Walmart Savings Catcher Changes: How to Upload Receipts With Walmart Pay

Walmart Savings Catcher Changes: How to Upload Receipts With Walmart Pay

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Walmart is making big changes to its
popular Savings Catcher program and a lot of shoppers, they’re not happy about
it. This is the message shoppers get when they open up Savings Catcher in the
Walmart app. Starting October 29th 2018 Walmart Pay will be the exclusive way to
submit your receipts to Savings Catcher. That means no more scanning paper
receipts using the app or submitting them using a computer. This is basically
forcing you to use Walmart Pay. I went to a store to try it out. Step 1: open
Walmart Pay and select the credit card, debit card or gift card you want to use.
Any Savings Catcher discounts will be applied to your purchase. Step 2: when
you’re at the checkout use Walmart Pay to scan the QR code and complete your
purchase. It’s just as quick as swiping your credit card. Step 3:
you won’t get a physical receipt anymore but you can submit the e receipt to
Savings Catcher, just remember to click submit receipt from the Walmart Pay
confirmation page or from your Savings Catcher dashboard on the Walmart app.
Learn more about these changes at

100 thoughts on “Walmart Savings Catcher Changes: How to Upload Receipts With Walmart Pay

  • luvclu Post author

    I want to know how are you supposed to utilize the savings catcher feature if I want to pay with my transaction using cash. So does that mean I can’t save anything or get anything back with savings catcher if I pay cash or a check? Not everybody has a smart phone or has the app in order to use credit cards. Also, I happen to have credit cards, but not everybody does. What if I don’t want to use one or feel comfortable with the credit card let alone save it on the app maybe I don’t trust Walmart that much to have on file.The email I got from Walmart says it’s easy to use this feature with savings apps, all they said was you just have to print out a copy in order to take pictures of it with the other apps. Why should I have to print my receipt in order to use that.

  • CARLA Minich Post author

    DO NOT LIKE THE CHANGE. Go back to the old way it worked. I can never get service on my phone while in Walmart so how can I use this.
    Stupid. Don't fix something that isn't broken. Will use Target a lot less hassle

  • Spider-man the Hero Post author

    Can you please make a video on how to submit a receipt to walmart pay Savings Catcher if you paid cash. Thanks

  • Portia Lewis-Gray Post author

    – Walmart should’ve never changed this. I’ve been using savings catcher for over 3 years now.

    Is anyone interested in trying another app that assists with saving money by scanning receipts? If so, please leave a comment and I will give you my code to signup with. This app works great and I’ve made a lot of money using it. 🤑🤑

  • Kimberly Osborn Post author

    I do not want to have to use my phone to scan and pay. I am usually stressed when at WalMart in the first place and do not want to have to get my phone out and do these extra steps. Is there not any way I can bring my receipt home and do it is peace where I can think and concentrate on what I am doing?????

  • MsAnon4223 Post author

    Everyone should just refuse to use it unless they change it back. They already use savings catcher to track our spending habits so they can target us for ads so if we stop using it they lose out on marketing to us. The "savings" have been dramatically reduced lately anyways so I'm pretty sure they're already scamming us. Amazon Prime prices almost always match Walmart or are lower if you can get the item as an add on. I think they'll regret this decision when they see how many people don't bother with them anymore.

  • Tinsby Post author

    Savings catcher doesn't give me the option to scan a new receipt as it once did! I don''t get the screen that you show at time index 0:57
    Terrific,,,,, now the app is totally useless. Yes I updated it today and rebooted the phone with the same result. Read below for the answer to it.

    WAIT IT GETS BETTER…. (if you are Walmart)

    Asking an 'associate' today how to use the new and improved(?) Savings Catcher, I was told that before you scan your items you must scan the QR code on the terminal you are using,(this logs you into the system) then scan your items, This is where whatever monies you had saved are sucked out by the now invisible Savings Catcher. Then when you pay for what you bought you don't have to select "Walmart Pay" it will automatically be the default, this is where your sucked out money goes each time.

    This prevents you from actually building a huge cash stash for emergencies or whatever. It has an automatic self emptying 'feature'!

    If what I was told is wrong; then by all means let me know. But it makes sense in that folks won't be able to save ANYTHING in Savings Catcher as before, as soon as it appears in your Walmart Pay account its sucked away the next time you log on to make a purchase.

    What's a matter Walmart you losing a few freaking dollars along the way??? This blows big chunks and I doubt I'll even bother with it.

