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Hello all friends, welcome to my channel. Thank you for tuning in. Today I asked my Mom to help me make prohok ktiss. It’s a dish that I want to prepare for the cold season. In my previous vlog my Mom made me a jar I just heat it up when it’s time to eat. I am almost out of it and while some ingredients are still available like the pea eggplants I asked my Mom to help make me some. Let’s see how she makes it OK? My Mom left to the market to grab some of missing ingredients and she told me to start off by boiling water to soak these dried chilies. Remove the seeds the soak to soften and makes it easier to chop. There’s no spicy flavor but it gives a beautiful red color makes it more appetizing. She is back from the market and here some smoked fish These are sold in USA the fish is made in Cambodia. This flat here is almost $8 USD 1 pound is $16 USD. I am going to heat it or roast it a bit. This will make it crisp back up. I will use the Air Fryer to do this job. These are fresh pea eggplants Since my tree is not producing yet I buy from the store for now. This is sold at $9 USD per pound. They are sold in small flats so you don’t have to spend too much. These 2 flats is around 1 pound. After 3 minutes it crispier again. Strain the chilies. Mom is going to chop them in a bit. Rinse the pea eggplant. Then strain it out. Mom is chopping outside because the king of disturbing is asleep right now. Afraid he might wake up if we chop inside. If no chicken sit on it, then I take it. I take it from them. Let’s see. Only 1. It’s only 1. These ingredients for roasting. There’s chilies, shallots and garlic. The chilies are from the backyard, the fuzzy one. It’s super spicy. The smoked fish discard the bones and pound into small pieces. Here’s more ingredients 2 pounds of ground pork. Some kaffir leaves, chilies which I shown already this is fermented fish paste, all meat. The dried chilies which was soaked and chopped. And the richness of this dish comes from the coconut milk. Now we start to make it. The pan has some oil heat it up then add the pea eggplants and roast them. They look like little pearls, so pretty. Before I did not have pea eggplants so I used regular peas instead. The taste is different but you get the crunch and the same color. Shallots and garlic roast them all together. The ingredients does not look much but it takes a long time because you have to stand there and roast them. If not it will burn or cook unevenly. Chilies. The colors are even more beautiful. These 4 ingredients are used in lots of dishes like tuk kroeung (fish dip), prohok ktiss (spiced pork dip), and other types of dips and sauce. Then remove and set it aside. The pan has been cleaned now heat it up and add some more oil. This is fried garlic you can just use regular garlic we just happen to already have fried garlic. Add the ground pork. The pork has been cooking for awhile and to extract the juice that juice will evaporate and remove the smell. Cover it with a lid. Wait for a bit. After covering for awhile it release the juice. That juice is what holds the bad smell and the taste. Therefore cook until the juice evaporates. See the juice coming out? We did not add any water. This dish is made in 3 parts. First roast the aromatic ingredients and set aside. Second saute the meat and set aside. Third saute the fish paste and chopped dried chilies and combine everything together. The juice that came from the pork. My Mom will scoop it out so that the pork brown faster. Otherwise it will take long to cook off the juice. That’s the juice that has the bad smell. She said because we are storing this for long term it’s good to make it a bit dry. When it is dry the meat are in small pieces and does not clump in chunks. It will combine well with the rest of the ingredients. Now set it aside and will continue to cook the rest. Each household have their own ways of making prohok ktiss different method and techniques There’s no right or wrong way. It all depends on personal preference. If you like it which way, you can do that because you are serving yourself. Now onto the third part where you saute the other ingredients. Saute the kaffir leaves to release their aroma. Next add the chopped dried chilies. I notice some people use lemongrass paste when making this dish it’s up to you, just like I said but my Mom only use the dried chilies and the coconut milk and fish paste just like what you are seeing now. These ingredients are fairly easy to find if you cannot find the lemongrass paste. The dried chilies you can find at the Mexican market they have a lot of those. The pea eggplants, if you don’t have it you can use regular peas or you can just leave it out. Earlier she added fish paste now just added a little bit of coconut milk She said it helps release the color. Returned the cook ground pork. Next add the smoked fish. The color is pretty. Now starting to add the seasonings. 2 tablespoons chicken powder. 2 tablespoons sugar. This is fish sauce just 1 tablespoon for now because the fish paste is salty already. Add more of the coconut milk. Before adding the last ingredients we already gave it a taste and adjust the seasoning to our liking. For example, adjust the sweet and saltiness flavor. We use a whole can of coconut milk for a drier consistency. For those who prefer more liquid you can add a half or another can of coconut milk. Also some people like to add tamarind powder and peanuts to their liking. My Mom said she is not going to add any of those. It can be added in each serving when it’s heat up. We are making those for longer storage. The color is nice. She said she did not add lemongrass because it can give a grainy texture when eaten. It’s really up to you, just adjust to your liking. This is just one way to make it. A big pan of prohok ktiss is now made. I will wait til it cools down before I transfer it to a jar and place it in the fridge. When it’s time to eat I just scoop some and heat it up again. Prohok ktiss has cooled down I am going to put it in a jar and place it in the fridge. They are now all in the jar. I got 3 jars of different sizes. One jar for sharing, this one to be eaten now, this biggest jar will be kept in the freezer for longer shelf life. I did not fill it up all the way just in case it expands. When it’s time to eat use a clean spoon to scoop some out and heat it in a sauce pan or in the microwave. I like to really heat it up. Then it’s done! This is prohok ktiss that I placed in the jar last night. I am going to heat some up. Like said, it’s very easy. Heat a small sauce pan and scoop some out make sure it’s hot or bubbling. Another round of deliciousness! These kaffir leaves can be cut smaller if you prefer. This is how much I’ve scooped out. At this point if you perfer you can add tamarind powder or squeeze some lime juice. I am going to add some tamarind powder. All done, turn off the heat. My prohok ktiss is now done. Today I have some cabbage, radish, and winged beans they have them at the market this time of year. Cucumbers and banana peppers from the backyard but it turned red when ripen. It is usually a yellow color. I am getting ready to have my lunch. I hope you enjoyed this vlog if you do, please gives a thumbs up so that I know if you enjoyed these types of vlogs where I show how to cook certain dishes. Thank you all very much for your viewership. See you in the next episode OK. Bye-bye. Julianna: Bye-bye.

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