Tri Colour Healthy Dosa || Lunch Box Recipe || Vegetable DOSA || Ep:641

Tri Colour Healthy Dosa || Lunch Box Recipe || Vegetable DOSA || Ep:641

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Hi. Namaskar. How are you? Hope all are doing good. Here all of us are fine. Today I am here with a healthy different coloured dosas. Kids would love to see the colours. I think they will like it more when they see green, red and yellow dosas. Moreover they are healthy and it cam be made fast too. Many had requeste for kids lunch box recipes. I have already done many. I have made a playlist for that. I shall post the link to it below the video. You can check them there I will be uploading more videos soon. So lets see how to make our tasty and healthy tri colour dosas. Now lets begin to make our healthy dosas. Many have been requesting for kids menu since long I shall show how to make dosas in two ways. You can grind these vegetables and add to normal dosa batter. Or you can do it the same way like how I made tomato dosa using semolina. This can be done like that too. That is an instant recipe. But here the normal dosa batter will be in our house always. I am going to show 3 colours of dosas. I have already shown tomato dosa in different colour I have taken 1/2 of a beetroot here. A handful of palak. You can substitute this with spinach too. Then we need a small carrot now. I shall grind all three separate. Make sure to use very little water while grinding. I have kept little dosa batter in 3 different bowls. To make dosas in 3 colours do it this way. You can then grind and add the vegetables to those bowls. I have added grinded carrots to the 1st bowl Now mix this well. You can grind the dosa batter thick like for idly. When you add the vegetable mix to the batter, it will become thin. When you pour the grinded veg mix to a loose dosa batter, it will become very loose. Now let me grind the beetroot. Adding the beetroot mix to the 2nd bowl. I have already posted 2-3 videos of dosas. One using rice flour, Mysore masala dosa etc.. I shall post their links in the description box. You can check it there. I am not saying it here again. Now our pink dosa is also ready. Kids love colourful dosa. They will find it interesting. Grinded the 3rd one too which is palak. Make sure to add just very little water to the palak. Palak turns watery when its grinded. So add 1tbsp water and grind it well. Mix this well. You can add a tomato the the carrots while grinding for more colour. Now the tri coloured batters are ready. I have grinded all the vegetables raw. I didnt cook them. If you want you can cook and then cool it and grind and add to the batter That will be double work. Moreover it will get cooked while making dosa. So I dont think we have to cook it. If you want you may cook and grind. Now lets heat a pan to make the dosas. When it becomes medium hot, we shall pour the batter I shall show you how to make three different types of dosas. Lets make beetroot dosa first. Now its slightly hot. Lets pour a small ladle of batter. When the pan is very hot, you cannot spreadd teh batter. I have made our 1st dosa which is pink colour. We should maintain the heat on medium flame. When pores are seen we shall sprinkle some oil over it. I shall show you an uthappam method after this. When you send crispy dosas to school for kids, it cools down. At the same time if you make it like uthappam, I feel its better. My kids take thick dosas to school. At home its nice to have crispy dosas. I am applying oil over it. Showing you the normal way first. Make it as crispy as you want. Then turn it over. The beetroot has to get cooked. Now let me turn it over. Our crispy beetroot dosa is ready. Let me keep this aside. Now lets make it like an uthappam or pizza. Thats what kids like. Reduce the flame and then spread it little thick. When you see pores on top, spinkle some tomato ketchup or mozarella cheese. Grate whichever cheese you have. Now close this and cook so that one side gets cooked well. Once its cooked, we shall add tomato ketchup and cheese over it. If you want you can top this with carrots, capsicum or like you see in pizzsa If you have pizza sauce, you can use that. Here kids like tomato ketchup Now spread it slightly. Mothers know what the kids like. Make it as the kids like it. I am going to grate some mozarella cheese. You get to buy them as cubes Or you can use already shredded cheese. Use which ever is with you. I have now added the cheese. Lets close and cook it for a while. The flame should always be in medium. Otherwise the bottom part will get burnt. Open and see after some time. The cheese has meted well. Now lets close the ends like this. The insid and outside has been cooked well. Now lets make teh carrot dosa. I am pouring a ladle of batter. Cook it on medium flame. Once its almost done, I will add an egg to this. I have already beaten it with salt, chilli powder. If you want you can add shallots and green chillies Since its for kids, I have added salt and chilli powder. Lets close and cook this. The inside is almost cooked. Now let me add the beaten egg. Spread it. This is not just for kids. You can make it for adults too. Spinkle some green chillies if needed. Close and cook it for a while and then turn it over. Once that side is also cooked, we shall take it form the pan. This is carrot egg dosa. We just need time for the egg to get cooked. Lets fold and keep it aside. Now palak dosa is left to make. I am going to do an uthappam with palak dosa. For uthappam pour the palak batter a bit thick on to the pan. Dont spread it much. Once its almost done, we shall add onions, tomatoes and green chillies over it. You can add some carrots also over it. Now lets sprinkle some onions, Add some grated carrots, chopped green chillies, curry leaves or coriander leaves and a slice of tomato Sprinkle some oil over this. Close and cook for a while. Now turn it. Palak colour changes when cooked The back side is not burnt. Athu is eating pizza. He liked the pizza dosa. Now our palak uthappam is ready. Lets keep this aside. Dont over cook it. Pour for one more dosa. Lets spread some chutney over this and make it another type of dosa. Then you dont have to serve chutney separately for kids. Especially the ones that dont get spoilt Tomato chutney, chilli chutney or onion chutney. Just spread them on the dosa. Kids can have them as it is. They dont have to use chutney for it. Palak becomes this colour. Sprinkle some oil or ghee over it. Close it for a while and cook. Then spread some tomato chutney over it. Coconut chutney may get spoilt when sent to school. So I suggest any other chutney other tan coconut ones to spread. Now the palak dosa with chutney is ready. Let me try one thing. Dont know if it will work out. Pour one colour first. Pour the other colour on it and then pour the 3rd colour on it. How is it. A tri colour dosa. Tri colour dosa. Close and cook for a while. When you turn it over, this colour will change. The green will become differnt. Our tri colour dosa is also ready. Makw how ever you want. I just showed you the ways I know. All of you try it out and give it to your kids. Dont forget to send me your feedback. Ask your kids to send Veenautny their feedback. This is how to make the different coloured dosas. All of you try it out. You can do it instantly with the normal batter you have at home Or follow the tomato dosa recipe and substitute tomatoes with palak, beetroot and carrots. So until we meet with my next recipe, thank you. Its evening. Not yet sunset. Veena is here to check out this park.

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