    I'm going to call and bitch, it can't hurt!

  • kathrine knight Post author

    I actually did receive over 160.00 using savings catcher, but a lot of people still only use cash to pay for their purchase. This really sucks that Walmart did this.

  • Larry Bamfield Sr Post author

    poor people cant do this ,why dont you just do away with this program,

  • S S Post author

    They just lost this customer. If you pay cash you can't get the savings. It's a huge headache and you are forced to put a credit card on your phone to use it. No safety there. Done with Walmart. Amazon here I come.

  • KatPlayzIt Post author

    So how are you supposed to save up.. if you used the Wal-Mart pay won't it take off any more you have on it

  • MilkCap Post author


  • cindy walter Post author

    So what if i am paying with cash?

  • X6800 Post author

    Hmm. Bye bye savings catcher.

  • Gloria Dunn Post author

    The Walmart app on my phone comes up with a Stopped message. Do I have to remove it and download it again? Will my savings information go away it I do this?

  • Mellissa G Post author

    Messed up that you can no longer save up your savings catcher rewards… kind of screwed up no?

  • Kari Lovair Ryan Wolf Post author

    Well one more for reason to do more Amazon…Walmart is going to be a faded memory like Kmart was when Walmart started.

  • Rusty Shackleford Post author

    NOTICE: If you want Walmart to STOP THIS STUPID MOVE, open your app and submit feedback. Get Nasty! Also, contact them at 1-800-WALMART (1-800-925-6278). CRUSH them with complaints. They know they are struggling to survive against companies like Amazon and so they MUST listen to their customers if they want to survive.

    It's all up to us.

  • oniakuma Post author

    But if you buy cokes they wont let you out without seeing your receipt

  • Cindy Ramey Post author

    I called the company, and complained. The only way to use this, is by having an expensive Smart Phone. Not fair to those using a cheaper phone.

  • Katashia Brown Post author

    Thanks Wal-Mart how does this make it easier 👎

  • Omniron Post author

    Not worth the hassle at this point.

  • Rob Jones Post author

    So you cant put in a receipt after you leave the store now no wonder I couldn't find it on the app

  • Monique Wade Post author

    Okay so if i forget to scan at the store I am SOL? That's not cool

  • Marcela Bauer Post author

    I have been using this app for years . I guess I will be deleting it from my phone as soon as I use the last $15 i have left. It does suck big time.

  • Dew Forbes Post author

    walmart just made it difficult bcuz alot of people were saving money, god i hate walmart

  • Valarie R Post author

    I just deleted the app from my phone! It doesn't give you enough $$ to make it worth my extra time & inconvenience! Thanks, but no thanks Walmart!

  • cangri1788 Post author

    My local grocery chain sells products cheaper than Walmart but because WM is closer to my home I always shopped there to get the discounts with Savings catcher, now with this bs, bye bye WM. 👎

  • Angel Stephenson Post author

    The only thing the app is good for now is finding stuff in the store. I don't like the new changes either but I didn't get much back anyway, so no big loss.

  • Arlette Wilkinson Post author

    I do not like it!….. The crowded checkouts are already such a hassle to deal with!… People won't REMEMBER TO DO IT??… It was better when it was at our Convenience, not Walmart"s preferred method of choice for customers to use???? UGH!!!

  • Patricia Horn Post author

    You had a good thing going. Why did you have to mess it up?

  • Jenfu30 Post author

    To add paper receipt in updated app: savings cathcher->view all purchases in purchase history->blue dot with + then scan receipt

  • David Matheny Post author

    Bah humbug! The new policy stinks.

  • Timur Musaev Post author

    One more reason not to use Walmart no more

  • Snglcwboy Post author

    This borders on discrimination and I;m pretty sure is against the disabled persons rights. Some of us, like me, who are disabled and can not manipulater a Smart phone are alientaed from this program. I for one amd no longer going to be a Walmart customer and going to one of thier compettiotrs who ffer a similar and more similar rewards prgram…..Walmart suck off

  • Snglcwboy Post author

    I think this is a ply by WM to make u pay with a credit card and or make u buy a SP phone from them…or they lost to much money with this program they r gonna cut the usage in half by alienating people who do not have a Smart phone…

  • Snglcwboy Post author

    I saved my Savings catcher rewards and do my Christmas shopping for the past 2 years. THanks Walmart for ruining my future Christmases with this shitty new program policy

