We Lived Off Of $20 For a Week 🤑💸

We Lived Off Of $20 For a Week 🤑💸

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– Hey NaturallyCurly world, I’m Grace. – Hey NaturallyCurly world, it’s Nikki. – Hey NaturallyCurly, I’m Evelyn and this week we are gonna live off $20. – That’s right, $20, two zero. – In the spirit of
Thanksgiving, giving thanks. Maybe your New Years
resolution’s coming up. You don’t wanna be a
broke boy all your life so you gotta save money. So this week we are going
to live off 20 US dollars. Including the weekend. (snuffles) And see if we can survive. – I didn’t come up with
this idea, obviously. I’m pregnant, I need to spend money, okay. I have copays, I have cravings, I have things I’d like to buy and $20 a week is, it won’t do. – So I already know off the bat my biggest struggle is gonna be food because I love eating, but I also love eating out. It’s very convenient,
you know what I mean? People can cook the food and then you have apps where
they will bring the food and to your doorstep. – I do foresee myself breaking the rules. I have a baby shower to go to on Saturday. Obviously I can’t show
up empty handed to that. – [Nikki] No you cannot! – It’s Nikki’s baby shower, but other than that, I’m
hoping that I can do this. I can do this, I can do it. – I hope I don’t spend
all my money on food in the first two days. (laughs) I don’t think I’m gonna make
it through the week on $20. I do have a doctor’s
appointment coming up. I do need to put gas into my car. I do wanna eat things just
randomly on the street as I pass by them in my vehicle. (optimistic music) – I had gotten ’em out $50 of groceries the day before the challenge started so I was good on groceries. What? Sorry I planned ahead. Evelyn’s just mad ’cause she
didn’t plan ahead and I did. So, the Sunday before the
challenge, I meal prepped. I got groceries, I didn’t get gas. I only had half a tank of gas in my car. – [Nikki] This is my fridge, okay? I had a little bit of groceries already ’cause we had gone grocery shopping. So I was confident that if I felt a little bit of weakness, I could encourage myself
to just make some food on my own and be good. So Monday was great. – I feel like I was at a disadvantage because I did not have
groceries in my house and I did not go to the gas station. That is how much gas I have so that’s gonna have to last me. The entire week. So basically I’m not going nowhere. Home and work. Dang. So at the beginning of the week, it was a struggle because I wasn’t home. All right, it’s about 9:30. I just got home again. It’s dinner time. Okay, let’s open this
fridge and see what we got. All right, okay, not a lot. I ended up making scrambled eggs. I mean, I had SpaghettiOs at one time. – Day one was good. I brought leftovers. So here’s my meal prep for the day. Evelyn’s over there with her Hot Cheetos. Oh no, Chex Mix, she’s
moved on to the Chex Mix. She looks mad. – On Tuesday, Lunchdrop got me. I love this place. So, I’m gonna stick to my plan and I’m going to not order Torchy’s. I’m a weak person. (laughs) I’m a weak human being. (laughs) – On Tuesday I was feeling pretty insecure because at that point Grace and Nikki had both brought leftovers. Can I have some of your, what is that? Sweet potatoes? – Yeah, it’s sweet potatoes and broccoli. I made it last night. – I wasn’t able to cook the night before so I had no leftovers. I didn’t have time to go home for lunch. You know what I’m saying? So I hit up that good ole snack cabinet. Hot Cheetos with lemon. And Chex Mix. That is the day that Nikki ordered a taco. I leave for how long were we gone? How long? You bought something? Wow. – It’s just one! – [Grace] I already shamed her for it, so. – One taco, mhm. – [Grace] It was $5. – [Evelyn] 5.44, how you feel about that? That’s a quarter of your whole budget. – I could of got three cheeseburgers and a fry for $5. – [Evelyn] You really could have. – Dang. – Day three was Wednesday. That was a work from home Wednesday. I realized that I had a Starbucks reward, it was free. And that’s pretty much
all I ate until dinner. I made bacon, egg, and
cheese tacos for dinner. It was delicious. – Wednesday was a work from home day so I felt better about Wednesday ’cause I was like I’m at home, I’m not out in the office getting tempted. I am working from home today. So for lunch and for breakfast,
I’m gonna eat cereal. Later that day my friend invited me to a dinner at her house so I had free dinner and then she gave me
an entire tray of food, so I had food for the rest of the week and at that point I
was like, oh, I’m good. (laughs) – It’s work from home Wednesday. I finally had time to
breathe, to sit, to cook. So I cooked me some greens, some lentils. They were spiced beautifully and so I finally had
an actual meal to eat. – Thursday I spent $5 on an
energy drink and gummy bears. I spent 25% of my weekly budget on this. (laughs) This is the kind of day I am having today. – I wasn’t feeling good
Thursday ’cause I was like man, I want stuff that’s fresh, you know? In a hot greasy bag. By Friday I was like look, I’ve only spent $5.44. I’ve been getting free food, I’ve been eating cereal like a popper and it’s time for me to move up in life. – Thursday. (coughs) I am home from work. (groans) I plan on meeting a friend later. I only have room this week to hang out with one person for leisure. So of course, I went out and spent $40 on pasta, wine, and dessert. (laughs) – [Nikki] Wow. – I did drink a beverage, and I did eat like a
