Vegetables names in English – Vegetables Vocabulary. Learn Vegetable Names

Vegetables names in English – Vegetables Vocabulary. Learn Vegetable Names

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Welcome to Teaching you English through two minute lessons. Beetroot Beetroot This is a beetroot. Beetroot has lots of vitamins Broccoli Broccoli This is Broccoli. Broccoli is very good for health Cabbage Cabbage This is Cabbage. Cabbage is used in salads and sandwiches. Carrots Carrots These are Carrots. Rabbits love to eat Carrots. Cucumber Cucumber This is a cucumber. Cucumber is great in salad Potato Potato This is a Potato. People make French fries using Potatoes. Garlic Garlic This is garlic. Garlic is used in breads and pizza sauce Ginger Ginger This is Ginger. Ginger tea is delicious! Yum… Green chillies Green chillies These are Green chillies. Green chillies are very spicy Mushrooms Mushrooms These are Mushrooms. Mushrooms are shaped like an umbrella Onions Onions These are onions. Cutting onions brings tears to your eyes. Pumpkin Pumpkin This is a Pumpkin. We carve faces in pumpkins on halloween Radish Radish This is a radish. Radish is used to make salads and curries Red chilly Red chilly These are Red chillies. Chilly sauce is made from red chillies Spinach Spinach This is Spinach. Spinach makes you strong and tall Spring Onion Spring Onion Spring Onion This is a Spring Onion. Spring Onions are used in Chinese fried rice Sweet Corn Sweet Corn This is Sweet Corn Cob Steamed sweet corn is very healthy Sweet Potato Sweet Potato This is a sweet potato. Sweet potatoes are yummy when roasted Tomato Tomato This is a tomato. Tomato ketchup is made using tomatoes.

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