  • Amy F. Post author

    Sooo, it turns out that not only do you have to use Walmart Pay, to pay for your groceries…but If you use the Walmart Grocery app, and pickup your groceries, those receipts CANNOT be submitted to savings catcher. Hence, no savings and no money back. You are LITERALLY paying for the convenience. I just knew the Walmart Grocery app/ pickup service must've had a catch😡🤬

  • Tamie Modlin Post author

    You can turn off walmart pay if you don't want to use your rewards.. go to launch walmart pay than tap on settings button on top and there should be a button to swipe to turn off. Not sure yet if you can still submit receipts if this is off. Will update later

  • Larry Post author

    That’s the only reason I go there. Owell, Kroger from now on. At least I’ll save on gas and they’re not forcing me to scan my own groceries and use my phone to pay!

  • KK Bing Post author

    I'm really disappointed in the new changes made to the Savings Catcher App/Online service. I have made a concerted effort to always shop at Walmart because of the Savings Catcher App. I guess I will just shop at other grocery stores who offer specials through the week. Bad move Walmart!!

  • Carrie Phillips Post author

    What about people who pay online and do grocery pick up? I don't see an option for saving catcher?

  • Jamil Johnson Post author

    So I have 46 in my savings catcher today. If I go to Walmart and spend 50 it's going to deduct the 46 then charge the 4 to my cc? What if I don't want to use my 46 yet?

  • Syndismile Post author

    Walmart has a BIG problem in the city I live in. Because they always want to see our receipt at the door. So this method does not give you a receipt.

  • Cudder me Post author

    As a 26 year old who works at Walmart I have to say. This is just fine. The old folks are technophobic but the young people that aren’t stupid will like this just fine. Walmart’s future cliental will be immersed in their smart devices so why not take advantage.

  • cl ward Post author

    What happens if you submit a receipt, but it says it was already submitted by someone else? Do they contact you?

  • Beverly S Post author

    THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Leave it to walmart to deny people the ability to save money. Just going to make me drive to the competition and spend my money there for the savings instead.

  • Yooperguy Post author

    eff you wallyworld

  • Joshsmoove Post author

    I'm refusing to use Walmart pay until they fix this. We need physical receipts.

  • Erica Christy Post author

    Good video but Walmart screwed half of there customers with this.I have 3 receipt just going to waste now,,,,,, I'm surprised other stores don't do saving catcher.

  • 41levergun Post author

    Im going to start to try and shop at target now!

  • Diana Easter Post author

    What about the digital receipts I get for grocery pick up? This is so wrong. I'm completely baffled and frustrated at this new system.

  • Yenni Cannon Post author

    Very hard.

  • Mitch Nolen Post author

    To make folks use any savings when they purchase as opposed to letting them save up funds and use savings catcher funds when they want to (like maybe for birthday or Christmas gifts?) is ridiculous! What does it matter ‘when’ funds are used if the ‘where’ funds are used (Walmart) is the bottom line. Forcing customers to scan the QR code on a PIN pin with their phones is also ridiculous and takes away the convenience of letting folks scan in their receipts at their leisure – within reason. Walmart has turned a good thing for their customers into a bad thing & this is not good PR for Walmart.

  • Marisela Cronin Post author

    This sucksssssssssssssss

  • EbnyGem Post author

    So now, the only way you can participate in savings catcher rewards is if we use walmart pay to purchase items?! That's some new bullshit. They don't have to worry about me using it anymore. 😤😤

  • Kee Kee Post author

    Go to the savings catcher app and give your feedback on how you feel about the change. I used that feature all the time. Now it's a hassle, so I don't bother, which may be Wal-Mart's goal anyway, instead of saving a shoppers money they take it because people will either forget this or just omit doing it since its now become a process to check out.

  • Chair The Bear Post author

    So you can't use it and pay cash ?

  • Maureen Isree Post author

    I only shopped at Walmart because I thought their prices were lower. Since the change in the "Saver Catcher," I have lost out in scanning so many receipts due to the holiday shopping. To be forced to use their new application process does not work for me. This new way is a process to stop us from saving. Customers are busy as it is with stressful lives, some don't have reliable phones, some are not phone savvy. Plus the elderly who have no patience for such technology. To spend extra time in line at the store to do this with people stressing behind us is not a good environment. I have since then gone back to my original supermarket because I no longer get any savings at Walmart and I have recently lost a lot with my current receipts not scanned. This is just a way to remove their savings from their valued customers. I will not shop at Walmart anymore because the reason I enjoyed it was for savings. Walmart should listen to their customers.

