We Ate The Recommended Amount Of Vegetables For A Week

We Ate The Recommended Amount Of Vegetables For A Week

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(energetic music) – I’ve gone to the point where I will go through an entire day of just having the little
bit of garnish on my food and count that as my
vegetable for the day. – Well, I’ve been Vegan for a year. Some of you might think, oh
so she must be really healthy and eat a lot of vegetables, but I don’t. – I’ve been feeling
really lethargic lately. I’m hoping that eating
enough fresh vegetables might change that. – For women, 19 to 30, should
have one and a half cups of dark green vegetables. – Five point five cups of
red and orange vegetables. – And five cups of starch vegetables. – I could do that. Although, hang on. How much is a cup? I’m not for sure. That seems like quite a lot
now I’m thinking about it. – I have to eat two cups
of dark green vegetables, six cups of red-green vegetables, six cups of starch vegetables. I feel like I’m just gonna
poop a lot this week. – [Megan] I don’t know where to start ’cause I don’t know what
to do with any of them. – I’m realizing I don’t really
know how much is a serving of certain foods. – Yay cheese. – [Ray] So today for
lunch, I had this pizza, but I usually don’t order a
side salad, but today I did. – I took out my Vegan
Cookbook for Beginners and there’s no whole category
for cooking vegetables. They’re like, bitch
you should know by now. – So, I’m at brunch and
originally I was gonna get The Hangover Killer Scramble, but since I’m making an effort, I’m getting the Angeleno
Veggie two point O. It actually looks really good. I’m pretty sure this cuts
for like two servings at the least. – [Chloe] Okay, well I guess
I’ll just do a cup of peas which means I need another
cup and a half of vegetables by the end of the day, which
seems like a freakin’ lot. – I’ve realized something horrible. Everything is measured and cut for my rosemary roasted vegetables, and I look at my spice rack
and I have no rosemary. – So I’m cooking a stir-fry and I am gonna put red pepper in it, but I just feel like most of what I eat is like the leafy greens. How many vegetables are there that are really red and orange? That’s like so specific. – [Ray] Having fun, and this lettuce leaf. That’s gonna be wrapped in this. I don’t even know if this
counts as a complete serving? (bell ringing) – I got my salad from Ralph’s, and I’m gonna add some more leafy greens ’cause I can never have too many of them. I gotta get through this now so I can forget about
for the rest of the day which is not how you’re suppose to do it. – My veges look sort of wilted? I couldn’t do you guys. I couldn’t finish them. Oh my god, they’re so dry. – So I’m pretty impressed with myself because last night I
actually meal prepped. Look at this! – Joey’s judging my salad. – You know tomatoes are
technically a fruit, right? – We can’t be friends. – How do you feel about the idea of eating that many vegetables in a week? – There’s gonna be a lot of farts. – I ate more than enough yesterday. – Oh.
– Oh. – Did you fart? – No I didn’t fart. (laughing) – Okay, I just wanna know. – So, I made noodles but
then I made this salad. I am attracted to the salad, you know. I really feel like this challenge has sort of changed my ways. – After this whole week,
I’ve been very regular. – I definitely think in the long run it would absolutely help
me with energy levels and stuff like that. I definitely want to carry on with this and do this as a lifestyle. I don’t hate vegetables. I’ve never hated vegetables. I actually don’t like fruit very much. (energetic music)

100 thoughts on “We Ate The Recommended Amount Of Vegetables For A Week

  • Pockykaktus Post author

    But what do they eat if they don't eat vegetables that much…?!

  • Deziree Rose Post author

    Yay cheese🤣

  • ♪ Ebony Rose ♪ Post author

    I wouldn't be able to do this omg,, not bc I don't like vegetables, but bc the whole process of planning it all and knowing exactly how much to have and the time pressure to eat it is very very overwhelming for me lmao

  • Nicols Pony Post author

    I could easily eat that much, and even more, IF someone else would pay for them

  • TessaRabbit Post author

    This isn't a lot

  • Dalia Ruiz-Holt Post author

    The dude pissed me off because he barely even tried.. He ate like half of what he was supposed to

  • Monkeybars 94 Post author

    But did you fart?

