Tasting Some of the Wildest Fruit at Bogotá’s Paloquemao Market  — Vox Borders

Tasting Some of the Wildest Fruit at Bogotá’s Paloquemao Market — Vox Borders

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I am in the beautiful mountain city of Bogota, Colombia The city sits at 8,600 ft above sea level It’s in the mountains and it is beautiful And today I’m on the search for some good fruit I’m here in one of Bogota’s biggest markets;
it’s called Paloquemao This place is amazing, is full of some of
the wildest fruits I’ve ever seen Colombia is one of the most biodiverse places
in the world It has three huge mountain ranges running
through it Because of that, you can drive for a couple
of hours and be in a completely different biosphere These mountain ranges mean that different
fruits grow at different elevations, which means you get a huge diversity of different products I want to try some of this fruit Look at that, that is a beautiful, looks like
an heirloom tomato x 80 Scrumptious looking inside Here we go Woah, holy smokes It’s sour That sour patch feel that you get when you
have that candy, it’s like really intense This is an avocado, it’s almost the size
of my head This is like another world With a little bit of salt on top, haber Oh my goodness, it’s so good, que rico no? I thought it was going to be some watered
down version of the avocado because it’s so big, nope It’s just as good as the small Hass avocados
we’re used to eating I feel like in my life there’s always a
shortage of avocados it’s always like, ooh we have this little
thing of guacamole, make sure not to eat too much because we have
to share with everyone These avocados are just coming off the skin It’s like butter with little crunchy seeds
in it It’s full of this slimy, wonderful looking
weirdness We literally cracked this thing open like
it was an egg I’m supposed to slurp it up Oh my goodness It’s so slimy and so good Super crunchy as well These hangy things, they kind of look like
sausages, you know they hang sausages That’s what I thought they were at first but they’re like a big melon That’s so wild, it’s so different and
weird It’s like a melon, but it has a strange
riff on it Good, not my favorite Well, they cut it open and gave me a little
piece of this flesh It’s super, super soft It’s like gross and slimy It looks like it has big old seeds in there Alright, doesn’t look that appetizing, let’s
see what happens Oh my gosh, what? It’s the weirdest texture I’ve ever tasted
in my life I feel like I’m chewing on cloth, but it’s
melting in your mouth Guanabana is amazing and super delicate It’s like the flesh of a…it’s like raw meat it almost tastes like, it tastes like raw meat But it’s sweet and it melts in your mouth
as your eating it Incredible This is up there with my favorite It’s a little green… I don’t even know It’s like a tiny lime, here we go It’s got this little bit of orange flesh
in there Woah, that’s like a slimy marble And my tongue feels numb suddenly They’re such curious looking fruits I’ve known these to grow in Singapore or
Southeast Asia, but apparently they grow here too This market is a dream I could be here all day, there’s like dozens
of fruits that I didn’t even try today Colombia is this amazingly diverse country
biologically There’s so many different elevations and
different climates that you get this amazing diversity and density
of different types of fruit You come to this market, you see all of it in one place

100 thoughts on “Tasting Some of the Wildest Fruit at Bogotá’s Paloquemao Market — Vox Borders

  • Johnny Harris Post author

    Thanks for watching everyone! Colombia's fruit scene really blew my mind. Tastes and textures and I could have never imagined. I hope you'll check out the rest of the Borders series from Colombia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NU0RqwweuWY&index=2&list=PLJ8cMiYb3G5cb6ql7pb8KASVLjZ8owOmK&

  • duwane allen Post author

    4:25 is called sour-sop in Jamaica

  • sweet travel Post author

    omg im so proud that you liked my beautiful city

  • Olesia Kucheriava Post author

    Damn.. a vegan or any fruit lover paradise for sure. In my country we just eat potatoes and apples all year.

  • Extension Flexxin Post author

    Americans have none of this. It’s sad. We are being killed by meat

  • LesPaul2006 Post author

    Don't eat too much Pitaya if you are too far away from a toilet.

