Real Fruit Gummy Bears – Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking Ep 107

Real Fruit Gummy Bears – Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking Ep 107

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Hi Bold Bakers! Store-bought gummy bears,
although delicious, tend to have tons of foreign, unpronounceable ingredients in them. So I
want to show you how you can make them yourself at home with just four ingredients and all
natural sugars. So let’s get started. Being able to bake is so great for a lot of
reasons. One in particular is that you know and can control what goes into your food.
My one tip is always is to use quality ingredients. We’re going to start out by preparing our
fruit for our homemade gummies. So I have some strawberries that have been defrosted.
Feel free to use fresh, but when berries are out of season, I like to use frozen. Now what
we’re going to do with these is put them into a food processor and make a puree. We’re
just going to puree them until they’re nice and fine and there’s no lumps. Next, we’re
going to take our puree and pass it through a sieve. Now we do this step because we want
to remove seeds and we also want to end up with a nice, smooth strawberry puree at the
end. So we have our lovely fruit puree, we’re going to head over to the stove and combine
it with the rest of our ingredients. In a heavy-bottom saucepan, add in your strawberry
puree, water, lemon juice, and honey. And then heat all of these ingredients together
until they just come to a simmer. Now that our mix is simmering, it’s time to add in
our gelatin. Now if you are vegan or don’t eat gelatin, you can always replace this with
agar powder, which you can buy online or at a health food shop. Sprinkle your gelatin
over the mix and then whisk it in until there’s no more lumps and your mix comes back up to
a simmer. Ok perfect. So I’m going to take this off the heat. I can see that there’s
no lumps of gelatin. It’s nice and smooth. If you do find lumps of gelatin in yours,
you can feel free to pass it through a sieve again to remove those. To make these real,
authentic gummy bears, I’m going to set mine in this mold I got online. It’s really
inexpensive. However, if you don’t have one of these molds, you can always line a
tray with cling wrap and this’ll work just as well. You’ll just have to cut our your
gummies. I’m going to put a link for this mold along with the recipe for my gummy bears
on If you’re using a mold, lay it into a tray before you start
filling it up. Pour your mix into a jug with a small spout so it’s easy to pour into
the molds. And also, if you see any bubbles floating on top, just scoop that away with
a spoon. Now just very slowly, fill up all of your molds with your gummy mix. If you
see any air bubbles, just pop them with your finger. So when I worked as a pastry chef,
one of my jobs was to make the sweets for after dinner. And every night, we made pate
de fruits, which is exactly what this is. It’s kind of like a fruit paste. Ok and
that’s them done. So now remember, you don’t just have to make strawberry. You can make
any flavor you like. I also made blueberry homemade gummies and orange flavored homemade
gummies. The orange flavor is particularly easy because you just use orange juice instead
of a puree. Once you’ve filled your mold, we’re going to put our gummy bears in the
fridge overnight so they can set. If you like this video, don’t forget to subscribe to
my channel so you don’t miss out when I upload a new one. So I made these gummy bears
yesterday because I wanted them to be nice and set so I could show you. If you’re using
a mold, just go very gently to ease out your gummy bear. You don’t want to damage him.
Just look at this little gummy. He is adorable. And the best thing about it is you made him
and you know exactly what went into him. It’s all good ingredients. You can create any fruit
flavors you like so the possibilities are endless. Don’t forget to head over to my
website, where there is a recipe on how you can make your own sour
gummies. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you back here next Thursday for
more Bigger Bolder Baking.

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