Slowing Our Metabolism with Nitrate-Rich Vegetables

Slowing Our Metabolism with Nitrate-Rich Vegetables

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42 thoughts on “Slowing Our Metabolism with Nitrate-Rich Vegetables

  • Q. .Q Post author

    So if you haven't obtained your ideal body weight and you're trying to lose weight… you should eat less nitrate-rich vegetables?

  • Michaela Dove Post author

    Caloric restriction is not a good advice for weight loss. It works in the short term, but in the long term it's about eating healthy and a moderate amount of exercise.
    Good example are the Biggest Loser contestants who lost a ton of weight by creating a huge calorie deficit daily by eating low calorie & exercising like crazy, then surgery to remove skin and more fat.
    Almost all of them gained it back.

  • Veganism Unspun Post author

    I've always enjoyed having a fast metabolism as it allows me to eat whatever I want without putting on weight, I've never thought about it in terms of being an inefficient metabolism before…

  • Esben Andersen Post author

    I kind of like the 40 hour fast idea . Eat at 6pm and then don,t eat again for 40 hours,, you would eat a day later at 10 am. I,ll need a chart lol

  • Vegan Gardener Post author

    Eat your dark leafy greens on the daily baby. Cook them down with a big splash of vinegar 😉

  • Reverend Al Post author

    I wonder how human's metabolic rate is accurately assessed?

  • Brian Murphy Post author

    So. . . eating greens makes us live longer but fatter? I would much rather give up a few years of old age to be less fat during the years I can enjoy it.

  • melovescoffee Post author

    Ohh perfect. I'm on the mc dougall diet but i'll have to tweak it, either up my callories somehow or something else because sometimes i just can not keep up eating so much food all the time. My daily migrain attacks have lessened considerably, from 5 or 6 a week to about 1 or 2 a month, i call that a win but at times i still have them and then i just can't eat a lot or even keep my food down. I do not and will not take the toxic migrain medicines. I would rather do it with diet alone but I can not afford to lose that much weight again. I have been underweight for most of my life, then had a period of being slightly overweight. Maybe this is the holy grail of weight/energy stabilisation, i don't know anymore. I'll try it. Conserving 100 cal a day at times when it counts, sounds good to me. Thanks again Dr. Greger! Not everyone has an OVERweight problem. Sometimes i feel i'm just screaming into the wind. I just want a healthy diet. Losing weight is easy for me, too easy. I love your varied topics so i can just pick and choose which ones would apply to my situation and use the info. I'm not a big fan of raw greens but i'll work them in somewhere. It's probably the factor that was missing.

  • TN2895 Post author

    Less calories in = slower metabolism needed to digest. Science!

  • houndjog Post author

    Our bodies never "evolved" …..

  • Miko Post author

    Interesting, thanks

  • ELIAKIM Joseph Sophia Post author

    Interesting that a woman that I knew ate a lot of green vegetables and she always had a weight issue. Also walking doesn't get oxygen to your brain and many people that walk too much then have to have joint replacements.

  • sylviur Post author

    It is logical that a lower metabolism= efficient body= longer life. Thank you for the confirmation !

  • Joseph1NJ Post author

    So, athletes, or those exercise regularly with a higher RMR may shorten their lives? I thought with the current global obesity epidemic one would want to raise their RMR.

  • Claudio Santana Post author

    fine but i will still be doing lots of exercise.

  • mandabs Post author

    He just made me even more confused

  • John Lord Post author

    10* Now to get all the ALONE challengers to eat any greens they can forage, and they will have slower metabolisms, and not use up as much energy.

  • Dylan T Post author

    Ive got all 6, thanks doc!

  • O. J. Post author

    whenever i have my "detox phases" when i only eat fresh veggies, fruits and other plant based "super foods" and no processed food, i have noticed that my metabolism does slow down… when im back to relative ok "junk food" i swear i could go three time a day…

  • Justin Cook Post author

    Thank you Dr. Gregor for all the videos and you book how not to die. I bought the book, started the whole foods plant based diet on 4/17 and dropped my cholesterol from 225 to 149. I hope to be able to stop taking Crestor once I talk to my doctor in August. Thanks for all you do!

  • NGC6144 Post author

    Hmmn… A lot of people who listen to Dr. Greger and others are looking to loose weight yet eating the way they prescribe with greens in mind(according to this video) may work against that. It's a double edge sword this health business.

  • Andrea Trussardi Post author

    You just posting every stupid studie you got you piece of shit!

  • Joe Grant Post author

    Wait a minute why in the world would anyone want a slower metabolism?!

  • Jean C Post author

    The candle analogy was a good one 😉

  • Charlotte Roselei Post author

    Hello Dr. gregor, please I want to know something it's very urgent one of my friend she has got cervical cancer at her last stage. before she didn't come to know anything about this.can you tell me please by eating which things she can survive? she is going to operate it on Monday. Please reply soon. Thanks a lot.

  • Charlotte Roselei Post author

    Doctor please tell me can she survive? before she use to eat everything healthy and organic. but how she got this cancer? Please reply soon. thanks

  • tamcon72 Post author

    10 Dislikes? 10?! What the Walter, this info isn't at all controversial!

  • Lily Banana Post author


  • Xena Callisto Post author

    Greens are a necessary health benefit but, on average, slow down your resting metabolism slightly. That's what I gleaned from this.

  • Di Hickman Post author

    Nitrate level equivalent to that of leafy greens?
    So it wasn't in the form of actual leafy greens but a supplement?

  • melanieprice Post author

    Some people's comments seem to take this short message and think that's all Griger has to say and then seem to think they can rip apart his entire foundation with their one little comment. I advise anyone sitting on the fence to just be open minded enough to watch a series of these videos. If they can save your life, wouldn't you want to spend at least as much time watching these as you would watching sport or 'reality' tv?

  • Alexandros Perrakis Post author

    But what happens if you want to lose weight?

  • snakeling22 Post author

    How is it a benefit to slow your metabolic rate when most people struggle with excess weight? I want to lose weight, does that mean I should not eat vegetables?

  • Atomic Skies Post author

    They looked at resting metabolic rate, but did they look to see if their metabolism increased at all in order to digest the greens? Perhaps it evens out in the end…

  • Daniel Torres Post author

    Dr.Fuhrman was right!

  • Ray Staar Post author

    This may seem a silly comment, but I noticed there was some variation in using your opening & closing sound effect / bell tone. Sometimes you leave it off at the end. Maybe I'm weird (probably I'm weird), but I miss it when it's not there. Meh.

  • Lee Churchill Post author

    Leafy greens generally contain a lot of water and are very fibrous. It seems to me they sate the appetite without much caloric density. So maybe it balances out: they lower the metabolism, but help us to eat fewer calories.

  • Area Gent Post author

    Limiting calories also destroys your libido.

  • Mr LloydVal Post author

    wait so low metabilism is a good thing? well i guess it makes sense, but how come so many people brag about having a high metabolism?

  • Clownish-Gambino Post author

    Special Ops training!

  • Somer Graham Post author

    so how does one lose significant amounts of weight all while maintaining their metabolism?

  • Ichigo Kurosaki Post author

    Wait so if it improves efficiency, then will I become a better long distance runner?

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