bags of radishes, some celery, and just a small little thing of carrots. We’ve got fresh rosemary
and then in here we’ve got cilantro and then we have parsley. We also have a few jalapenos,
two heads of cabbage, again for the cabbage lasagna. I had ordered just the
Great Value diced tomatoes with green chilies, they
substituted with Ro-Tel. Two cans of coconut milk,
some more jalapenos, momma likes it spicy. Some roasted red peppers,
yeah these kind of peppers I can never say but they are fantastic with instant pot or
slow cooker beef roast. One bag of broccoli, they don’t have the cauliflower right now in these larger bags so
we’ve got seven 12 ounce bags of cauliflower, two big
bags of shredded cheese, ’cause I always need this. We have some creamy Caesar
steak house dressing, Italian dressing, some Frank’s RedHot. Four small things of beef
broth, I could do homemade beef bone broth but then
again yeah, who knows. Bought it, now the sliced pepper jack, this was supposed to be sliced provolone, however I don’t mind, they
switched it out for pepper jack, and good thing I like this substitution. So that’ll be fun to see how I use that. And then one thing of eggs. And before we go to have a quick freezers and refrigerator tour let me tell you this price breakdown okay. So I know I got a lot again,
I got enough to make 75 healthy freezer meals. These are going between
a good friend of mine. Out of the 800 and some change
I spent at Costco yesterday, about 600 dollars of that
was for my freezer meals. 140 today from Walmart. So that brings the total to $740 for 75, low-carb, and also some
dairy free freezer meals. Many of these are also
sugar free, gluten free, checks a lot of boxes because
I get lots of requests for these meals. Breaks down to $9.86 per meal. That’s not per serving, that’s per meal, and you know per meal for
me, I’m serving nine, 10. I get asked about side
items, I do usually have other fresh fruits and veggies,
or even a butter roll option for the children, or we do
a lot of steamed brown rice around here as well. But they can mix and match,
and add too as they need. But $9.86 per meal, you
know, my other style of freezer meals, and a lot
of these are instant pot, or slow cooker. There are also some oven
bakes, and since I have a new oven now I can get
back to do it in my oven, but a lot of these are dump
and go, quick and easy, slow cooker style meals as well. So I have three videos
coming up where I am going to cook pack seven, pack
eight, and pack nine. Show you how this all goes down. Right now, you have the
limited time opportunity to buy my brand new, freshly updated, large family freezer
meal collection bundle that now has packs one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and nine. Those three brand new packs, for 60% off, for just a few days. So what that means is,
these packs are 14.99 each, when I put them all in the
bundle, the total value is $134.91, it just adds up. However, buying them all in a bundle gives you a discounted price, plus now, while we’re celebrating launching packs seven, eight and nine you can get the entire bundle for 60% off. That link will be down
in the description below. That means right now you
can get all nine packs for a price of only $6 per pack. That makes all nine packs
in the new, updated bundle, only $54, that’s only six bucks
a pack, it’s a great deal. Or if you’ve already bought
the one through six bundle, and you just need the brand new, low-carb and dairy free option packs,
packs seven, eight and nine, you can buy all three
packs bundled together for 30% off so that means you get packs seven, eight and nine right now for this small amount of time for $31.48. And then if you just
want the individual packs we of course have those. Again those are regularly 14.99, you can get those for
20% off, so they will be $11.24, right now just
for the next week or so. So I’m gonna be doing
all kinds of sharing, cooking up all these
recipes for these packs, and yeah, just look for me all around. But click the link in
the description below to get the 60% off savings right now. Now I’m gonna show you what
my pantries looking like, although a lot of things in
the pantry aren’t for this, but I got a lot of stuff
at Costco yesterday. You remember that. And then we’ll have a peak in the freezers and refrigerators. Remember it’s all changing
’cause I’m doing freezer cooking so we’re gonna move things around but I’ll show you what it looks like now. It’s just, it’s full with lots of stuff. And actually this Lavash bread, I learn so many things from you guys, that needs to go in a
refrigerator but here we go, yay. I know, it’s loaded
down, this is how it is when I do big cooking,
and then I’m getting, or when I do big shopping,
getting ready to do big cooking. That’s some wonderful
vegetable and sausage soup. I know it doesn’t look
super in the containers but anyway I’ve got
containers I need to put in the freezer, and that’s
what we’re gonna eat for the next day or two. Here’s, sorry refrigerators
gonna ding at us, where a lot of the fruits and veggies are. Bunch of mangoes, I’ve
gotten from Misfits Market, and some sweet potatoes down there. Odds and ends, fruits and
veggies that we’re using up. And then over there you see, oh my yes, super ripe bananas,
we’ve got like three days on those bananas maybe. Now we’re gonna go out here. Oh let me also tell you this, okay. So I know we’ve discussed
appliance brands lately because my oven went after four years, and I replaced it with the
best stainless steel oven that either Lowes or Home
Depot could get to me. It was like a game on
who can get this oven here the quickest. So it ended up being a Frigidaire brand, I hope it goes well. Someone told me the other
