Peanut Butter Fruit Review (Bunchosia argentea) – Weird Fruit Explorer Ep 152

Peanut Butter Fruit Review (Bunchosia argentea) – Weird Fruit Explorer Ep 152

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[Music] All right, this one’s really exciting guys I have Peanut Butter Fruit. This is a fruit that like its name is supposed to taste exactly like peanut butter It’s related to the acerola which is really really sour and like of full vitamin C so it’s used in… a lot like Vitamin C supplements. I’m imagining this is not going to be very sour if it’s supposed to taste like peanut butter, but yeah, we’ll see and yeah, they look like little tomatoes almost. I saw this at a market. It was just like a woman selling them and like they’re very very fragile so I bought like a big bag of them, and I put them inside a tupperware and I had a flight going from one end of Borneo to the other and when I got here I opened up the tupperware it went [Hissing noise] which means that some of them even so, even though I like packed them up and I tried to be careful, they still got damaged and fermented along the way. I managed to salvage probably like 1/4 of what I had But yeah, they look like they’re fine like these are not damaged. They don’t smell fermented or anything so I think it’s gonna be ok. If it tastes like wine, then I’m gonna have to look again for these so Yeah, let’s first give it a smell. They do smell a little bit like peanut butter. Not that strong, but like a little bit. Pulled one of these guys off Holy sh*t! I try not to swear too often but that tastes like peanut butter. That tastes, I mean not exactly. That’s very “peanut butter-ish”. Yeah, that I can see why they call it peanut butter fruit. It’s not like 100% peanut butter but it is very very close and it has like the texture of peanut butter too. It’s like, very like creamy, like a creamy Jif peanut butter. The seeds are kind of wild looking. They’re like a bright orange looking color. That one I’ve just had then, that one was a little fermented. The first one was good. Let me try another one. Some of them end up being orange. You get some… It turned from like green to yellow to orange to like very bright red and I’ll try one, the orange ones to see if those are okay, but you know the red ones are definitely Okay It’s not like 100% peanut butter. It’s like you took peanut butter and jelly and mixed it together. It has a fruity taste to it. It’s not very sour but it is very sweet and a little bit like “berryish” so it’s like if you took peanut butter, and maybe like I don’t know like very mild like strawberry jam and like mixed it together. It’s not strawberry tasting, but it’s like “berryish” tasting. Really really interesting like that’s pretty crazy. I’ll try one of the orange ones just to see if these are okay. A little more bland, still a little “peanut buttery”, less “berryish”. Its got like a firmer texture but less flavor. So yeah, definitely the red ones are more hitting mark. What’s really crazy with this like if you’re like allergic to peanut and you want the flavor of peanut butter, you want like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, this is like perfect. You just make a jelly out of peanut butter fruit and you immediately… and spread that on toast you have peanut butter and jelly flavor without using any peanuts. That’s pretty crazy, this is one of the more like bizarre flavored fruits that I’ve definitely come across, so Yeah, really really excited to find this one It is actually like a South American fruit, so I was not expecting to find this here in Borneo, but apparently it grows here and people have brought it over. I saw a vendor selling this who was selling a lot of imported fruit like fruit that I’m sure is grown here but like apples and grapes and stuff like that not crazy jungle fruit. Alright, you may notice that it’s a little darker right now. So I’ve been like sitting here outside eating these things and I’ve come to another revelation. They taste a little bit like the Olosapo. Like it, it’s like an egg fruit kind of flavor. like sweet egg custard It’s got like a little bit of that kind of flavor to it but with the addition of this kind of like weird fruitiness and peanut buttery kind of flavor. bizarre, really bizarre Alright, I’m going to sit here and continue to eat these things. Thanks guys! Hey guys before you click-Ouch- I just want to talk to you for one second I will tell you about my Patreon page that I started okay. Patreon is a way of viewers of my series to contribute and help make my series even greater so go and check it out Just click on this screen actually click on These bunnies here to be brought to- Hi! I know… Click on these bunnies here to go to my patreon page where can learn more about how to make my series even greater. Come on, they’re adorable don’t you want to click on them? Yes, don’t bite me!

100 thoughts on “Peanut Butter Fruit Review (Bunchosia argentea) – Weird Fruit Explorer Ep 152

  • Calvin Krause Post author

    Whenever I'm traveling to Indonesia I'll make sure to make a list of all the fruits you tried and try to get my hands on them!!

  • WhyDoIEvenBother? Post author

    That "holy shit" was not expected! XD But loved your video!

  • 1337w0n Post author

    I need to make peanut butter fruit jam.
    Then I can have a grape jelly and peanut butter fruit jam sandwich.

  • olucky11 Post author

    I grew this as a house plant…easy to grow and produces fruit.

  • Gary Cooper Post author

    I've got to ask about the big, live grubs in baskets at the beginning of your Borneo videos. People eat them? If so, do they cook them or eat them taw? Or alive?

