Sweet Potato Veggie Burger Recipe

Sweet Potato Veggie Burger Recipe

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Hey guys! This is Heather from HealthyVeganRecipes.net.
Today we’re gonna make some vegan veggie burgers. Often veggie burger recipes do involves
eggs or cheese or something like that. So, it’s important to have some vegan options
available to you. What I’m gonna start with as a base is sweet
potato. I’ve got this peeled, diced, boiled and in a bowl. You can also bake this if you
prefer. And when I boil them I used just a little bit of water at the bottom of the pot
so that they keep as many of its nutrients as possible. I’m gonna mash this up. You can use a potato
masher if you have one, might be more efficient and if you’re looking to skip ahead to the
recipe just head over to HealthyVeganRecipes.net. I’ll post the ingredients and directions
there. Ok. So if you’re mashing this up you will
notice that sweet potato is quite mushy and soft and you need something in there to get
it to a burger like texture. And what I’m gonna use today to make it
really easy and quick is some rolled oats. So, I’m just gonna pour some in here probably
about a cup coz as you can see I don’t really measure but if you stir it around with your
sweet potatoes, you wanna be looking for a texture that will hold together in a bowl
but not too stiff. So, gonna mix together there. I like, I like
cookie dough texture. Alright, so I dumped in about another quarter might be a third
of a cup and there’s the texture that I’m going for. It also depends on how big your
sweet potato is so try not to be so literal with the measurements. Make sure you are look at on what you are
stirring and make sure it makes sense for what you have in your bowl. Now to this I’m gonna add some seasonings
and what I have is some fresh herbs from the garden. I have some fresh oregano and parsley.
Flavours will go nicely with the sweet potato and I’m also going to add some nutritional
yeast, for those of you who haven’t seen a nutritionally yeast and asked me about it
this is it. It’s yellow, it looks like flakes and I
use it for seasoning, quite enough. It has the bit of a cheesy-salty kind of flavour
so if you don’t have any nutritional yeast, if you can’t find any in the store you can
just leave that out. It’s not a big deal. It is called nutritional yeast and some people
say it has nutritional benefits but there’s some debate about that and I don’t use it
for any nutritional reasons, I use it for flavour so again don’t feel that that is
necessary. Last thing I’m gonna put in here is some
salt and some black pepper. Get up a little notch, stir that around and then you just
need to form this into patties and you can do this in the frying pan, you can do them
in the oven but I’m gonna do is actually put them on a cookie sheets that’s line
with parchment paper and put them on the barbeque. You could try them straight on the grill but
they are a little bit soft, they probably stick, that’s my main concern so I’m putting
them on the parchment paper so that they don’t, they don’t stick to the cookie sheet. Ok! So I’ve lit the grill, let it heat up
and then brush it off. I’ve got my burgers ready to go right here and like I said I put
them on a sheet with some paper and you can see with the oats these guys really hold their
shapes well but the reason I’m putting these on a sheet on paper is because they tend to
stick. If you want to do them right on the grill,
what you can do is spray the grill with some oil and they should do ok depending on how
much you watch them. You’ll need to flip them halfway through but these guys I’m
just gonna actually put them on the top shelves because I’m gonna grill some veggies on
the bottom. And what you can do is then close the lid
and it’s basically like they’re in an oven and if you have a temperature gauge that’s
awesome because you don’t want it to get too hot in there. I’ll say around 400 degrees
F and if you are doing it in the oven you can do 350F, frying pan just medium high. So, they’ll stay in there until they’re
a little bit crisp on the outside. We’ll see how long that takes for me and then I’ll
let you know and like I said I’m gonna do some vegetables at the same time to go along
with these burgers because I don’t like to, to waste the barbeque time. So, there are my burgers after about 30 minutes
if I give them a little poke, they are little bit crispy on the outside, they look lovely
so they are done. And again you can find the recipe over at
HealthyVeganRecipes.net and I’m gonna enjoy this with some grilled vegetables and put
them over probably a green salad. You can also put them on a bun. You can have them
over a whole big mount of vegetables or salad or whatever you like. So, I hope you enjoy them and let me know
what you think. Leave a comment and I’m looking forward to hearing from you guys.