  • triblackcorvette Post author

    Guess I will do more changes to my shopping. Amazon and other will get my business now

  • mixwell1983 Post author

    So do you have to use your rewards? I have the option to turn of debit and gift card but then how would it link? Thats bullshit if so because I want to accumilate my savings.

    They may have gone this route to stop people from finding receipts and scanning em. I know someone who found a receipt left in a cart and they scanned it to see if it would accept it and it did..

    Either way I hate the new setup.

  • Jellotuna Post author

    Walmart Sucks again. Guess there's no point in having the app anymore. I'll be getting 90% of my groceries from Aldi.

  • uptownbigpaperpink Post author

    We need to boycott this method this is crazy. Not customer friendly at all. I will not longer be shopping here. Target here I come. This is so sad!!!

  • Qeanu Bates Post author

    Weird and unnecessary.

  • Dragonzord85 Post author

    It's so silly that they changed it I rarely got anything that would beat Walmart prices as they claimed I'm sure they were concerned about ppl throwing their receipts on the ground and ppl picking them up & using them but that's why they had a limit for scanning

  • Katelyn Ann Post author

    What’s the point of saying we can save money with this app when your just gonna take the little money we save away whenever we use it? Like wtf man. Go back to the old way. I wanna be able to actually save up my savings again.

  • Katelyn Ann Post author

    I just figured this out. You have to turn off payment if you don’t want to use it. Go to your account and click payment. Turn off your gifcard payment, it won’t use the money you get back then if you want to save it up.

  • Debby T Post author

    I don't understand how to use it either, plus my hubby goes most of the time to get things at walmart and he does not know to use it at all……….ARG !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Daily Pin Post author

    Thank you for this!

  • Kenny Jones Post author

    Lines are so damn CRAZY IN THERE ANYWAY, How am i suppose to SCAN a damn tag and then sometimes it doesn`t take on the first go around. I liked the OLD WAY BETTER. Most people don`t have NEW smart phones, My Mom shops at Walmart 4 days a WEEK, she has a flip phone, what about her, shes a senior? Are you going to lose her business? I can`t do this new savings catcher on my new smart phone because the LINES ARE TOO DAMN LONG, AND i didn`t know i had to scan a code at the register in order to get scan my order i got at home, This is crazy!

  • Fresh Evans Post author

    Are we all so lazy that we cant carry our wallets or purses to pull out cash?? What if u lose your phone how will u be able to pay then???What has this world come to?? Do anybody know how to do anything without relying on the government and all these gadgets??? What next can u expect an cashless society where cash wont be worth anything. Hey when u run out of tissue u could actually whipe your butt with your $20 bill since it's paper and worthless. Beware Brothers and Sisters this is the next step to receiving the mark of the beast the chip inside u.

  • Ashley Carrington Post author

    So you have to use your credit card?

  • L S Post author

    I guess no more savings catcher for me… 🙁

  • Alicia Lewis Post author

    I don't like this

  • Ani Cole Post author

    I can't even find the "submit to savings catcher" option..I'm new to smartphones..and today was the first time that I wanted to try this…no luck.

  • Queen Lauren Post author

    Who knows a store where you can save points & buy things with them ! I’m trying to save money please help .

  • Native2458 Post author

    I recently used my app to pay but it also printed out a receipt, wtf?

  • Valerie Augustine Post author

    the walmart I go to does not have this screen at all. so how are we suppose to utilitze this. they are just tired of us saving money….their crap

  • S M Post author

    Will not be using savings catcher anymore.

  • TryMyMartini Post author

    If they wanna push their stupid app, the least they could do is get some decent wi-fi in their stores. I’ve never been in a Walmart that had decent cell reception.

  • PredyJessica Post author

    I've been using Walmart pay for the past months and have not seen an option to submit while using these steps. Anyone else having these issues.

  • Bayou Nola Post author

    Wal-Mart I give you no less than $750 A month in groceries.
    YOU SUCK BIG TIME. I like many people were saving money. I do not feel comfortable adding my credit card or debit card to my account and phone. For what some A..hole to get it. It's bad enough to use mostly all apps you nerd to give permission for that app to gain access to all my phone information. YOU SUCK!!! BOYCOTT WAL-MART

  • brian allyn Post author

    Easy solution, disable all credit cards on walmart pay, scan your walmart pay, it will say then pay remaining balance. Use whatever payment method you wish then. You will get a paper receipt like normal, can pay using any payment method and since you scanned walmart pay, it submits receipt to Savings catcher. Been doing this for last month with no issues.

