My Drunk Kitchen ft. Sarah Silverman: Veggie Pot Pie!

My Drunk Kitchen ft. Sarah Silverman: Veggie Pot Pie!

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– [Hannah] Are you ready? Three, two, fun. – [Sarah and Hannah] Hello! – Nailed it! Yes! Exceptional! I don’t even
think we need to shoot now. (popping sound) (upbeat music) Flawless. (upbeat music) – I spent this entire morning watching soldiers coming
home to their dogs. – Oh my God, I watched it. It’s brutal. – I literally was just laying in bed just gently weeping as I ate my breakfast. Just watching soldiers
coming home to their dogs. – Sometimes I can’t, my heart can’t… My mother sent me something, and the subject line said, “Elephants reunite after 20 years.” And I was like, delete. For my own heart can’t take it. You can also Google for
hours, unlikely friendships. Unlikely animal friendships. – Like a goat and a donkey? – Oh my God! Turtle and a dog. – Sarah Silverman and Hannah Hart. That’s what this one is: “My Drunk Kitchen: Unlikely Friendships.” Also incredible tans. So, this week, on a very
special “My Drunk Kitchen,” I have incredible guest and
demi-god, Sarah Silverman. – Thank you so much, thank you. – Sarah, do you like drinking? – I don’t drink, it tastes bad. – Yeah, what about wine? – Tastes like mayonnaise earwax to me. (laughs) – For those of you that don’t know, an indica is a type of blunt
that will make you feel relaxed and, what some people call, “the stoned.” I mean, how can people think that alcohol is better than weed? When it’s like the worst
thing that happens to me on a Sunday, if I spend it smoking, is I’ve listened to too much jazz. (laughs) – But sativas don’t do that for me. – They make her feel panicked. – Like sudafed, yeah. Like, anxiety-ish. I’m an indica girl. And today, so is Hannah. – The first thing that
we’re gonna be cooking is veggie pot pie. It’s the first thing, but it’s also the only thing. – It’s a big undertaking. – It is. As a general rule of thumb,
on “My Drunk Kitchen”, we don’t use sharp knives. But on this episode, I mean, this is totally
different and fine. – These are good-looking carrots. – Thanks, I went to the
farmer’s market today. Isn’t that amazing? Yes (chops), yes (chops), yes (chops). (chops) – Yeah. Good call. I’m not even using a recipe, I’m just using my memory. I think that means that I’m
really progressing as a chef. – Potato.
– [Hannah] Potato. We say it the same way. – Thank god. (laughs) – This kinda looks like
art, don’t you think? – That’s plenty. – Really?
– [Hannah] Yeah, really. – Wow, you know what you’re doing. – I think because I’m
smoking instead of drinking it’s just so much easier
than I ever thought. – I find that pot, if
it’s your cup of tea, is really good with the
muscle-memory stuff, cause I like to smoke it
when I play basketball, and I get… I’m either terrible, or
I get into a crazy zone, and my arms extend. I can feel them. I hear myself saying things like, “Not on my watch.” (laughs) – Nothing but baskets. Are you a vegetarian? – I’m a vegetarian, I eat
cheese because I’m an American. – Yeah, look at these three even piles. Onions! Oh, and I brought honey
sticks, in case you like honey. – I love honey.
– [Hannah] Do you really? Cause, I love honey, too. – I always, I eat honey everyday. – This is wildflower, so it’s
good for pollen allergies. Hold on. We just have to show the next ingredient. ♫ If you like it, then you should’ve ♫ put some broccoli on it ♫ – Yeah. – Power to the people. ♫ Chopping broccoli ♫ ♫ Chopping broccoli ♫ – God, I love broccoli. – You know what’s a great snack? I forget about this a lot. Cherry tomatoes in a bowl
with a ton of sea salt. And watch TV and eat
mindlessly all you want. – This is great, because
it’s fulfilling my munchies, except it’s just broccoli. So I’m probably like doing
myself a favor right now. – Oh my god this is so healthy right now. – It’s so good. – Everything that’s wrong
in the world is greed. Something I’ve learned
is, you can’t go back. You take that one puff too many, and you get into like a spiralish zone. Take a puff ever once in a while. Make it a treat. Don’t make it your life. – I have to say, though, like comparatively to “My Drunk Kitchen,” where at this point I’m sweating. My liver is yelling at my kidneys, and I’m eating spoonfuls
of macaroni and cheese with my hands. On this episode, I’m
snacking on vegetables, and drinking water. And later I’m gonna stretch. – Oh my god, that’s so good. – Don’t go that far. – This is as far as I can go. – As soon as you feel it stop there. And every day you’ll
go farther and farther. Don’t push. – Okay guys so the next part– (Sarah laughs) Dough is the next step. Great, great, great. So now– Oh, shit. Do you have a pie tin? – Maybe. – Ooh, oh, that’s perfect. – That big enough? – Yeah. – Oh my god, there’s my oven mitts. Should I preheat it? – Oh yes Sarah, yes. Next, we’re going to take the dough, put them in the tins, and evenly spread it out
so we can stuff it all, with a little bit of like,
milky creamy stuff, I think, and all the vegetables. – Oh. – Like buttery milk?
– [Sarah] Oh. – Oh. So guys you see all of our wonderful,
beautiful ingredients? We almost have, if we had celery, we’d have a mirepoix of
carrots, celery and onion. Instead we have potato for
stuff and other things, also. Oh and kale, because you know, – Kale. – what doesn’t kale you
only makes you stronger. (Sarah laughs and claps) Wow, that looks like real food. – But it needs like butter. Is that good, or should
I not push it on there? – I think that’s amazing. We’re going to put this in the oven , and then we’re going to hang out, and I’ll see you when we get back. (star swipe) – Oh my god, it’s just like Oreo brownie – Mmm. It’s like what if you took Oreos, and combined them with
whipped cream cheese. – Whipped cream cheese? – No, just cream cheese. – Wow. (star swipe) – Wow! Look at that. – It looks a little bit like– – It looks like chicken pot pie! – It does. – Cheers guys. – Hmm. Oh, my god! This is like real food. – Mmhmm. – We should start a food chain, and we just make different pot pies. That’s the only thing
the restaurant serves, is like variations of pot pie. – If you really did it and follow through, that’d be incredible. – Mmm! And then also just like
adding another carrot. There’s more vegetables. What’s one thing you would tell
your 13 year-old self today? – Oh, brush your teeth and
floss your teeth everyday. I did though, I’m good. Death creeps in through the gums. You don’t realize that, you’re doomed. – Thank you so much for watching. Thank you so much for hanging out, and thank you so much to Sarah Silverman, for being absolutely lovely and wonderful, and making a beautiful pot pie with me. And then making a franchise plan which… (Sarah laughs) For new videos every Tuesday and Thursday, You can subscribe to find me here. And for more Sarah Silverman, go and check out her new short, and hilarious piece of comedy art. Truly revolutionary. “Cops,” what? – That was close. “Cops, Cum, Dicks and Flying.” – It’s a haiku almost.

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