TOPIK 초급 | FRUTA Y VERDURA (en español)

TOPIK 초급 | FRUTA Y VERDURA (en español)

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안녕하세요? In this basic vocabulary video we will see fruits and vegetables. It is important that you know the vocabulary of food. “Fruit” in Korean is “과일”. 사과 – apple 오렌지 – orange 포도 – grape 파인애플 – pineapple 멜론 – melon 수박 – watermelon 배 – pear 복숭아 – peach 망고 – mango 바나나 – banana 딸기 – strawberry 키위 – kiwi 코코넛 – coconut 귤 – tangerine 체리 – cherry 감 – persimmon 아보카도 – avocado 레몬 – lemon 무화과 – fig Now let’s see some vegetables too. There are two ways to say vegetables. Use the one you prefer, there is not much difference between them. 감자 – potato 양파 – onion 마늘 – garlic 당근 – carrot 토마토 – tomato 상추 – lettuce 배추 – chinese cabbage 오이 – cucumber 피망 – pepper 애호박 – zucchini 옥수수 – corn 콩 – grain; soy They are all kinds of bean or legumes. 브로콜리 – broccoli 버섯 – mushroom 콩나물 – bean sprouts Something that is really used in Asia. 가지 – eggplant 고구마 – sweet potato 무 – turnip 고추 – chilli You will have noticed that there are not all the vegetables, but I wanted to add them because I consider them important. You also have to know that in Korea many vegetables are used for the dishes, but it will appear in future recipe videos. So far the vocabulary. Of course, these are not all the fruits or vegetables, it would be a very long list for a basic vocabulary video. Anyway, if you want to know any more words, you can ask me in the comments and I will answer you as soon as possible. You can also find the vocabulary list in Patreon. There you have a question to answer me in the comments, it is very simple: What is your favorite fruit? I hope you leave a great “LIKE” if it has been a useful video. Also I hope you subscribe if you are not and click the bell to be the first in knowing that I have uploaded new video. See you soon!

3 thoughts on “TOPIK 초급 | FRUTA Y VERDURA (en español)

  • Luna Lopez Post author

    Hola😄 a mi me gusta la 딸기

  • José Miguel Pinilla Hernández Post author

    안녕하세요, 미겔 입니다.
    콜롬비아 사람 입니다.

    저는 사과와 귤을 좋아하지만 바나나를 제일 좋아합니다.


  • P ROSOTO Post author

    안녕하세요 선생님
    나는 사과를,수박고 구아바가 좋아한다
    Lo hice bien??
    Pregunta, porqué 좋아하는 y no 좋아해요??

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