8 thoughts on “The Very Best Oil Free Salad Dressing You’ll Ever Try!

  • Wendy Zerbee Post author

    Can you tell me about how many calories? Starting a weight lose diet today . Looks good

  • Real Life Clean Living Post author

    Wanna know how I build my salads? Check out this video —> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMQgFBouDPY&t=98s

  • Scully's House of Thrillers Post author

    Looks like a stellar salad dressing.

  • Wendy Zerbee Post author

    I don't have all the ingredients nosey

  • Home Sweet Abundance Post author

    I will have to try this soon!!! Thank you for sharing, looks really good!

  • Funny Vegan Daddy Post author

    Looks great, Thanks!

  • iokua15 Post author

    Yum! this looks easy

  • SimpLee Beth Post author

    Ugh…I don't want my first comment to be critical, but I'm genuinely concerned about this recipe and potentially misleading people nutritionally and factually. Tahini is just ground sesame seeds which are FULL of sesame oil. Technically, you didn't add "oil," but you added an ingredient full of oil. For people who don't realize this, your claim is factually misleading. Also, I suggest, to anyone who adds nutritional yeast to their diet, that you study the risks, as well as the potential benefits. Too much of a good thing can def apply to this recipe! Depending on how much dressing you consume, overdoing the nutritional yeast may be harmful. All of that said, this is my first impression of your channel. You had great screen presence and video quality! Loved your energy, and you did make me want to try your dressing! I love sesame and already happen to have a pound of nutritional yeast in-route from Amazon. 😁
    Thanks for sharing your recipe idea! xo

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