  • louise valiquette Post author

    no wonder everyone is so unhealthy if you think that's a lot

  • S. A. Post author

    I get double that per week. Ok

  • Khánh Trương Post author

    That…to me isn't much veg tbh

  • Sabrina Fiore Post author

    WTF? You're Vegan…and that's your Spice rack?!?!?1
    Im Vegan, I have a Spice Cupboard lol
    smh … Glad you're Vegan tho, but c'mon; head to the 99¢ Store and grabs some Spices lol

  • Katie • Post author

    Blender.. soups and smoothies are your friends lol

  • Senshi Gaming Post author

    You can always put them in smoothies or juice them

  • Carolina Hernandez Post author

    “Yay Cheese!”

  • Kitty Gemma Post author

    Per week?
    I almost get that in half a week.

  • Lynn Graham Post author

    When the govt issued the "everyone needs at least 6 fruits or veggies per day" I noticed only one thing. That in 4 months time the prices had doubled on these things. Does that give anyone a clue?

  • Khani Xia Post author

    Damn that short rib omelette sounded good 😩

  • Nela Post author

    But salads are sooo good!

  • Katrine Henningsen Post author

    That’s such a white spice rack😂😂😂

  • CyberChicKeeks Post author

    Y does she have like 3 spices?? How do u live with such bland flavor????

  • ramita Post author

    "i've been very… regular"

  • Blue Lotus Post author

    She could just easily substitute thyme for rosemary, didn't really get why she was so lost

  • eclipticgoon Post author

    Megan is foine lol

  • Cherry Shinigami Post author


    yup, that's me

  • Selena Marie Post author

    For a week? That’s easy

  • hewwo_bell Post author

    The dude doesnt really seem like he did it right

  • Dave Cullins Post author

    I just do a vitamin pill a day. It's not 100% the same but it's close enough.

  • Karina Guardia Post author

    When you are vegan and already eat easily like the double of that 😂😂😂

  • Clara Rose Post author

    Tomatoes are fruits

  • Finn Snow Post author

    I'm not even vegan, but i love veggies! would gladly follow the recommende amount per week

  • Gretchen Larsen Post author

    "I'm definitely going to continue doing the bare minimum that's required to be healthy."

  • Ares QR Post author

    Wait she said she was vegan but dont eat a lot of vegetables??? Like how?

  • Antidote 1 Post author

    Did she say she doesn't like fruit much wttt????

  • AspenCreations Post author

    I eat that much in a normal day.

    I’m a veggie geek 😂😂

  • Jai Park Post author

    Not one of them actually did the challenge.

  • Sabrina Kurc Post author

    The guy didn’t seem like he was even trying that hard especially compared to the girls

  • Aditi Tripathi Post author

    Just go to any indian food channel. We have aced vegetables.

  • michael smoak Post author

    they must be in pretty poor health, thats a really easy weekly veggie intake

  • Michael & Erika Reynolds Post author

    6 cups of red green vegetables

  • Irena Post author

    " 'I feel like I'm just gonna poop a lot this week.' " Good quote to put in a description to promote a video. 😂

  • Jenny Greenwood Post author

    How do people not know how to cook vegetables? You can cook them in different ways to salads, roasting and stir fries. It’s just not a thought out video. Buzzfeed are running out of ideas.

  • honey bunches Post author


  • Hey there Post author

    Stirfry; all day, every day.

  • TeaandFiona Post author

    These people are wooses

  • Angelique Campbell Post author

    You call that a spice rack I two shelves of spices. Maybe it’s cause I’m Caribbean.🤷🏾‍♀️🇯🇲

  • LUIGAUZUKI Post author

    If she's vegan and doesn't eat vegetables…. What's she eating?

  • BoxBeater Post author

    its so sad that its considered a challenge to just eat vegetables..

