My Benefits from Drinking Celery Juice for 30 Days

My Benefits from Drinking Celery Juice for 30 Days

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So, if you follow my Instagram stories
then you might know that I jumped on the celery juice train a while ago and
finally I’m here to share my experience and share the light on the correct way
of consuming it. I have to be clear, I’m in no way trying to convince anyone to
drink celery juice. This will be your own personal decision.
I’m just here to share my own experience and I know that many people are already
looking forward to it! Drinking celery juice goes back to 1975 when Anthony
William, known as Medical Medium, recommended celery juice to ease the
back pain of one of his family members who had fell down the stairs. Amazingly
enough, this person felt relief in just a few hours. A few years later he suggested
it to another family member with severe case of acid reflux. Then, at the age of
13-14 when he was working at the local supermarket, he’d do health consultations
to customers. His employer even got him a juicer so that he could offer celery
juice to people. This is how it all began. People started to experience relief and
even heal their chronic illnesses. For full story you can read his book Celery
Juice. So, while I usually support facts that have scientific backup, I simply
cannot turn a blind eye on thousands of people who have healed consuming celery
juice. Nor can I ignore the fact that for example Chinese medicine is not backed
by science, but still has been helping people for thousands of years. Even today
there is a lot that science has not yet discovered, which does not make the facts
and connections inexistent. And another important reason is the
amount of misinformation that circles around the Internet. Before starting to
write the blog post I actually watched several YouTube videos made by
influencers with hundreds of thousands of subscribers. They had not
done their homework and simply followed a trend making many mistakes on the way.
I wanted to drink celery juice for 30 days before jumping into any conclusions
or sharing my experience. I need to be honest with you though — I haven’t drunk
celery juice 30 days in a row and the reason was that I was cut off
from the supply when 21 days were over. So, I went without the juice for five days
before I could resume to the juice regime. Why I decided to do the juicing
anyway it’s because I’ve been dealing with some health issues that I haven’t
been able to tackle even with diet or supplementation. So, I thought why not try
this celery juice thing out! First thing, I have a history of chronic sinusitis
and therefore congested airways, especially during the pollen season.
I literally rinsed my nose with half litre salt water every day just to
be able to sleep at night. And secondly, I have ridges on my nails and finally, I’ve
got some fibroids. Who doesn’t, right? Okay, I will return to those issues
towards the end of this video to see how celery juice was able to help me. That’s
plain and simple — drinking 16 ounces that is 500 milliliters or two glasses of
pure celery juice on an empty stomach daily can provide you with dozens of
health benefits. Anthony William explains in his book Celery Juice why
it is essential to drink 16 ounces at one go. So, if you’re just starting out,
work your way up from 4 to 8 ounces though, as you might experience detox symptoms, if your body is really toxic. You can also drink more, but
Anthony does not recommend going over 10 glasses per day. You have a few options when it comes to
juicing celery. You can either use a juicer, a masticating juicer is the best,
but also centrifuge one will work fine. In fact this is what you see me using
here. Alternatively, you can also use high speed blender or food processor. You
simply chop the rinsed stalks into smaller chunks and process them until
you have celery puree. And then, using a fine sieve, cheesecloth or not milk bag,
you squeeze the juice out. Make sure not to add any water to ease the blending
though. I empty my centrifuge juicer halfway down, otherwise it would jump
around like crazy and I would need a third hand to hold it still. And here I
have my 500 millilitres! There’s still quite a bit of juice in the pulp, so I
simply squeeze it out with my hands. I think I get about 100 millilitres of
juice from the pulp. And that’s not a trivial amount! I pour the juice through
a fine metal sieve not to have any pieces of the pulp in my juice. And drink
it up! So, cheers! You can call me crazy, but I absolutely
loved the taste of celery juice the first time I had it. It was kind of salty and
sweet at the same time. So, there was really no effort to get the 16 ounces
down. And yes, I went for 16 ounces straight away. You can start slower
though — 4 to 8 ounces, that’s 1/2 to 1 glass at the time and then simply work
your way up. I soon learned that the taste depends greatly on the batch of
celery. The thumb rule here is — the lighter/brighter green the colour is, the
tastier the juice is. If it is kind of brownish, the taste will be quite bitter
and finally, if your celery stalks are really thin darker green and come with
lots of leaves, then the juice will be quite intense, almost poison green.
