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No Such Thing As Vegetables | SCI CODE

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Botanically speaking, there’s no such thing as vegetables. What we consider to be vegetables
are actually completely different things. Tomatoes for example are fruit. And fruit
has a scientific definition. Fruits are the fleshy parts of plants, that contain seeds,
develop from the plant’s ovaries, and can be eaten. So apples, bananas, pears, oranges, mangoes,
all of those are fruits. But also let’s add peppers and cucumbers.
All of which are fleshy parts of the plants and contain seeds. Now let’s go deeper. LITERALLY Carrots grow in the ground. Those are considered
roots. Asparagus are STEMS.
Lettuce? Leaves! Broccoli? Flowers!
And pumpkins, zucchinis, and squash are all gourds. Those are fleshy fruit with hard skin. So the next time you dive into a bowl of salad.
Just think to yourself that you’re actually eating a bowl of leaves! Because there’s no
such thing as vegetables. Now how’s that for planting knowledge?

60 thoughts on “No Such Thing As Vegetables | SCI CODE

  • friebender Post author

    wow nice

  • Povilas Račkauskas Post author

    it makes sense now

  • Egg Kneel Post author

    Dammit third

  • I'm the captain now Post author

    So all this time i was eating fruits? Cool.

  • Akash Sharma Post author

    loved the outro tune.

  • John Shannon Post author

    I was expecting him to drop into a rap because of the beat

  • Michelle M Post author

    Love! You should do a video about the difference between good/bad fats/sugars. There are so many misconceptions today when trying to eat healthy and a lot of people don't know that not all fats/sugars are created equal

  • NoxuzBlog | Abraham Rodríguez Post author

    so vegetarians DOESNT EXIST OMFG

  • neil barner Post author


  • neil barner Post author

    funny, but vegetarianism is the practice of abstaining from the consumption of meat, so they're still vegetarians

  • typothalamus Post author

    Loved this!

  • Mr.Miles Chief Engineer Post author

    Why didn't you give the exact definition for "vegetable" too for a side by side? 🙁

  • MiseryFields Post author

    But I love my vegetables! My love is a lie! D:

  • Manuel Cheta Post author

    Now I can't call a vegan vegan. They have to be called fleshy 🙁

  • Hilah Cooking Post author

    Favorited! 🙂

  • Nagev Post author

    Actually there is! If you search for the etymology of the word (i.e. living and growing as a plant). Fruits, leaves, roots etc are all part of an edible plant therefore the word vegetable is more inclusive. Even nowadays, not all people know scientific nomenclature of all plant parts and horticultural terminology, therefore, an inclusive more general word like 'vegetable', 'vegetation', would make more sense for the masses.

  • Truthiness231 Post author

    The point is that botanically speaking there is just "vegetation" (which is just all plants in general) and the individual parts that we call fruit/veg/ect. are not part of any botanical categorization. In the culinary sense the various sweet/tart things generally get called "fruits" (even though many of them are not fruits in the botanical sense) and the rest "vegetables" (even though some are fruits in the botanical sense, and all sorts of other plant parts).

  • Matthew Graham Post author

    Awesome. Can't wait to tell my kids to eat their roots and leaves tonight.

  • Julia Wilde Post author

    all the puns!

  • Regimeshifts Post author


  • Mike Likes Science Post author

    Yup, the veggies are a lie!

  • Mike Likes Science Post author

    Vegetarian still exist. They are plant eaters =)

  • Walt Sorensen Post author

    In science there is no such thing as vegetables, but there is such a thing a vegetables. The definition of a vegetable comes from culinary (cooking) uses and from legal definitions also based on use. In 1893 The U.S. Supreme Court declared that the tomato is a vegetable, (Nix v. Hedden (149 U.S. 304))

    Let's not ignore that there are legal, culinary and botanical classifications (nor the fact that only the later is science).

  • Walt Sorensen Post author

    Veggies are not a lie, it's a question of culinary, legal or botanical classifications. (now that I think about it, I wonder what classifications Food science or Nutrition Science use? Of course that brings up the controversial question of are those fields really "sciences")

  • buzzwaffle Post author

    Eat your weeds.

  • Carmeops Post author

    nice try, really, atempting to make me eat something else than meat by telling me that vegetable don't exist: i still won't eat them!

  • 93nGU1n Post author

    They eat vegetation.

  • Mike Likes Science Post author

    I think your kids may find that more appealing =)

  • CaptDanneskjold Post author

    what about video credit for "dude eating a salad"?

  • Sephora Post author

    they are legumes not vegetables

  • Walt Sorensen Post author

    now that I think about it, I wonder what classifications Food science or Nutrition Science use? (Of course that brings up the controversial question of are those fields really "sciences")

  • jktomas Post author

    What do you mean there's no such thing as vegetable? I thought that VEGETABLE is an eatable VEGETATIVE part of a plant! Which means that roots, leaves and stems ARE vegetables (in my native language anyways, I'm not that familiar with english definitions, but it seems logical to me to call a vegetative part of a plant a vegetable, doesn't it).

