Planning a Small Space Garden, Containers, Soil, Veggies//Small Space Garden Series #1

Planning a Small Space Garden, Containers, Soil, Veggies//Small Space Garden Series #1

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hi everyone welcome to the small space
garden series I am so excited about this series and I’ve been feeling a lot of
energy from you in the comments of the preview video about this series as well
now I’ve been hearing that a lot of you have struggled with growing your own
veggies in a small space maybe you’ve even given up well you’re in the right
place because this series is about growing a lot of food in a little bit of
space we’re gonna do it in a quick simple inexpensive way and it’s gonna be
a ton of fun now this first video covers planning your space
choosing the right container the right soil and what type of veggies to grow
first what we’re gonna do is explain what I’m doing here I’ve taped off a
seven by eleven area of my deck and we’re gonna plan a garden in this space
and we’re gonna do it together so let’s get started then we’re gonna maximize
this space the best that we can and also make a nice relaxing space that we can
hang out in as well so we’re gonna use the railings we’re gonna use the square
footage we’re gonna grow horizontally and vertically we lots of fun tips and
tricks along the way we’re partnering up with smart pots for this series and
we’re going to be doing several giveaways the first one is for five of
these five gallon smart pots containers and a two pound bag of vermis tera worm
castings and the cool part is look at this guys I’m super excited about this
smart Potts has embroidered my logo on the container so here’s how you enter
after you’re done watching the video make a comment about something you
learned and you’re entered in the drawing now the drawing is open to us
residents only and we’ll be picking five winners on Monday April ninth in our
livestream at noon pacific time so make sure you enter and good luck now the
first step to getting started is to measure out this space that you have so
I’m gonna get all this furniture out of the way we’re gonna measure the space
and then draw it out well the first thing we need to know is
how much space we have I mean raise your hand if you’ve gone to the
garden center and bought everything in sight without even knowing how much
garden space you have guilty as charged I’ve done that a lot of times so the
first reason why you need to know how much space you have is so you don’t over
buy supplies the second reason you need to know how much space you’re working
with is so you don’t overcrowd your plants look small when you plant them
but they’re gonna grow and you need a room to walk between the containers to
tend to your plants to water them and you definitely don’t want to overcrowd
your space the third reason why we need to know exactly how much space we have
is because if it gets overcrowded and you can’t even reach your plants or walk
through it or work in it you’re not going to enjoy
it so by knowing exactly the space we have allows us to plan our garden space
in a way that we can enjoy it and you know that’s where the magic happens here
we go we’ve got about 11 feet here and about seven feet here so we’ve got about
77 square feet so we’re gonna draw a rough sketch on paper now we’re not
going to be an architect for this but we just want to get an idea of how we roll
a the space out so I’m just drawing this out on graph paper here again doesn’t
have to be super fancy but graph paper will help me measure out the space you
want to get to choosing my containers I’ll lay it out here on my graph now
don’t worry about being too fancy here I mean we’re not architects it’s just a
visual to help us plan our space well the next step in the planning process is
to choose our containers that we’re going to draw in here when you’re
growing your small space garden choosing a container is the biggest investment
and probably one of the most important decisions you can make there’s so many
different containers to choose from I’ve grown in five gallon buckets before
we’ve all grown in the containers that you buy at the garden center and how
about the grocery store cloth fabric bags
now once I started growing in smart pots I was hooked I tested them out before I
even made my first smart pots video now one reason I love them so much is
because the fabric is so durable it’s breathable they water drains right out
of it so your plants don’t get waterlogged and the roots err prune
which is absolutely amazing now when you’re growing in a plastic container
the roots tend to get wrapped around and root bound and the plant is not able to
take up water and nutrients but in the smart pots that doesn’t happen because
the roots err prune they branch and grow laterally and form a nice fibrous root
mass which is still able to take up water and nutrients and that’s one
