Rainbow Loom Fruit Off the Loom – Pear

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Hi, this is Kim from made by mommy and
today am continuing my fruit off the loom
series with a basic pear shape made using 17 green or yellow rubber bands and one that is brown or black To begin take a single rubber band in the color you want your
pear to be and wrap it around your hook three times. Then take 2 rubber bands in the same color, pull them tight and push that tripled over band to the
center Fold the rubber bands so that they’re
both then on the hook like this. Then take another two rubber
bands and slide them on in the next position like that then we’re gonna take our hook and go
back into that cap band. Like that, and take two more rubber bands and bring them through that initial cap band and back onto the hook and repeat again Two rubber bands going through just those
two you that you put on and so now you should have from that cap band 2 chains that are two
long and we’re gonna do one more so bringing our hook into the original
cap band one more time we’re going to take two
rubber bands at a time Create a third chain at Thats the first pair, and now a second. so now you have three chains started all from that original cap band and you should have 6 pairs of bands on the hook here. Well, its three pairs of bands which adds up to be Two, Two, and Two. And now we’re going to take two
more rubber bands and pull them through all of these loops Straight through and then back on. So it looks like that and because we want a pear-shape, we are going to add another two on top like that and now you just need the one rubber
band that’s black or brown for this stem. take that single band bring it through both return both sides
to your hook and now we’re gonna create basic
Slipknot by pulling this side the rubber band
through this one just like that and give it a little tug so that it stays
tight I hope you’ll take a second and give this video a thumbs-up below if
you like the pair. Write in my comments what fruit you’d like to see me make
next and if you haven’t already I hope you’ll
consider subscribing because I have lots of great projects
planned for the coming weeks thank you so much for watching and I
look forward to looming with you again soon. Bye Bye!

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