Shopping for Healthy Groceries (Part 2 of 2) | HealthiNation

Shopping for Healthy Groceries (Part 2 of 2) | HealthiNation

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Hello and welcome to HealthiNation, I’m
Sheila Kelly – a registered dietitian. Shopping for fresh foods, like fruits and
veggies, or even meat and fish is pretty easy. But picking the right packaged foods can be
tough. You’ll need to look at the labels and know how to read them… and no, you won’t
need a decoder ring. Come on, let’s take a look at some examples.” The frozen food section can be either a life-saver
or a disaster. The most important thing here is to read labels. Let’s look at some common frozen foods…. For the most part, frozen dinners are extremely
high in fat, calories and sodium… but there are some smart choices. Pizza is pretty popular choice, but it’s
important to read the label for fat content, calories and serving size… what you think
is a single serving may actually be three. And steer clear of pizzas with extra cheese
or meat. Let’s look at frozen veggies… the good
news is that plain, frozen vegetables are just as nutritious as the fresh vegetables
we picked up a couple of stops ago… just make sure you’re not choosing packages with
veggies that have glazed and butter sauces. Frozen fruit, like the vegetables, can also
be a great time-saver and are perfect for baking or smoothies. Now, for everyone’s favorite frozen item
– ice cream… instead of the full-fat ice cream, choose low-fat or fat free alternatives.
Make sure to watch the portion size because it’s always half a cup. A good option to
control the portion size is to buy low-fat frozen bars. Last stop – the prepackaged or boxed items. The general rule is to go whole wheat. Whole
wheat pasta and grains like bulgar wheat are rich and filling and have a lot of heart-healthy
fiber. You should also try brown rice, instead of white, and barley, a whole grain, is a
great addition to soups and salads. Now, what about snacks… a lot of snacks
are loaded with fat, calories and sodium and they can blow your fat and calorie budget
in less than one serving First, I usually recommend rice cakes. They
can satisfy the craving for something salty or sweet. And popcorn is also a good choice…
stick with the kind that’s low fat and doesn’t have a lot of butter topping.
Some other low fat choices are pretzels, baked chips or reduced fat potato chips.
Now, one final tip about an important food choice while you’re in these inside aisles… A lot of cereals contain lots of fat and sugar
and are therefore high in calories. So, you should look at the labels to pick ones that
have at least 5 grams of fiber per serving and are low in fat and sugar. Cereals with
whole grains – whether hot or cold – are going to be the best options. Well, it looks like we’ve made it through
the store and stocked up on a bunch of healthy, nutritious foods to get through the week.
Don’t forget to read the labels and the list of ingredients to help guide you in making
smart choices. Thanks for being a part of HealthiNation.
Be sure to watch other segments and get talking about your health.

2 thoughts on “Shopping for Healthy Groceries (Part 2 of 2) | HealthiNation

  • DocScience2 Post author

    Cows milk is designed to grow a baby cow into a large cow very rapidly. So, speaking of HealthiNationFood, at least you are following your own advise. You are showing a Healthi waist line. Good thing the "y" is not there.

  • Jack Q Post author

    Yes you are right , waist line does not reccomend diet  

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