reason you can grow so much veggies in such a small space in a smart pots so
I’m super excited that we’re partnering with smart pots for this series so one
reason why I’ve chosen smart pots to grow here on my balcony is because you
can grow so much food in these containers they are like growing
machines not only that they come in all sorts of sizes shapes and even different
colors to fit your growing space now what I’m going to do is draw out my
smart pots containers here in my garden space so what you need to do is head
over to smart pots comm and check out all the sizes they have and see which
ones you want to choose to fit your garden space and I’ll put a link in the
video description of the specific smart pots that I’m using here on my deck so
here’s what I got now be honest are you surprised at all the white space in here
we’ll remember we don’t want to overcrowd our space because I want to
leave room to relax and leave room to work in between the plants and room to
enjoy we’ve got a couple of 20 gallon smart pots that are 18 inches in
diameter we’ve got a long 6 foot raised bed we’ve got my red table here which is
where I’m going to sit and have my coffee and my tea I’m going to stack up
some smart pots to grow vertically we’re going to build a tower out of crates and
I’m also going to use the deck rail space by utilizing some Wallace outer
plane so we’re growing horizontally we’re
growing vertically we’re gonna put some trellises in we’re
gonna maximize this space that we have and grow a lot of veggies here well we
got to get busy we got a lot of work to do next I’m gonna lay out the containers
here onto space and fill them with soil I’m so excited we’re finally laying out
the garden here it’s gonna be so much fun
ooh I wonder who’s gonna win one of these so I’m just looking at my drawing
here and I see in the corner I’ve got two of the 20 gallon containers now
these are a lot of fun because they’ve got handles so they’re portable and you
can move them around if you need to so I’m going to put two of them right there
in the corner now this is going to be fun because we’re gonna put some
trellises here in the corner and grow some peas some things that’ll grow up
into the space and look really really beautiful so I’m super excited about
that now I love these wall saddle planters these are so much fun because
they drape right over a deck rail so I’m gonna put one right here in the corner
kind of move my little onions out of the way and this is gonna look so pretty
with something spilling over the edge maybe some lettuce in that one this is
getting exciting now this is one of those smart pots containers that I
absolutely love I mean look at this look at this thing it’s six feet long and
it’s a rectangle so you really maximize your growing space can you guys tell I’m
really getting excited about this it’s just so much fun there’s lots and lots
of growing space in here I think it’s six feet long by about 13 inches wide so
we’re gonna be able be able to grow a lot of yummy vegetables in here now this
is one of my favorite ones it’s a purple little mini raised bed this is such a
fun color I mean you guys know how much I love colors now right here we’re gonna
build a beautiful little Tower you might see my flower tower in another area of
my garden well that’s what we’re gonna make right here so we’re gonna stack up
three smart pots right here including my fun little calico garden and homesmart
pots and then a smaller little one to top off
right there so that’s gonna be a lot of fun we’re also going to grow here on the
rails so there’s another spot we’re going to put our wall saddle planters
I’m gonna add three of those right here on the rail look at these nice little
pockets they’re gonna grow all kinds of fun stuff in it so we’re going
vertically right here vertically right here and oh I forgot we’re also gonna
put a trellis in our 6-foot raised bed and grow vertically right here so we’ll
really be able to maximize that space a couple more wall saddles and max having
a good time too long as he doesn’t get into my veggies some wall settles here
one more on the deck rail so we maximize all that space this is gonna be so much
fun now one more thing I’m so excited about
this one you guys have seen my strawberry crate towers well we are
gonna make another tower out of crates right here in the corner now the cool
thing is smart pots has these little crate liners so this is going to be a
perfect way to grow their strawberries some lettuce let me just cut a hole in
the fabric and poke plants right in you can grow a ton of plants in these towers
so we’ll just stack them up put the little liners in and we are good
to go an instant garden you guys get excited well before I feel the
containers with soil I have to put something underneath them to protect my
deck or if you live an apartment you definitely don’t want water dripping
down on your neighbor’s balcony that would not be good so under the long big