  • Kristen Uy Post author

    In this Philippines…
    Pitaya – Dragon fruit

    Granadilla – Passion fruit

    Guanabana – Guyabano 

    Mamoncillo – Calamansi

    Mangosteen – Mangosteen

  • Ds Vic Post author

    4:00… Soursop in English. My absolute favorite!

  • Kasandra Williams Post author

    I literally would live in that market 😋😋!! I love topical fruits. This guy is so lucky

  • SOCO TROCO Post author

    buddy, lulo is mostly only for juice (little sugar), it's a great thirst quencher.. About granadilla, lulo guanabana among others, I haven't found them in Orlando Fl yet.

  • Jake Welch Post author

    Takes me back to my days in andalucia, Valle. I'd eat mamoncillo and guanabana right off the trees

  • Emil Kirilov Post author

    Thank you, Johnny. Wonderful content.

  • DAT BOI Post author

    very cool! would like to see more!

  • Nikol Stirland Post author

    ❤️ Colombia

  • Dylan T7299 Post author

    My parents went there ALL the time😍 I only went twice but damn this feels nostalgic

  • amedina1017 Post author

    As a proud Colombian, I want to say thank you for educating others on the beauty the county holds. Colombia has come a long way and we want to encourage those to explore it; the fruit looks divine!

  • Camilo Acosta Post author

    Great video. I really wish he is close to a toilet

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  • WumbologistPhD Post author

    Granadilla is my favorite fruit! I haven't been able to find it in the states. Only that one time I was in Colombia. A local gave me one in Guatape.

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  • Emsad Kulacic Post author

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  • Giotinez Post author

    ohhh boy Pitaya, don't chuw the seed that's a recipe for laxaty purpose.
    I cry when I watch videos like this about my city.
    Thanks bro for bringing me memories.

  • wearethemisfitss Post author

    Guanábana is also soursop!

  • Elyse Fischground Post author

    you forgot borojo! Great for energy, brain development and stamina 😉

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    I live in Bogotá and I love that market. My sister hates to go there with me because I can stay there hours deciding what I want to buy because I want everything but I can't lol

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    As a Colombian, thank you for coming to Colombia and talk possitive about this beautiful country to the rest of the world what a truly wonderful place Colombia is.

  • Humberto de Jesus Diaz villarreal Post author

    Hey Johnny. I am Colombian living in Canada And I really appreciate you taking the time to check out my Country. Thank you for this video and the videos you made for Vox. I wish you could had spent more time in colombia to see more of my country. Once again thank you for all this great job. God bless

  • scienceguy Post author

    GUANABANA! Fruit is life my friend

  • John Perez Post author

    El lulo se toma con agua, azúcar y se licua . Se hace un jugo, así es la mejor manera de consumirlo. Inténtalo de nuevo y veras como te gusta

  • MumrikDK Post author

    Granadilla is a passiflora (Passiflora ligularis), so same family as passion fruit. That should put the slimey/seedy content into perspective.

  • Toby Post author

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  • Toby Post author

    Apparently I'm the only one not affected by pitaya (or dragon fruit). I usually eat one or two when I have them and have never experienced these laxative effects that so many people have mentioned here

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    Strange how the fruits are similar to and have similar names in tagalog. I know it's the Spanish influence but it still seems strange.

  • OZMX Post author

    at 5:37 he passed the luffas we use to shower in Colombia now an american found a market for them. while we think they are for the poor and we value plastic over natural and the american guy is making a killing because its bio-renewable https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0npaci7kPnA&t=1s

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    Omg thanks for doing this video and showing the biodiversity my country’s got… I hope you enjoyed it! 💖💖

    Lulo is to be consumed in beverages just as Jugo de lulo en leche… You’d love it! 💖

    And about Pitaya… Oh, that helps you lots for… Eh… Digestión? 😂

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    I went down there about 6 years ago, and have always told my wife that the fruit and the fruit stands were insane! I'm going to have to show her this video!