24 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Veggie Burger Recipe

  • Lassionbabe Post author

    Gonna try this with millet instead of oat, thank you! Really interesting idea!

  • Seriousartist88 Post author

    was it just me or did the sound of the potato mashing gross y'all out lol

  • ZoΓ« Wolfchild Post author

    They look yummy, I never tried making veggie burgers with sweet potatos. Great idea, thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  • kikiGlOW Post author

    Is there any kind of sauce you use to put on those veggie burgers?

  • Ejahi Post author

    Never thought to use sweet potatoes. I usually make a black bean pattie. I pulse 4 cups black beans in the food processor and add 2 cups rolled oats that I make into a flour by pulsing the processor. I add sauted garlic and onions. You can also add bell pepper or shreaded zuchinin then form into patties. Bake in the oven on both sides.

  • Geddy2006 Post author

    That's great… I also never would have thought to use sweet potato (which I happen to love)! So I look forward to giving these a try!!

  • GoGlowy Post author

    OH YUM!!!!! I haven't tried making my own vegan burgers from scratch before. This is GREAT! Thanks so much for posting this! mmm so hungry now πŸ™‚

  • 1221tam Post author

    This recipe looks great. Did they stay moist or did you add a condiment? Thanks for sharing.

  • Frank Howard Post author

    Wow those look delicious!!
    Heather this is a bit off topic but I wanted to get your opinion on Raw Agave Nectar and Raw Cacao, I've heard both are bad and shouldn't be used PERIOD. I'm on the fence on what to do? Your opinion please πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  • ixkey Post author

    ! Yum all up
    That's an awesome veggie burger recipe :o)

  • Nephtys80 Post author

    Mmmm looks good! I'll be trying these tonight, and if it's a success I might make a big batch for a party on Saturday. I'm guessing it's okay to make the mixture in advance, refrigerate, and make the burgers later, right? Maybe adding the fresh herbs at the last moment?

  • Nephtys80 Post author

    YUM!!! I used this recipe as a base and then gave my own twist to it: I added some finely chopped fried onion and garlic to the mix, used fresh coriander (cilantro) for the herbs, and added about a tsp each of cayenne, cumin and coriander to the mix. We ate them in wholemeal pita bread with a bit of guacamole and more fresh coriander. WOW!!!!

  • suzla77 Post author

    urghh the voice drives me crazy. use your god given diaghram and sound healthy!

  • Andrew Dotson Post author

    I like your voice I think its cute πŸ™‚

  • MilkCap Post author

    If my wife could look like you….

  • TheaDragonSpirit Post author

    Nutritional Yeast usually has b12 added too it or in it… some people believe NY is similar too msg… some don't. It's bit of a trial and error, if you don't feel good after eating it or if you had it a few times and seem to feel a bit slow then best to avoid it. πŸ™‚ But if you do get it check it has B12, might as well get your b12. πŸ™‚

  • Digitalbumpin Post author

    Simply put, there is no such thing as a healthy vegan and you will realize this later in life with your disease and cancer problems.

  • curiousSOUL22 Post author

    I think it's sweet how you have subtitles in your videos,.. I am not deaf, but I have a deaf friend, and it's very thoughtful of you. πŸ™‚

  • LightUpNancy Post author

    Hiii. Is there anything I could use instead of oats to add the solidity?
    (Something other than grains)

  • cinna71 Post author

    i think its great that you cate about others health,wanting them to eat healthy,so thanks

  • pork chΓ΅p Post author

    I've seen a lot of videos about being a vegan or begin cooking and eating.. watching your videos and listening to you talk. I come out with a lot more sense to what it used to be a vegan. thank you

  • introart introart Post author

    thanks your burgers look delish – I have to eat gluten free – so I use buckwheat – I'm making pancakes with banana for brekkie served with berries in d morning –

  • michael kondo Post author


  • Jaime T Post author

    Would quinoa be a good substitute for the oats?

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