Pear Fruit Crisp with Vanilla Brown Butter

Pear Fruit Crisp with Vanilla Brown Butter

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(“Dio e Zingaro” by Municipale Balcanica) – Hi, everyone. I’m Jason Barrows with Today we’re going to make a
delicious pear fruit crisp with vanilla brown butter,
just in time for fall. We’re gonna brown some butter. It’s not as scary as you might think. And we’re also going to
scrape a vanilla bean. (“Dio e Zingaro” by Municipale Balcanica) So our first step in making the crisp is we want to make the topping. And we’re gonna be adding some flour. And some whole almonds with skins on. Also, there’s a little bit
of salt in with the flour, and some brown sugar as well. All right. We’re going to pulse this until it’s nice and homogenous. You want all the almonds to
be nice and mixed in there, so probably about, I would
say 15 to 17, 18 pulses. So it’s gonna get real
loud, but here we go. (pulsing) Once that’s all mixed in, we then want to put in our melted butter that’s been melted and slightly cooled. We don’t want that to be
molten lava going into there. And then we’ll pulse this as well. We basically want the whole mixture to be kind of like the
consistency of wet sand. (pulsing) If you do get any dry spots, feel free just to take a spatula. Just try and incorporate
those in a little bit just so that we don’t
have any dry pockets. (pulsing) All right. Now that’s all mixed. The next thing we want to
do is we want this mixture to cool in the fridge for
about an hour minimum, a couple hours preferable. You can also make this ahead
of time, the day before. It can sit in your fridge for 24 hours. It’s not gonna have any adverse effects. So we’re just going to put this in a bowl and we’re gonna have that chill for a bit. Okay. So then we just want to
cover that with plastic and put that into the fridge, again, a minimum of one
hour, preferably two. The reason why we want the topping to be in the refrigerator is because we want the butter to be nice and cold, so that way when it
goes into the hot oven, it doesn’t just melt
right on into the pears. We want that to be nice and crunchy, and we want the chunks to stay intact. So that’s the reason why
it’s very important that that mixture is as cold as possible before you put it in the oven. All right, so the next step is we are going split and scrape the bean. So, in order to do that, I always find it’s a little bit easier to kind of fluff the bean a little bit. That way, it’s not too flat. Usually, when they come from the store, they’re a little flat. So if you can just kind of make them a little bit more round, when
we cut them, it’ll prevent us from cutting through the
back of the bean as well. So once you have slit
the bean down the side, you want to take the back of your knife, gently open up the opening, and you’re going to take the flat side and basically scrape all
the way down the bean, trying to get as many beans as possible. These little beans are not cheap, so we want to make sure that
we get every bit of this bean as we possibly can. Okay, once you’ve scraped your bean, just take all those and we’re
gonna put them in the pan. Just scrape them all
against the edge there. And we’re also going to take the split pod and we’re going to put
that into the pan as well. Okay, and now that we’ve
got our scraped vanilla bean and our butter in the pan,
we’re going to brown it, and I will show you
exactly what to look for. As your butter starts to boil, it will actually get kind of frothy, and it will look like it’s
boiling out of control. But once the butter goes
a little bit further, it will actually calm down a little bit. And that’s just the milk
solids kind of solidifying, and that basically is what drops down to the bottom of the pan, and that’s what you get
when you brown the butter. It’s basically just browned milk solids. So you want to make sure
that you stir fairly often. You don’t want it to get a
hot spot and burn in one area. So you can either spoil
your pan or stir it, whatever you’d like. So if this is your first
time browning butter, one tip is using a white spatula so that you can spoon up the mixture to see what the color
is of the milk solids. It can also be a challenge if you have a dark-colored non-stick pan. You might not also get to see exactly how your butter’s doing, so that’s just something to look out for with the tools that you’re using. So as you see, the mixture
is getting pretty frothy. We are getting closer to
when those milk solids are going to solidify
and start turning brown. We’ve still got a bit. So at this stage, it can
go from not brown to brown in an instant. You do not want to walk away
from this pan at this point. Otherwise, you’re gonna
have dark and burnt butter, and that will not taste good at all. So you’ll start to smell
a kind of a nutty flavor. The butter is starting to
turn a little bit golden, so I think we’re pretty close here. All right, so our next step
is to make the filling. We’re going to put the brown
sugar, granulated sugar, flour, and a pinch of salt into a bowl. We want to mix that together. So next we’re adding our pears, and these are peeled and coarsely chopped. Additionally, I’m going
to add some pear brandy. If you don’t have that at home, any kind of fruit brandy will work. If you don’t have that,
maybe a pear nectar, or you could also just leave it out. This is basically just going
to bump up that pear flavor to just really take it to the next level. So we’re gonna add the brandy in there and then we’re going to toss just to coat everything in the bowl. Once that’s all mixed, we’re going to then take our vanilla beans out of our brown butter mixture and then we’re going
to add the brown butter and the vanilla beans into this mix. Make sure you get every little bit of this mixture inside here. That’s all flavor. All right, and now
we’re ready to assemble. Again, make sure you scrape your bowl out. All that remains is flavor. So you want to just even out your pears into a nice even layer. So the next step is we’re going to put the
topping on the pears. Now that the topping has been
cooling for one to two hours, we will find that the butter
has clumped a little bit. We just want to make
sure that with our hands, we just break up the big clumps, and make sure that they’re not too big. So you want to make sure that the layer is as even as possible. Don’t forget the corners. They need some love too. Then we’re going to put this
into our preheated oven. As with most fruit crisps and anything that’s
going to basically turn molten lava in your oven, I would suggest putting your baking dish on top of a cookie sheet or something to catch any of the drips, just so those don’t fuse
to the bottom of your oven and cause a mess. So we’re gonna put that on a sheet pan, throw that into the oven
for about half an hour. All right, so we pulled
our crisp out of our oven. It was in there for about
30 minutes at about 425. I also rotated the pan and gave it about another 10 to 15 minutes just to make sure that all
the juices and everything was bubbling, and the
top was nice and golden. So you can either eat this now with a nice scoop of ice cream. You can also let it
come to room temperature if you don’t want it hot. But either way, it’s gonna be delicious. I’m going to take a small bite myself. And that’s pretty good. Thanks for joining us, and
we’ll see you next time. Bye. (“Dio e Zingaro” by Municipale Balcanica) So thanks for joining us,
and let’s take (beep).

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