16 thoughts on “Rapper Ludacris buys woman’s groceries at Whole Foods in Atlanta

  • Craft Nation DIY Post author

    Much respect to him

  • Jemel Moore Post author


  • I YAM WHITE Post author

    …and what do blacks get in return? Lynchings,shot by police for drinking an Arizona Ice Tea.Cop's called on our child selling lemonade,but white kids are allowed to sell lemonade . smbh

  • djsonicc Post author

    he just wanted her to move out of the way….j/k respect for luda

  • Casey Zirbel Post author

    "Move, bish, I'm gonna PAY"

  • Shani Greene-Dowdell Post author

    Great man.

  • peppa pig Post author

    She has rescue dogs, she trying to get it together after her life issues, she Katrina Survivor, husband died, struggling and he knew nothing about her situation but he like I Got it!!! Much respect for him! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😎

  • Bianca Pankau Post author

    This is so great.

  • Brian Amrhein Post author

    Who is the Jack a** who disliked this Respect for Luda Chris. One of my all time favorite rappers

  • Kim Jimenez Post author

    Shared with my son… love it believe.. good things happen right time and heart.. thank you for sharing wish you much for your future it real the struggle this is a moment of change.. bless

  • Kenny Thomas Post author

    Its amazing to me how the Lord knows when to touch a persons heart at the right time at the right moment. That kindness he showed will last long after the groceries are gone. And to Luda. Peace up! ATown down!

  • MrNice1966 Post author

    that is an awesome story of giving back…she still gets emotional talking about wut he said…at 0:38 and chris didn't stick around for thanks or hold a press conference, he was outta there..after making her day..i bet he went home with a much of a warming in his heart as he left behind.Β Β  Respect

  • k Bact Post author

    Nice. A positive rapper story.

  • Othello Post author

    Great story. Props to Ludacris. πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Giovanni Alexander Post author

    I want to hear stories of a lot of white folks buying black folks groceries.

  • NCJ Post author

    I applaud Ludacris for his kindness but the prices at Whole Foods are ludicrous!

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