Tasting Miracle Berry Fruit – Fruity Fruits

Tasting Miracle Berry Fruit – Fruity Fruits

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*”Fruity” music.* Greetings, my lovelies! Hi, it’s Emmy. Welcome back to another Fruity Fruits! Today, I have something quite special — and it is this: it’s a box actually, but the box contains something special! It’s called a miracle fruit or miracle berry. So these were sent to me by Miracle Fruit Farm down in Miami, Florida. Eric, thanks so much for sending these to me. I am so excited to taste these little fruits. Here are the fruits. They’re beautiful; they look a little bit like cranberries — a little bit longer, but they have that same kind of beautiful pomegranate-cranberry colour to them. According to this little card that Eric included in the package, miracle fruit contains miraculin, or “murasulin”. It is a special protein that alters the taste receptors in your tongue, so things taste different: sour things taste sweet, and yeah — so, I’m super excited to see what happens. So, besides just being novel and fun these fruits also have some practical benefits: cancer patients that are undergoing chemotherapy have found benefits, in terms of making food taste more palatable and removing some of that metallic taste, so that’s really great! There’s also been a study that diabetics have seen improvements with their insulin balance as well. I’ll put all that information in the links down below, if you’re curious or interested. So! Let’s go ahead and get to the fun part, which is the tasting. Alright, here we go! Itadakimasu! [Let’s eat] Mmm… The fruit itself is really good. It’s initially a little tart; very sweet; a little bit peachy too, just ever so slightly. Kind of a little bit apricot-y. But good! Upon Eric’s recommendation, the first thing I’m going to try is a little bit of seltzer and some lime. He says it tastes like soda, so let’s give that a taste. Add some seltzer. Add a squeeze of lime juice. Alright, here we go! Cheers! Mmm! Wow! That’s amazing! I smell the lime, but I don’t really taste it. It just tastes… a little bit like Sprite, or 7-Up. Amazing! There’s no sourness at all. Super! Next, let’s try grapefruit I’ve already prepared a grapefruit, and I’ve got some juice as well, so, let’s go ahead and give a grapefruit slice a try. This is a ruby red grapefruit. Here we go. Itadakimasu. Oh my gosh! I love grapefruit, and if you’ve never had a grapefruit before it’s nice and tart, and it has a really nice bitterness to it as well. Love it. But this completely alters it, entirely. It becomes, like, syrupy sweet… but you still taste some of that grapefruit flavor. Super odd, because it’s so sweet. There’s no bitterness at all. It almost does kind of a weird thing to your teeth too. All right, let’s try the juice. Kanpai! Woow. That’s really weird. It’s sweet, but it changes the flavor too. It almost tastes savory. Mmm. I don’t like it as much with the juice. So the next thing I’m gonna try are something that’s not exactly my favourite. They’re dill pickles Because they’re nice and sour, there should be some sort of taste alteration. All right, let’s give it a taste. Itadakimasu! Whoa! When I think of taste, I think a lot about the sense of smell, but I still smell the dill pickle, but I don’t taste any of the sourness. Amazing! Amazing. Now that I’ve had a few things, I’ve noticed that it not only changes the flavor in your mouth, but a little bit down in your throat too. There’s a little bit of sweetness that kind of remains there, I think from the pickle. Interesting! Like I have sweet receptors or something down my throat. That’s totally bizarre! I wouldn’t say that’s an improvement necessarily because it’s just — it tastes like relish to me, but…very bizarre and interesting. Okay, next we’re gonna try strawberries. So we have a beautiful bowl of strawberries. Here we go — let’s give that a taste. (ectaluckymas) Oh my gosh! It’s the sweetest strawberry I’ve ever had. Those are so good. It’s as if you took a strawberry and just dipped it in sugar. And, yeah. Amazing. It is so good. You still have all of that lovely, fresh strawberry flavor, but then it’s just super sweet and delicious — it’s like the ripest, freshest strawberry you’ve ever had. Mmm! Of the things I’ve had, this one is definitely my favorite. It doesn’t alter it in the sense that It still tastes like strawberry, it just enhances it in a way that just makes it so much better. Delicious! Next I have some balsamic vinegar — great, classic vinegar that you put on salads As far as vinegar goes, balsamic vinegar is a rather sweet one, but it’s still very pungent and piquant so… Yep, very strong vinegar smell. All right, let’s give that a taste. Here we go! Wow! That’s…crazy! It does give you a little bit of a burning sensation because you are having this very strong vinegar, and I feel that in the back of my throat and my tongue, but the taste is completely different. I can taste the amount of salt in there, and it’s delicious! It’s completely altered. It still smells very vinegared, but not nearly as sour or strong as it would be…otherwise. It’s great. It also has a syrupy quality to it as well. Next, for something fun, I thought I’d try this: this is a Warhead, extra sour candy, and I can’t really stand these. I can only keep it in my mouth for a couple seconds, because it’s just too sour. So, of course, this is a chemical reaction — this is just citric acid — and I was just curious to see what the reaction would be to the miracle berry. So these hard candies have this kind of powder on them that make them really sour. All right, here we go. Mmm! I can taste the apple flavor — and the sourness is no problem! If you haven’t seen my Warhead tasting, I’ll put that link down below. I couldn’t keep this thing in my mouth at all; and it made my eyes water; but because of the miracle berry, it’s completely palatable, and it’s good! It tastes like a nice, sour, apple candy. The last thing I have is this: and it’s a banana. And so, I’m not sure what the flavor reaction will be for this — if there’ll be any reaction — because this is not a sour fruit; but I don’t really care for bananas, as most of you know, so if this is truly a miracle fruit maybe it’ll make this taste good. Let’s give it a taste. Here we go! Ummmph… It still tastes like a slimy banana…. It didn’t really change that at all. I think my hangup with bananas is really just about texture, it’s not really about the flavor — I actually like banana flavor — I love banana cooked in all kinds of things. It’s just the slimy texture that I just find really off-putting. Amazing. All right, so that wraps up my miracle fruit tasting. Eric, thank you again so much for sending me these fruits — it was amazing! I’ll put all the information to his farm down below, if you’re interested in finding these fruits with the tablets all the information will be down below. I think it would be really fun to do this as a group — if you had a party or something — and everyone does a big tasting — I think that would be super, super fun. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve had the miracle berries before; and what was your favourite taste experience; because, yeah, I always wanna know! Don’t forget to like, subscribe and follow. I hope you guys enjoyed that, and I hope you guys learned something, and I will see you in my next video. Toodaloo! Take care! Byeeee! He sent me a note, and it’s really a taste comparison of a specific kind of chocolate bar that comes from Sweden, and it’s called the Daim Bar. Delicious!

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    So that's probably why she's so surprised. Miraculin probably makes U.S. strawberries taste a little more like true strawberries. 😀

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  • The world is crazy and you know it Post author

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