Tasty Thai Beef & Mango Salad | Donal Skehan

Tasty Thai Beef & Mango Salad | Donal Skehan

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Now I don’t know whose great idea it is, but
we’re outside. It’s been raining all day, and finally it’s cleared up, so we’re going
to cook some Thai beef and mango salad. It is so, so delicious, it’s one of my favourite
dishes I found on my travels to Thailand. Now I’ve got these beautiful steaks, they’re
marinating in a light soy sauce and sesame oil. A nice hot pan and I’m going to get them
straight on in there and get them cooking. So you want to get a good sizzle that’ll do
me nicely. And we’re going to fry these for about two to three minutes on either side
until they’re medium rare. Now while that’s frying, I have some chilli and garlic that
I’m going to finely chop. Now you might notice we have company on set
today. My lovely little dog Max is hanging out with us, aren’t ya Max? You alright? You
can smell the steaks? I think he does, he’s getting hungry.
So get a nice fine chop to your chillies, a clove of garlic here. Chop them all together
so you get a neat, even finish on your dice. And actually that smell of that steak tells
me it’s ready to turn and I’m just going to give them a quick turn, a nice bit of colour
on the undersides. And now I need to crack on with my dressing.
So i have a little bit of caster sugar that goes into a bowl, alongside the juice of a
lime. So slice that in half, and you’ll squeeze it on out. Now what I love about cooking outdoors
is that, this is my garden, so you know all these organic things can go up to my compost
heap up there. I hope, anyway. Let’s see if that, someone
will be giving out, my next door neighbour will be giving out I’d say.
So just whisk that together, when the sugar has completely dissolved, it’s time for some
fish sauce. Now fish sauce is one of those ingredients that smells like your granny’s
feet. It’s one of those really intense ones that maybe not by itself tastes very good,
but add it to something like this and you get this intense whack of salty flavour. So
add a good tablespoon and a bit here. And like any good dressing, you need to make sure
you get your balance of flavours just right, so dip in your finger in there. Give it a
taste, ooh, such really strong acidity from that lime, beautiful saltiness form the fish
sauce and now we;re going to whack in our chilli and our garlic and that’s just going
to ramp up our ingredients and our flavours in here.
Now our dressing is made, we can set this aside and check on our steaks, which look
to be pretty done. I’m going to take them out and leave them to rest with a bit of colour
on both sides. Now with an steak, any time you’re cooking, it’s so, so important to let
it rest under some tin foil for about the amount of time it’s been cooking. And this
just allows you to just get this really wonderful tender meat. So I’m going to parcel that up.
And now it’s time to crack on with my mango. Slice it up nice and thinly. I’m going to
grab a few spring onions, slice them. Now I’m going to toss all my lovely ingredients
together. So we’ve got our spring onions going straight in here, our salad leaves going in
here. We’ve got spring onions, beans sprouts go in, throw over that beautiful dressing
you’ve made, all the way over. Lovely. And then sprinkle in some peanuts. Just salted
peanuts in here, a really nice bit of texture and crunch, just pick off a handful of mint
and this adds wonderful freshness and that’s exactly what I’m after for here.
Coriander goes in here as well. And now we get our mango in here and then using our aardvark
hands, by far one of my favourite utensils in the kitchen. Just toss all those wonderful
flavours and ingredients. These are totally the flavours I get excited about. And if you
get excited about them I want you to subscribe to my videos right here on Jamie’s food tube
and if you want the recipe it’s right there below. So check it out.
This is tossed through, now I need to slice up my steaks and get this thing served.
And there you have it, one of the most delicious little dinners you’ll ever make. It’s my Thai
beef and mango salad and if you like it, I want to hear from you. leave a comment for
me below and make sure to subscribe to Jamie’s Food Tube!

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