  • Troy Reardon Post author

    He opens with "botanically speaking". I guess that's how he gets around the fact that the normal definition of a vegetable is any edible part of a plant which include the botanical terms fruits, leaves, stems, and roots.

  • jktomas Post author

    Yeah, but my point in that in my native language the botanical definition of a vegetable is very simple and it doesn't include fruit. It would make sense for english speaking people to adopt the definition too. Up untill watching this video I didn't ever realise you have such problems with the definition when the solution is so simple.

  • Stannnnnnnnn Post author

    Vegetables are (or will be) people who don't wear helmets when they ride bikes.

  • Zlogical1 Post author


  • Mike Weicker Post author

    This video is very misleading, vegetables are any edible plant. So yes vegetables do exist. I eat them every day. You can categorize them down to more specific things inside of the term vegetable, but they are still vegetables…better luck next time.

  • Mouser1991 Post author

    A good excuse for kids to not eat their vegetables

  • Querty Beighteen Post author

    There's the plant, and then there's "the fruit of the plant"
    When you eat the plant itself, you're eating a vegetable.
    Vegetables exist.

  • Custos Post author

    It's more likely a linguistic issue, not scientific per se, between changing definitions and usages of "vegetable," "vegetation," "fruit," etc. relative to their etymologies, and it just happened botanists chose "fruit" as a preferred term, meaning, we could've easily watched a video claiming fruits don't exist "scientifically" (taxonomically). Yet, there may be argument stemming from genetic and structural elements apart from terminological, similar to how the hyrax is related to the elephant.

  • nothankyouization Post author

    bananas are not fruit. way to discredit yourself.

  • Jon Prive Post author

    All the things listed are vegetable. Fruits are parts of plants, which are technically the vegetable kingdom, no? Way to go!

  • howpeculiar Post author

    I see NanaKitty eating salad!!!!!!!!

  • howpeculiar Post author

    * Nanalew and Meekakitty

  • Mav Sol Post author

    noun: vegetable; plural noun: vegetables

    a plant or part of a plant used as food, typically as accompaniment to meat or fish, such as a cabbage, potato, carrot, or bean.

  • lostdrewid Post author

    Isn't the exact opposite true? Aren't *all* such things vegetables, while sub-classes would be fruits, roots and so on?

  • Truthiness231 Post author

    While I agree there is no such thing as "vegetable" in the botanical or biological sense, there are a plethora of "vegetables" in the culinary sense (like tomatoes; they ARE a vegetable when talking about how to prepare foods; it's used 99.9% of the time as a veggy, not a fruit). Very misleading, and not at all paying attention to context; a one-off for Coma Niddy and nerds in general…

  • Alxmir23 Post author

    still dont understand why people would not think the tomato is a fruit just because it doesnt taste sweet
    its in the same family as grapes
    and the cucumbers are fruits too from the curcubitace family(melons)

  • Alxmir23 Post author

    lettuce is a vegetable,fruits are ripe ovaries which contains seeds

    roots,leaves and non ripe things fall in the category of what people call veggies

    still creepy in a way to think of an ovary when eating a fruit,especially the gooey part in the tomatoes,cucumbers and pumpkins

  • Alxmir23 Post author

    and also funny that most people eat pasta with fruit sauce(tomatoes),fruit soup and etc pizzas are literally thin pies with fruits in em

  • Alxmir23 Post author

    hmm,also seems like the white part in the middle of tomatoes are called placentas…

  • Alexander Lamp Post author

    carrots are tubers actually, not roots

  • thethegreenmachine Post author

    Technically, apples and pears (pomes) aren't exactly fruits.  Much of the flesh derives from the hypanthium, not the carpel.
    Many people in this comment section have disabled our ability to reply to their comments directly.  I will reply to some of them here:
    @nothankyouization Bananas are fruits.  Like the navel orange, they've been bred to be seedless, though you do occasionally find underdeveloped, infertile seeds inside.
    @lostdrewid @Jon Prive Botanically speaking, fruits are not subcategories of vegetables.  Fruits are parts of plants, not parts of vegetables.  It's the plant kingdom, not the vegetable kingdom.

  • jsteele07189 Post author

    So what's the deal with nuts and beans? They don't "contain seeds" but they still seem like they're in a different class from celery and potatoes.

  • F uck you google Post author

    You say there's no such thing as a vegetable but pizza is a vegetable! Can't explain that now can you?

  • Steve Langlais Post author

    Pumpkins and Squash are fruits.. not gourds ..gourds are fruits also.

  • lasunncty Post author

    Disagree… Vegetables are the edible parts of plants, whether they be roots, stems, leaves, fruits, or whatever.  These are just different categories of vegetables.

  • Alex the Axolotl Post author

    I never knew that

  • Jon G Post author

    This isn't knowledge, this is semantic bs. I'm unimpressed.

    "Vegetable" has a definition too, and includes edible leaves (including flowers and stems), botanical fruits such as pumpkin and other squash, tubers and bulbs, beans, and legumes.

  • Ethen ne Post author

    Now I will use this as a excuses so I don't have to eat my veggies

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