  • jaclyn camacho Post author

    Id love to be able to eat that much veg a day. I crave them Its expensive here.

  • Sunny Salmon Post author

    Dr. Berg on the Keto diet recommends 7 to 10 cups of veggies per day. I seriously doubt the small amount of veggies they ate in one week even met the daily requirements recommended by Canada Health or any countries health organizations.

  • Abhi Prabakar Post author

    is Chloe British?

  • Rachel Starnes Post author

    Y'all need to get the Vegetable Butcher cookbook. It is a game changer for veggies!

  • Palak Malviya Post author

    Y'all need Indian/ Asian moms to cook for you.

  • Mya Crisson Post author

    That isn't really a lot of veg over the week. I noticed no one had red pepper stickers and no carrot stickers and hummus. also why didn't the buzzfeed folks consult a nutritionist for prep ideas and meal plans.. Good effort guys.

  • Marsha Q Post author

    Oh my god, does no one plan anything when they're making a video? Don't you have friends who cook don't you have family who cooks vegetables…it really isn't that hard?

    Stir-frying vegetables is easy you can put seasoning in, there is such thing as you know light soy a little bit of butter wow you guys made this so much harder than it has to be.

    There are plenty of wonderful salads that you can make that have meat, onions black beans corn Romaine, spinach, feta cheese or Gorgonzola cheese & other delicious ingredients.

  • Aviation Tim Post author

    … i eat that amount all my life and i call myself a carnivore ;-;

  • kiddo wonders Post author

    lol my parents think im weird cause i like hot links, but i do not like hotdogs,hambergurs, bacon, and chicken nuggets. I do eat steak chicken and pork though

  • Nikki's Notebook Post author

    Blend all of the crap up with a banana and Chug it and get on with the rest of your day. Raw is better anyway. Drop the mic

  • Untidy Echo Post author

    Yo wtf that aint no spice rack tf

  • butter Post author

    How dare they not boil broccoli
    how dare they

  • Ashura Otsutsukii Post author

    i love veggies i love fruits it’s hard for me not to eat them plus i’m a vegetarian but it’s truly amazing to eat veggies they r so underrated

  • Molly Western Post author

    I love this challenge! Is it cheating if I have my southern mama cook these though?

  • Marley Post author

    Like basic recipes to eat vegetables. Vegetable stir fry, vegetable burritos, vegetable soup with rice. Salads of course(can be grain or bean based salads that have veg with them). Vegetables stews. Also Smoothies with fruit and vegetables together.

  • Melphina Camacho Post author

    Wait, if you're vegan, which is sourced probably w/ mostly non any type of meat product/produce, how are you not eating healthy?

  • Itsme_ahnais AAM Post author

    0:48 he said green instead of orange 😂🤦‍♀️

  • Ramunne Post author

    Wtf do they nor eat this

  • Ramunne Post author

    Every week

  • Quirky Dragon Post author

    I don’t eat enough to eat the recommended amount of vegetables

  • leen haidar Post author

    Man of course if you’re gonna eat just bland steamed veggies it’s not gonna be enjoyable

  • Anh Lê Post author

    I eat at least 4kgs of all kinds of vegetables weekly, so I don't see how this can be a challenge? And if you're vegan but you don't have your veggie intake, how can you survive on that lifestyle you chose? Or do Americans have different ways to be vegans and not consume veggie at the same time? In Asia, we stir-fry (you don't need to put in much oil, trust me) meat with veggie if we want more vegetables on our plates, make soup or flavorful salads (which taste way better than dressing like mayonnaise or salt/pepper). There are many ways to do vegetables so I don't get how this is so hard to do for them? How can this be a challenge?

  • Marie Post author

    Sooo that's it? You're not gonna tell us what the results were?

  • Bee Bee Post author

    Go veggies!