day they’ve had trouble with those brands, and
I’ve honestly only bought one other Frigidaire
thing, this does relate to my refrigerators. My old house refrigerator that I had used as a back up refrigerator in the garage finally went on me. And I love having three refrigerators, and two full freezers. It’s just for all the food that I manage for all these people, and all the cooking and recipe development
and everything that I do it’s what I need. So when my third refrigerator went, which was the refrigerator
that came with this house that we replaced last summer. I think I had shared, maybe
in my last Costco haul, the freezer side stopped
working as a freezer, and I was using both sides
as a back up refrigerator. Then I realized, oh my
goodness, the whole thing went. So I bought a Frigidaire
refrigerator to replace that, and it was like the cheapest
but biggest Frigidaire I could get, that thing,
the freezer works, but the refrigerator part
stopped working on it in about two weeks. Lowes though is bringing me
a new replacement tomorrow, did you follow all that? If you, it’s like the
meme of the guy that has all the red strings, and
all the mapping of things going on, if you followed
that, you follow this yes. (laughs) So they are bringing me a replacement, we’re gonna give it a try,
I have not looked in here. Well there you go, this is
all that’s in the freezer. This is from my freezer
cooking the other week. Ice cold, bottom part, not working, just storing bread, tomorrow’s the day they’re gonna take this
away and bring me a new one. Now this refrigerator, GE, we bought this, we’ve been married 21 years,
we probably bought this man 19 years ago or so in our first house, still going strong. Okay this one, so many, oh yeah
we’ve got the strawberries, blueberries, hummus, so much. This is my old faithful refrigerator, except it does need a light bulb, maybe I should upgrade it. Lots of stuff jammed in here, but again, tomorrow the cooking’s down. Okay this freezer, my Sharp
Shopper odds and ends. Okay and then this
freezer, oh come on now, I thought I just unlocked it. Some of you have asked why
my freezers have locks. So this is a good opportunity
to talk about this. The freezers of this size
come from the manufacturer with a lock, it’s not like
I had a lock installed, although that would be a smart idea. They come locked, and obviously
the lock works really well. Let’s see if I can vlog and unlock this. The freezers come from the
manufacturer with a lock because if someone lost a
freezer of food like this it could be several thousand
dollars worth of loss, especially when I had a
whole cow out here last year. Okay, anyway, so we’ve got
some other freezer meals left. All the freezer cooking,
this is just all the meat that’s getting ready to go down. And then there are the
tubes, nicely from Costco, and there is this freezer. Now let me get this door shut, so this will be freezer meals, this freezer I cannot open right now because Travis has, what
is this, car people, if the ScannerDanner wife is watching, you know what this is don’t you sister. Car stuff is in front of my other freezer, this should not happen. But anyway, in this freezer
it’s a few odds and ends, but it’s ready to go so
we will fill that full of freezer meals, and then this freezer. Basically they trade
positions unless I have a full cow, this one
will be pretty much empty and ready to go. So there you go guys, thank
you for shopping with us at Costco, and eating at Chick-Fil-A, and watching my Costco haul, watching my Walmart haul, and listening to me chat
about these 75 freezer meals that are going down, and hearing all about the brand new packs
seven, eight, and nine, that has just come out. So many of you for years
now have been asking me for low-carb, freezer
meal packs and I got it. Oh let me tell you another thing because people wanna know what’s in them. So in each pack it’s about 42 pages, you get the shopping list
which is what you shop off to buy everything you need
for the freezer cooking. A big batch cooking guide
which holds your hand while you do it. It tells you, now go ahead and
cook 10 pounds of ground beef and chop two onions. It just tells you what to do, and then you have the
recipes that lead you through making each meal. They have freezer inventory sheets, freezer meal printables, lots of help. But as a bonus packs seven, eight and nine and many of the other packs as well also have a single large
family freezer meal cooking guide and recipes and info. Which basically help you
cook like a normal person. So if you don’t want four
pans of cabbage lasagna, if you just want one the
bonus single meal guide will guide you through that. It also has it’s own shopping list, just everything you need
to make that happen. So if you don’t want to
make 25, which is what about each pack makes, the single bonus guide will help you be sensible
and make 10 to 12. So click that first link
in the description below and snag yourself the entire
new bundle for 60% off. That includes all nine packs, yay. I’ll see you real soon,
and I’ll chat with you in those comments below. Thank you for encouraging me, and supporting me on this journey. Let’s chat about freezer cooking, yay.


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    And may I just say….I was one of the ones begging you to do a low carb/keto large family meal plan! So happy to see you did it🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 THANK YOU!!! I can’t wait to buy it next payday❤️🙌🏽!
    Awesome haul😍 Great to see the kids getting hair cuts and enjoying time spent with Mama! Hope you’re having a blessed weekend!

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