bag raised bed here I’m gonna put a piece of plastic down and it’s really
important when you’re grinding your containers on your deck not to overwater
them so you’re not damaging your deck or again dripping down on your neighbor’s
apartment max get out of the way go over Mac he wants to be here in the garden
with me so I’ve got a piece of heavy-duty plastic to put down under my
six foot and there’s a couple different options that you can do under the round
smart pots a couple really inexpensive options I found are these little plastic
plant liners and these I just found at Home Depot so this will work really well
for some of the medium-sized smart pots now I had a hard time finding something
to put under the 20 gallon smart pots but this is what I found it was super
excited I got these on clearance I think it was at Walmart for a dollar 75 these
are the wreaths storage containers that you use at Christmastime so this was a
dollar seventy-five and it gave me two little big plant saucers under my 20
gallon containers and another thing I thought of you can use is like one of
those big trash cans like the outdoor trash can lid that would work well also
so just be creative and use the resources that you have to figure out
what to do here but look this fits perfect under the 20 gallon so a dollar
75 apiece not bad for to plant saucers
so I’ve got a couple more up it over here under my purple little mini race
bag and I think this last one should fit perfectly for the create hours we’ve got
our container set up the next step is choosing the soil now we’re growing our
garden here in a quick simple inexpensive way however there are a few
areas where you’ll need to make an investment the containers is one the
soil is another now the type of soil you choose is so important we want to grow a
lot of veggies in the small space if you choose a soil that’s going to get
compacted the plants won’t grow well you’re gonna have to water a lot water
it a lot and it just won’t be as effective so I’m gonna go grab my soil
I’m gonna be using good dirt soil now I’ve grown in a lot of different soils
but this is by far my favorite type of super light two of these bags myself
it’s light and fluffy its aerated it retains moisture what I found when I
grow in ginger I don’t have to water near as often my plants just grow
beautifully now another reason why I love good dirt is because it lasts for a
long time I can plant in this soil for about three seasons before I need to
replace it so it saves me money saves me time and it grows a lot of veggies so
what I’m gonna do now is pre moisten my potting mix in this plastic storage bin
and the reason why I’m pre moist in it is because it’s super dry when it comes
in the bag and you want to moisten it so your plants have plenty of water right
off the bat and get off to a really good start so you can see how nice and light
and fluffy the good dirt is I absolutely love this potting mix
that’s a special ingredient called Bob bits let’s get the soil a lot of
porosity and also provide it with some good organic items so I’m going to mix
it up in this plastic storage container here rather than putting it directly in
my smut pot that way all the water doesn’t run right through but it
moistens the soil really nicely for me add some water and mix it up okay lucky
this is absolutely beautiful I just love getting my hands on this stuff another
good option for mixing your soil might be your kitchen trash can just use
whatever you have on hand so now that I’ve added some water to my potting mix
I’m gonna mix it in here so all the water absorbs into the soil now one
reason why it’s important that soil is porous and breathable is so that your
roots can breathe and take up the water and nutrients so if you soil that gets
compacted your plants just won’t like it so the combination of the smart pots
that are breathable the good dirt soil that is porous and breathable is a great
combination that’s going to grow a lot of veggies for us I’m going to add more
water until our soil is nice and moist like a crumbly brownie mix I’ll just keep mixing it in and here you
can see the soil is nice and moist it holds together in a little ball when I
squeeze it it’s absolutely perfect the next step is filling the containers
now prepping the soil is definitely the most time-consuming part of your small
space garden but once that’s done it’s getting the plants in and it’s
definitely a step you don’t want to skip it’s gonna fill our containers and then
the exciting thing is we’ll talk about the plants that we’re gonna grow you
taste those veggies now can’t you and don’t worry about if things get a little
bit messy I mean that’s all part of the fun well I got a bunch of a soil
pre-moistened here I’ve got my kitchen trash can full and a couple of my
outside trash cans full and were gonna get these containers all filled up well
I need it so much soil for my garden here that I filled up my outdoor trash