  • Miles Manges Post author

    I have a tree, and every year it makes flowers, but it hasn't fruit yet, its still a young tree about 6 years

  • gjoep Post author

    Very nice vid. Do have this tree in my house as well. Right now has a couple fruits.

  • Philly Phil Post author

    I wonder what the wine would taste like if you made wine out of them.

  • Lucie Hollick Post author

    Thank you for covering this, I really liked the video, it made me think a good idea for a video might be a Fat Fruit video. Normally the only fatty fruit we get in shops are avocados. So if you had a video talking about all of your fav fatty fruits and comparing them it would be especially good to watch.

  • Ian Melzer Post author

    Has any fruit made you ill or induced an allergic reaction?

  • Juan Pedro Mariano Post author

    Interesting, but have you tried Willughbeia sp. fruit?(think it's called kubal in Borneo and tabo in the Philippines) They said it is one of the finest jungle fruits out there.

  • TheJacob1985 Post author

    Greetings from Downunder Jared, I was just wondering if you have ever been to or thinking of coming to Australia? I was very glad to hear that your favourite mango is the Australian Mango and also that one of your most favourite fruits, the Achacha is one that is quite common here.

  • SNowyyuki M Post author

    Have you ever try rambai fruit? (Baccaurea motleyan- i think that's the scientific name)

  • Spookyscaryspiderpig Tp Post author

    Are you very rich?

  • Ashley Matthews Post author

    very interesting fruit! I love the intro to your series. what sort of worm is that in the little bowl about mid intro?

  • isa maharani Post author

    jared, have u ever try the red fruits from Papua lndonesia?

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    I am planning to visit New York sometime later. Could you please recommend some shops where one can find some exotic or unusual fruits (in NYC)?

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    I love your videos man keep em coming!!

  • jonathon hulland Post author

    You should come and visit Australia and try our tropical fruit farms we have here in nsw and Queensland.
    Plus aboriginal bush fruits would be unique for you to review

  • Kokuei13 Post author

    I'm actually growing a peanutbutter fruit tree in a large pot lol I'm excited to eat the fruit

  • Drew Kjolberg Post author

    You should post the wikipedia pages or give more facts on the fruit. Pretty interesting 🙂

  • nagwagi2000 Post author

    Finally!!! 🙂 They probably went bad coz they cudn't breathe.

  • DecaCastro Post author

    I love that fruit, I have that in my backyard here in Brasil!!!

  • Rita Lawson Post author

    These fruits are unusual to Australians , but in the country where they grow they are common fruits!!!


    Achei as primeiras sementes da minha Bunchosia argentea, aqui agente conhece como caferana (falso café). Uma delicia, difícil encontrar madura, pois os passaros tambem adoram.


    Gostaria de saber quais os benefícios para a saúde.

    I would like to know what the health benefits are.

  • Vivero Bosque de Alimentos Post author

    I tasted bunchosia glandulifera and the taste was so good! really identical to peanut butter, maybe is better than argentea or armeniaca.

  • bud row Post author

    thanks for the video.

  • stephen coleman Post author

    Once I ate a fruit in Honduras called monqui quiap by the locals. It was French Prune blue and had a flavor like a sweet apricot. But the fruit was sticky like peanut butter and stuck all over inside of the mouth. A few called it peanut butter fruit, not because of the flavor but because of it's stickiness.

  • Rodrick Mario Post author

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    When you are sent to all these places, are you only doing your contortionist gig?

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    I haven't watched your videos in a while, so it's nice to pop back and find a whole slew of new ones, what a rabbit hole! Always fascinating.

  • Denovaification Post author

    thank God I'm in love with peanut butter! I neeeeeed this! where can I get them in Florida?

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    Buah ni asal Sarawak rupanya.

  • PC Henderson Post author

    How interesting! Love your weird fruit reviews.

  • Larry Pseudonym Post author

    Someone should make jelly out of them and put on a sandwich with real peanut butter.

  • sukintitties Post author

    Really enjoyed your video. I was offered Peanut Butter Fruit Seedlings as a swap. I googled it, as I have never heard of them before, and your video is one of the sources I came across. I cannot wait to grow this!

  • Pepe's Fruit Trees Post author

    Nice, got some growing now! Thumbs up!

  • ken wasiqi Post author

    just wanted to say I love the videos and this made me want to try/buy a tree to grow my own. I haven't forgotten about the yucca fruit. it had bugs all in them so I'm going to try to send them to you next year!

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    Peanut butter?? I eat them everyday pluck from trees, nothing like peanut butter, not the smell, not the taste, not even the look, lol!

  • Okeefanokee the Seventeenth Post author

    Hi, greetings from the edge of a tropical rainforest in the Caribbean! I can imagine, you might even like to grow some rare or unusual fruit-bearing plants. If you like the idea, I can offer a seed swap. Please let me know, if you're interested.

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  • Alex Gutierrez Post author

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    This would be great for people allergic to peanuts but love peanuts

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