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    I live in South East Asia and half of these fruits grow here too! I can feel my mouth watering the whole video coz I know they taste mostly sour, especially guanabana/soursop one.

  • Laura Duran Post author

    La granadilla es diferente al passion fruit. En Colombia la passion fruit se conoce como maracuyá y el sabor es totalmente diferente al de la granadilla.
    La diversidad de frutas es tal que podríamos comer una diferente cada día del año, incluso hay varias que no se ven con frecuencia en los mercados como la chirimoya, la guama, la pomarrosa, el anón, la feijoa, etc

  • Mr. Galindo Post author

    Colombia is the country of the best coffee, the most amazing emeralds, the most beautiful flowers, the most diverse landscapes and of course the one with the biggest variety of fruits, so we are so blessed and fortunate.

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    Nice video. I remember the trees of zapote in our back yard, they are from the coconut family, looking like a small palm tree, you climb to get zapotes that grow under the leaves like coconuts do, they have a tough and hairy outer crust and are capricious to emerge, even under a year round temperature of 28 deg Cels it would not mean we had zapotes for that year. It tastes like a mix of orange-melon, mango, a ripe sweet potatoe, a hint of strawberry inside all that and… with the texture of a hairy-squash that is trapped between your teeth, once you have one opened, zapotes can bring 3 or 4 seeds enveloped by the meat of the fruit. After eating your fingers keep the flavor for a while. We try growing them in Miami but it did not work because they grow in a high warmed plateaus, zapotes closely resemble to the taste from the fruit of gods, "persimons." They are exported all over the word from Colombia but their names are changed. In some US cities they are transformed into the ice creams sold in small Mom and Pops latin supermarkets and are named paletas from their unique freezer. If you want to find this tasty delicacy from the plastic wrapers of the paleta look for the shape of the zapote just the same as it appears in this video and if it is a hot summer day buy 4 or 5 because you don't want stop enjoying greatness!!!!

  • Caesar Munera Post author

    Lulos are used in popular fermented drinks, they are perfect for this because they are so citrouscy and turn very sweet once they ripe. Green lulos, not yet ripen, are used in any kind of cold juice mixings. Your First bite gets a hold of your gonads in the back of your tongue squizing out all your mental thoughts while your eye balls are sucked in and out in a gush of pleasing flavors, really really sour

  • Simon S. Post author

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    I'm a Colombian living outside, I am so absurdly happy that Johnny is doing this! We have the 5 thermal floors so our variety of vegetables and fruit is amazing ♥
    However, all I could think of watching Johnny eat this amount of different things is… His stomach is not going to be ok xD

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    The great thing is that most of the fruits and vegetables are very affordable. I love Colombia- was there just last week. Great video.

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    I'm a Colombian and I live in Bogotá. I can safely say Colombia is a complete waste of everything. It's so beautiful and so biodiverse, yet it has not been able to take off!

    I'm so thankful people like Johnny are making these amazing videos in my country, thanks!

  • Esperanza Halvorsen Post author

    Johnny, you are incredible. I love to see your videos, especially this one. In fact, the last month I was in Colombia with my norwegian husband, and then the first place that we were visiting it was Paloquemao, and we were there because of U. Thanks a lot!

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    The fruit diversity is one of the things I'm most proud of.

  • You Andme Post author

    We have Guabana in Ghana also. I've ate and seen every fruit known to man but somehow i've never encountered it in youtube videos or IRL until I watched this video today. I remember eating it as a kid and it really fills you up. It tastes really sweet and you just chew it lightly. I still don't know the English name of it tho.

  • Jonarez Post author

    I wanna go back to my country Colombia so bad now xD But the guanabana is my least favourite fruit ! Don't know how my family drink that in fruit juice or milk juice :/

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