  • Bevi Foster Post author

    Shows Ray eating out a bunch of times and also shows Chloe and Megan cooking Good job Ray

  • Pooja Patel Post author

    Sauté some veggies. It’s like heaven in a bowl

  • kjvffgjjcdd Post author

    This was not the best video but eeeeh at least they tried …… I guess

  • Karin KaPOW Post author

    Has pizza for lunch
    Wtf, America?! And y'all wonder why everybody is so fat

  • Em D Post author

    This seems like a seriously low amount of veggies per week.

  • FerretsForever94 Post author

    I can’t tell if this is an American thing or not.., just make stir fry? Or roast veggies? Salads??? Smoothies?

  • fagiolification Post author

    yay cheese

  • mufasaa hunter Post author

    0:30 they say you need that for a week😂 you need more than that amount of vegetables a day😂 I eat 9 cups of vegetables a day. I am 14, 130 lbs, 5,9. Thas y I I never lose my wrestling matches and I got clear skin and I get all the bitches at my school 😂😎

  • A HC Post author

    That side salad is the size of an actual salad in my country 😂 also you can use thyme instead of rosemary and here is a list of all of the red/orange veggies I can think of:
    yellow orange red pepper
    corn maybe?
    tomatoes I know its a fruit but it probs counts

  • Ella Lundquist Post author

    Everyone at buzz feed needs a health wake up call. They all eat 10x worse than I do and I do extreme exercise like 20 hours a week

  • Michael Mai Post author

    the amount of single use plastic in this video is actually disgusting

  • QueenB Post author

    seems like none of them have heard of oil and spices, if you dont like to enjoy plain roasted vegetables you could make them with rice you could make some delicious "asian" noodles like tf is this

  • Koala Band Post author

    Honestly, you do it even need vegetables

  • Elli loves pizza Post author

    it's kinda sad how most people these days (and especially in the US) are conditioned and brought up to eat unhealthy.
    that it's called a CHALLENGE to eat the foods (plants) you're supposed to eat

  • hoot1141 Post author

    Why are these kids at buzzfeed such wimps!?!!!

  • hoot1141 Post author

    The USDA recommendations are very small. That’s why they read them off by the week and not the day. The recommendation is barely enough to even qualify as a side dish. How are these people not already eating that much vegetables? I’m not surprised we have so many health problems and obesity issues nowadays. People eat junk.

  • DeeLee Post author

    well this was pointless…

  • Sketchit-Stacey Post author

    This makes me so sad you guys…. Hardly any effort. My BF used to HATE vegetables but he asked me to help him incorporate it into his food and he was surprised at just how many different vegetables he liked!
    Chop up some different colored bell peppers into ground turkey and make some burritos, beef and broccoli, bell peppers in fajitas, small spinach side salads, Pico de gallo on beans and rice, teriyaki green beans, pickled veggies, make a rainbow quinoa salad or even how people teach toddlers : guacamole mixed with a few different veggies every time. So many possibilities…

  • Robert222 Lewis Post author

    wow who is the cutie pie with glasses?!!

  • Erica Richter Post author

    Bro… how are they alive? Like veggies are so good? Especially if you cook them right?

  • Emily Bruns Post author

    2:05 that is the saddest spice rack I have ever seen.

  • Em D Post author

    This per week serving amount seems really small? We grew up with 5 veggies, 2 fruits a day which is 400grams of veggies and 160grams of fruit….

  • shempone Post author

    I hate this generation and ffs it’s my generation

  • Kayla Holmes Post author

    “You know tomatoes are technically a fruit right “

  • Kayla Holmes Post author

    I love all veggies I just can’t stand raw carrots or raw kale…gotta cook those …just gulped down a huge green smoothie actually

  • Bitemypotato 757 Post author

    I have 500 grams of spinach, 4 broccoli, 1 cauliflower, at least 2 servings of potato, some pumpkin etc each week. I love veges, I’m fat still tho

  • Rachel X Post author

    What veggies are red and orange? Besides carrot

  • angie is a weeb Post author

    how are you vegan and not eat many veggies? what is your vegan food made of? air?

  • Meera Mothilal Post author

    oh, so she's Megan the Vegan?

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