hazelnut torte with ganache. (humming) Not sorry. (laughs) I’m over budget by about $20 and I’m like, okay, it’ll be fine because I’m actually traveling
for work over the weekend. So Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I am out of town for work. So I’m like, boop, expense,
I’mma expense that. I’mma expense that. You don’t need to see all what I ate. I didn’t record it because
none of your business and I didn’t end up paying for it. – Friday comes, I did Friday night in. I was like, nah, I’m gonna chill. I’m good, no one talk to
me, I did a movie night. It was fine, I drank
some of my friend’s beer instead of buying my own. Part of my strategy this week has been mooching off of my friends. You can totally make it on 20$ a week if you’re just one of
those people who’s like, oh I’ll get the next one and then you just never get the next one. – So on Friday I felt good about myself. All right y’all it’s the
morning, Friday morning, and I’m gonna go get a kolache from Shipleys ’cause I deserve. I got two sausage and cheese kolaches and a bag of donut holes. (laughs) All for me. (laughs) I only spent $5 at Shipleys so my total, Monday
through Friday, $10.44. Girl, what? Budgetista over here, okay? – And then Saturday rolled around. (sighs) – I didn’t have enough
gas to get to the airport. I need gas, what can I say? $20 worth of gas to fill up. So now I’m $40 over budget. – I had to go to Nikki’s baby shower. There was free food at the shower, but I did buy a $60 gift for the shower. So at that point I was $40 over budget, but it was in the name of friendship and babies so I feel
like that was justified. – Saturday was my baby shower. So I had free food again and people were just
like bringing me stuff so I was like I don’t
have to pay for anything. – But then Saturday night rolled around, and I was at the end of my rope. I had just spent all day socializing and I just felt like I needed a reward. I needed to treat myself. And my friend called me up and was like, “Hey, do you wanna get sushi?” And I was like, yes, yes I do. – Actually, I’m a lot over budget because there are a lot of Lyfts and Ubers that I can’t expense ’cause it was for extracurricular activities. While I was out of town, I went to the beach a couple times. So, yeah, I don’t even know
how much I’m over budget. Probably like $60. – I kinda spent $70 on sushi. (laughs) It’s fine. Don’t worry about it,
don’t worry about it. I really went from zero to 100 in terms of my spending. I was like good, good,
good, good, really bad. – Sunday I had cereal in the morning. – And then when I came home,
back in town on Sunday. Whataburger, yes, I bought it. And no it’s not in the
budget, I’m over budget, but Whataburger is my
coming home meal, all right? Number 13, chicken strips
with the honey mustard. Both spicy and regular ketchup, what up? Ah, sweet tea. And I have no regrets, all right? Hashtag non-spon, hashtag
it should be though. – Yes, it is a problem and then I might of gone
to a bar after that. (laughs) – [Nikki] Oh my God, Grace. – Bought a few Manhattans. – [Evelyn] Is it well? – Oh, I was absolutely not well. – [Nikki] Complete
disregard for the budget. – You can’t order a Manhattan
with the well whiskey. – I got three cheeseburgers. They’re not for me,
they’re not all for me. I got three cheeseburgers
and a chicken sandwich because my husband was hungry too and I’m being a great wife. That was like $16, 16, $17. Then yeah, I’m over budget. (sighs) – I failed, I knew I was gonna fail. I tried my hardest, I tried my hardest. Deciding whether or not
to pay $40 for some pasta and a hazelnut torte with ganache, those aren’t real problems. – I should of foregone the alcohol since I had already
spent $70 on my dinner, but I was already digging the hole, so I was like, you know what? Let’s just keep on digging. So now I am approximately probably like $150 over budget. – I spent all my money and some and I’m not proud but I’m not, not proud. You know what I mean? I’m happy, I’m full, fed, well, adjusted. – It did put things into perspective of how grateful I am to
have disposable income. A lot of people, that
$20 has to pay for kids, lunch at schooL, it has
to pay bus passes and gas. (laughing) – Please come for me in the comments. Shame me into spending
a normal amount of money when I tell myself I’m going to. – It taught me how much I waste money on food. – While I went over budget, I am reminded and I do think about what a privilege it is to be
able to just spend willy nilly on the things you want and
not have to worry about where your meal is coming from, how you’re gonna pay your bills or put gas in your car
or take care of yourself or your family and so I wanna
remind you to be grateful for the things you have and to find gratitude
in the smallest things or the greatest things in your life. – What are you guys thankful for? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to like, share, subscribe, all of the things. We make these videos every Friday so come by next week for another one, bye! – I just learned that
these two heifers gave me so much hell on Tuesday when I bought that daggone Torchy’s Taco and both of them went over budget? Like blew the budget. I’m over here like aw man, you know yeah, I went like $10 over budget. Grace went a whole
month’s rent over budget. (laughs) It happened over here. – [Evelyn] You over a
two person household. – Evelyn over here going over budget talking about, oh, I had to get the chocolate ganache. You know how many chocolate
ganaches I had to say no to, hm?

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