Trying Fake Veggie Sausage!

Trying Fake Veggie Sausage!

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hey what’s going on down here from 9 malls in today’s video is going to be a test I am maybe going to add food reviews to my channel this is one of those so I was thinking about testing weird interesting food items that I find not that this is totally weird but just interesting food things that I could taste test on the channel it seems like my recipes especially the you know the dump dinners asking on TV and even other recipe videos do well on the channel so think about adding more recipes from interesting cookbooks like the as-seen-on-tv cookbook but Kathy mitchell and also interesting maybe food products like this once i found this on sale it is Betty meatless sausage made a SOI SOI and it’s a gimme lean by light life since 1979 and justly read the ingredients water textured soy protein concentrate soy protein tapioca starts soy sauce and the list goes on and on but it seems relatively healthy and it to outside that only has 60 calories definitely a lot better than your average sausage and sausages in general kinda scares me a little bit just because it has you know it is so greasy to so bad for you so if i could have something in the morning with my eggs and I do have eggs a lot you know it’d be nice to have something a little bit healthier and so this might maybe something that actually eat if it tastes good so this is just a test video see what kind of interest i get in food product reviews and even could expand like fast food the main staple this channel as always is as seen on tv products and also gadgets but here and there I might throw in a food review and also recipes all right that’s what it looks like it looks like like sausage it kinda has the same texture of Sasha’s let me smell it it smells not quite that sausage II you know flavor smell but it’s close i mean it does look like sausage and it smelled like sausage so I’m gonna cook it up right now alright so the sausage has been cooked there’s zero Greece so that’s something totally different from regular sausage so here we go taste test lightlife gimme lean meatless veggie sausage here we go i drowned it just a little bit on the outside we just focus in on that alright taste test here we go let me test another one so the first thing you get is a real kind of peppery taste doesn’t have that fullness like a sausage has and I think that comes from all the fat in it but it’s kind of a hollow tasting peppery let me just a little bit more that’s mostly pepper there’s a little bit of sausage tastes but it’s mostly kind of a hollow taste you know it’s like I said that might not become not fat so there is let’s see what kind of a man there’s soy sauce it says cancer soy soy powder weakland spices salt barley malt extract beet powder to rule yeast yeast extract i would say if i have this would like something like a you know an eight muffin you know they got a muffin and then you put some of the sausage on here i think that would add to it but just eating this alone i don’t think it’s good enough to just eat by itself we gotta mix with something you put in an omelet because it the flavor to it decent but it’s just not there it’s not that it’s not that good so i would say it’s better than nothing if you want some sausage it’s definitely better than nothing about the picture shows the sausage in a burrito I would definitely mix it with something so mixed with potatoes mix it and a burrito mix it on an egg muffin type of thing if you do that i think it’s it’s passable but just eating by itself definitely not recommended so on the fence with this one you can get it on cell for you know three bucks i paid this was a clearance item so is 2.19 regularly 4.29 to get on itself around three dollars i’d say maybe try it and thanks for watching my videos this is a test video once again just gauge interest to see if people actually want to see food reviews on this channel alright thanks for watching

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