Vegetable Parda Biryani – By VahChef @

Vegetable Parda Biryani – By VahChef @

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hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Today I’m going to show you another biryani which I call parada biryani, parada biryani means you’re going to put a nice parda that is a dough on top of this briyani and going to bake it in the oven and this you can make it with you know either chicken, shrimp or any meat but today I’m going to make it vegetarian way in a special vegetarian way because i’m going to use soya nuggets that is a very great protein source for vegetarians you can get this soya nuggets anywhere you can buy this nutrela protein soya chunks in fact this is a great source of protein for vegetarians they come in small chunks like this but when you cook them they look like as if you cooked some meat all you need to do is just put them in the water and bring it to a boil for around 10 minutes then drain of this water and then we are going to make it into a wonderful biryani. To make this biryani add little bit oil you can add any of your favorite vegetables you know and I’m going to add little bit of cauliflower, carrots and I have this small potatoes just cut them into halves and put them, little bit of green chili what we are going to do is basically we’re going to add all the ingredients that go into any biryani I’ve got here some chopped coriander, chopped mint, some fried onion, around one tablespoon of ginger-garlic paste, quarter cup of biryani masala and add 1 cup of yogurt and salt as much you require and mix all these ingredients ok now you can put the flame underneath you know you can start cooking this if you want you can add little bit water not too much now when the vegetables are kind of half done that’s when you put this nutri nuggets okay and then just put it on top that should be good enough that way all these nutri nuggets get the nice juices from this nice biryani masala and they also get nice tasty once you get to this point now we’re going to boil the rice and put it on top of this if you have seen many of my biryani it is very simple add little bit oil, salt this water should be slightly salty otherwise the rice will be tasteless you can add a little bit of jeera once the water comes to boil add your basmati rice that you soaked for at least 30 minutes that way your rice will be nice beautiful now let this rice cook till it is seventy percent done thirty percent of the cooking we are going to put this over the vegetables and cook I’m going to drain this after draining the rice now these vegetables are also almost seventy percent done what we are going to be going to put this rice on top you know spread this rice evenly, add little bit of saffron color, add little bit of fried onion and add little bit of coriander and mint whatever you have now just put an airtight lid and let it cook in a slow flame for around 15 minutes by the time the rice will be done perfect and the vegetables also will be done perfect now going back to why i call this parda biryani because once this biryani is done we’re going to put in a containers and we are going to have a nice coating of paratha on top of it and we’re going to bake it in the oven and that makes a special biryani that you can serve for festive occasions and today I’m going to show you how to make this parda biryani for an individual person or if you’re going to make a family-style parda biryani; to make this parda biryani you can make the dough either you can use the chapati dough or paratha dough I love to use the puff paste dough in fact you can see my video on how I make the puff paste dough and then just to spread it into a thin sheet okay after you roll this just put a bowl and just cut little extra on on the bowl so this goes as a nice coating over your biryani, in the meanwhile look at this biryani oh look at this what nice flavors Wow awesome and look at this rice just check this out hahahaha now all we need to do is just take some biryani and put it in this bowl ok wow you know first thing to make good parda biryani you should make good biryani ok but look at this my goodness wow this is one of the best biryani’s haha it’s super hot whoo just uh ok and bring back this bowl to the table and now just apply little bit of moisture ok ok so and that moisture side put it downwards on top of this biryani and just seal the edges ok yo yo yo one wonderful thing about this parda biryani which the coating is either the chapati, paratha or even a puff paste dough, puff paste dough is better because it gives nice crispy texture and the beautiful thing is inside you have a wonderful biryani and outside you got a nice crispy chapathi roti whatever you call it so now this is going to go in the oven and I’m going to put in a broil mode put it as high as possible and remove it just when it is ready; now we are going to do the same thing here haha just mix all these ingredients and I’m just going to cut these edges okay and on the edges I’m going to put little bit of water so that it seals to the vessel well okay we’re going to put this on top of this look at this just seal it good okay now look at this this is going to go in the oven and we’re going to check this parda biryani after this is done well you know now look at this biryani when you serve an individual with his own parda biryani you do it on a bowl put this parda with the puff paste or even a chapati or anything and then look at this how nice roti kind of thing along with raita here wow let’s just cut it ooh look at this look at this parda biryani let me bring the other biryani also now look at this this is beautiful parada biryani okay Wow so take your own individual biryani and look at this rice Wow ah hmm take some raita wow this is what is vegetarian parda biryani and the beautiful thing is you can eat this roti huh hmm dear friends isn’t this an amazing wonderful biryani today to my all vahrehvah friends I want to announce one very important decision I have made yesterday I have decided that I have to go back to India for my personal as well as the professional reasons so dear friends before the end of this year I will be in India for good and I will be shuttling between chennai and hyderabad and the quality of these shows also will improve because we’re going to have a very big professional crew that is going to help us to make this show even better and trust me the show vahrehvah will continue in a very big way the quality of the shows and the production value will improve a lot they will be better than any TV shows you are used to and not only that I’ll be traveling all over the country right from Kanyakumari to Kerala from Mumbai to Calcutta and we are going to go into small villages go and learn different kinds of cuisines from homes in these villages so you will get lot more than what you have been looking for and I want you my family vahrehvah community to know about this decision and you’re all going to have lot of fun with your VahChef doing lot of masti mazaak in India and I hope you have enjoyed to learn how to make this parda biryani vegetarian way with your VahChef at but remember vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to cook so please post your recipes and cooking tips so others can benefit from your great cooking thank you.

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