  • ready2live38 Post author

    From what I've seen on another YouTube video, you can go into the settings of the Walmart pay app and just select the option that states use gift card only. So once you scan Walmart pay at the register, your app will know that you will be using another option to pay because you didn't have a debit or credit card option selected on the app. This way you can still use the Walmart pay app to scan at the register for instant savings catcher and know that your debit card won't be used because it's not attached or set up in settings to use. Hope this makes sense

  • Katmandu Post author

    This new change sucks for people like me. I'm old & disabled and cannot shop in-shop. My husband does all our grocery shopping and used to give the receipt for me to input into the Program. Also, how do we use it online? I don't recall ever being able to use it that way either. It seems to me they don't want their customers to use Savings Catcher and this is a way to discourage it's use. Bet the amount of rewards they're paying out has drastically been reduced. Way to go Walmart. I just may find us another place to shop for their rewards. Walmart, I'm not a happy camper. Fix it, or forget it!

  • Rebecca Mercado Post author

    Yes, I hate the new change. It's been 5 months now and haven't been able to use Savings Catchers as I used to do before😡

  • Travis Heinze Post author

    I have been paying with a credit card and scanning the paper receipt with the #Walmart app. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Isabel Montalvo Post author

    Its unfair I always scanned at home on my ipad my phone sometimes doesn’t have internet and the internet at Walmart doesn’t work, my phone is a cheap one because I cant afford a better one so the space is limited and im wasting it. I NEED TO SAVE MONEY AS A NEED, NOT AS A LUXURY. STOP PUSHING IT. JUST MAKE NON-TOXIC RECEIPTS AND USE RECYCLED MATERIALS in the way of recycling you can recycle more than one-use plastics you can make some needed jobs instead of just vulturing at peoples basic needs and replacing jobs with machines for profit.

  • Reaction Therapy Post author

    Well, I guess I can stop asking mom for her receipts

  • sallyrdavey Post author

    I agree, this sucks. I do not pay my bill like that and they are forcing you to use Walmart pay.

  • Sally Ann Bird makes Cards Out of Chaos Post author

    The first time we tried this it showed using two different payment methods for two separate orders but when we looked at the online receipt everything had been withdrawn from the debit card and nothing put on the credit card. Since this was not the paln we had to wait over an hour for walmart employee/manager to return all items not to be put on the debit card, then re ring them up on the credit card. This was very difficult since everything of course had already been placed into bags! Two weeks later we tried using the app again. Same deal…even though we were really paying attention at that time. The app insisted on using the debit card even though we had choose the credit card as payment on checkout! So we decided to go elsewhere. Walmart sucks! What had been keeping us there was the savings catcher because it was a good way to save up for discounts at Christmas time. Thanks Walmart. Now we are finding better deals at Costco, Target and Aldi's

  • Bee Win Post author

    This is the worst. It was fine the way it was and now we have to use the Ibotta App in conjunction with Walmart Pay? What is THAT about? Ibotta is a separate entity. I sense a scam from WalMart on this. Watch for a class action on it.

  • Amanda Jarrett Post author

    Why would I want to pay like this I use a blue bird card that has nothing on it so tell me why would I want to use Walmart with safe card I use that has my bill money on it nope

  • Courtney H Post author

    I hate how they did this I saved $240 with savings catcher and now I can’t even figure out how to upload my receipts!😡

  • Kathleen Howard Post author

    After i used walmart pay at the register, my credit card info was hacked and "someone" purchased $76 in merch. NOPE, not secure.

  • Cynthia Bartal Post author

    Well now I guess they are getting rid of Walmart pay now that savings catcher did what it was suppose to so enjoy it until May 14 2019!

  • AggieNC Post author

    Okay, but how come the paper receipts still tell me I can scan them into the app!?

  • Donna W Post author

    I agree! this sucks!!!! go back to how it was!!! I dont want to use a debit or credit card to pay. I mostly pay with cash! There is nothing for that !!! BRING BACK THE OLD WAY….PLEASE!!!!!

  • Al Abama Post author

    I don't like being forced to use a pay app. The old saving catcher should still be offered and you should be able to choose which one you want to use. No paper receipt? Heck no! That too should be my choice. I seldom shop at Walmart anymore. I'm sure they lost customers with the change.

  • Fitnessence Post author

    You can take this video Down! Saving catcher has been discontinued as of May 14th 2019. You can thank me later .

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