can pre moisten the soil so I could dump it in quickly now the six foot long
raised bed starting to take shape I love the look of it it’s got a couple nice
little dividers to help it stand up but that it’s a good amount of growing space
and I love how it just fits up nicely against my deck rail and it feels so
good and it’s really taking shape well it’s time to relax for just a few
minutes while we talk about what vegetables we’re gonna plant so I’m
gonna grab my red table remember how I talked about relaxing in the space
that’s why I like to leave it open in the middle there so we have room to sit
down and enjoy the work we’ve just done I started my seeds for my small space
garden indoors just a couple of weeks ago now if you’re not sure how to do
that I’ll put a pop-up link to the video from the spring garden series on seed
starting so you know exactly what to do well the next step is choosing the
veggies that we’re going to plant now this is very important because we don’t
want big huge vegetables that are going to completely overtake this small space
so I’m gonna be growing some seeds for my small space garden collection now
these are really special vegetables because several of them are nice and
compact yet high producing are going to grow beautifully in container
so let me just share with you some of the vegetables we’re going to be growing
first off we have this beautiful bean plant now this is just not just any bean
plant it’s called a dwarf Taylor bean it’s a smaller sized bean but it’s still
high producing produces beautiful cream-colored beans that have little red
and purple flecks on them so it’s gonna be perfect for our container gardens now
next there’s nothing like a home grown cucumber and this is called a space
master cucumber I mean it’s still a little seedling right now but this is a
smaller sized cucumber nice and compact but again still high producing so it’s
going to grow us a lot of veggies in this little bit of space and next here
we have a blue Scotch curled kale kale is both heat tolerant and cold tolerant
it’s gonna be gorgeous in our vegetable garden here we’re also gonna be growing
some herbs as the Genovese basal there’s nothing like the smell of bass let’s so
tasty and pesto’s and sauces and this is one of my favorites again still a little
baby seedling it’s called a little marvel pea it’s a small pea plant but
these pack high producing vegetable and pack a big flavor punch so those are
some of the ones we’re going to start with we’re also gonna grow some
different types of lettuces and we’re just gonna create a beautiful garden
here right behind me oh and I forgot we’ve got some peppers over here that
we’re gonna grow these are golden California wonder peppers now I’ve
talked about California wonder peppers how beautiful they are these ones are
golden and they’re absolutely beautiful peppers they’re gonna add such a pretty
color splash here in our garden and there’s one more very special plant
we’re gonna grow I’m going to talk about that in just a moment now
it might a small space garden collection there are 10 varieties and you can pick
this up over on the Cali Kim website and that way we can grow the same vegetables
together and it’s gonna be so much fun so the last special we’re going to be
growing and one of the vegetables I’m the most excited about is this tiny Tim
tomato this is a compact tomato it grows to about a foot or two tall in a
container I mean look at these Tomatoes they are absolutely adorable so it’s
super high producing it’s gonna be beautiful in our container garden I
absolutely cannot wait to taste these Tomatoes also here in my small space
seed collection don’t forget to enter the giveaway for one of these 5-gallon
smart pots containers a 2 pound bag of worm castings all you have to do is
leave a comment about something you learned in the video thank you so much
smart pots and good dirt for partnering with us and providing the supplies for
the small space garden series you can learn more about them by going to the
websites on the screen I’ll also pop links in the video description for all
the supplies I’m using in the series in this video we went from this an empty
space to this a small space garden with a little careful planning the right
containers the right soil and the right veggies this is going to grow us a lot
of vegetables and it only gets better from here now what I want you to do is
plan out your garden space pick your containers choose your soil and get some
seeds planted because next week guess what we’re gonna be doing we’re gonna be
getting those seedlings that I started indoors planted in the containers it’s
gonna be super fun and we’re gonna talk about how to water your seedlings as
well so comment below let me know something you learned and let me know in
action you’re gonna take as a result of this video thanks so much for watching
we’ll see you on the next video

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