Anthony William says that in this case you could also drink a
bit less as the juice is more potent. Strangely enough, after having a few
batches of quite bitter juice, it became rather difficult for me to get it down.
Not that it discouraged me in any way. No, I just kept on going! It gets a bit more
difficult towards the end, but that’s because I’ve already had plenty. And
there are no delusions here — celery is freakin’ expensive! And I even got a “deal”
from my local organic shop and I ended up paying almost 6 euros per days worth
of celery juice. And simple math tells you that 21 days cost me about 126 euros!
Now, I can totally understand that many people simply can’t afford it.
However, the good news here is that Anthony William says that it’s
even okay to juice conventional celery, if you don’t have
access to organic one. It’s just important to wash each stalk with scent-free soap very carefully. This is also what I’ll opt for from now on — I will be
juicing both organic and conventional celery just to keep the cost down. So,
let’s see what celery juice did to me. What were my results! Firstly, I had had pollen driven headaches for a week just before I started juicing. And
to my great surprise, those headaches disappeared already from day one! I
couldn’t have been happier! And they have not returned either. Secondly, after about
five days of juicing I decided why not try not to rinse my nose in the evening just
to see whether I was able to to get some sleep.
And again, I was surprised to see that I was able to see sleep through the night
and the nose didn’t bother me. Another positive thing I noticed was elimination.
I guess many people can relate here! I wasn’t constipated or anything before,
but this was a whole new level! I mean, literally for 3-4 days I
went to toilet three times a day! And I mean I went properly! And that
was a huge relief! And… but I guess, once I was completely emptied out, it all
returned back to normal. And I have to say I never had diarrhoea
or too loose stool or anything. I’m saying that because I’ve noticed from the
videos I’ve been watching that many people confess to having diarrhoea. As far
as my nails and fibroids go, I guess I’ll need to keep on juicing longer. I think
it will take much longer time to see results here. So, I will just keep on
going! Yes, even I made some mistakes! The biggest one was not to read
Anthony William’s Celery Juice book before I started juicing. I know there’s
a lot of information on his blog, but still it doesn’t
compare to the tips and the information that’s in his book. What I did wrong was
that I ate fatty foods, that is nuts and seeds as my first breakfast after having
celery juice, so 30 minutes after I had my celery juice and this is what he
praises against. Instead, you should keep your breakfast fat-free and in fact
decreasing the fat intake in general would be very beneficial. Furthermore,
there are unproductive foods that should be eliminated or avoided: gluten, eggs,
dairy, soy and corn. Now, you know that I don’t do animal products anyway. I
also have no hard time keeping away from corn and gluten. I haven’t been eating
them for three years already. However, I’m finding it really difficult to keep away from soy, because I love my plain soy yogurt, my tempeh, my
tofu and it just seems difficult for me, but I know that if I really want to
commit to it, I can do it ,because three years ago when I started my vegan
Candida journey I thought I would never be able to live
even one day without fruits, but it turned out to be much easier than I
thought. If you’re interested, you can read more on the unproductive foods from
his book celery juice. Number one, drink 16 ounces of pure celery juice
every morning on an empty stomach. Next, wait 20 to 30 minutes before you
consume anything else, drink or food. Wait at least two hours before consuming any
fatty foods, that is nuts, seeds, avocado or olives. Also, try to cut down your overall
fat consumption. Then, use organic celery whenever possible.
Should you have conventional celery, make sure to wash every stalk thoroughly with
non-scented soap. Also, don’t mix anything into your celery juice, not stevia or
other sweeteners, water, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar nor other fruit or
vegetable juices. Don’t drink it in the middle of the day, when you have already
consumed other foods and drinks. Drink freshly made celery juice. It should be
consumed within 24 hours from making it, if you store it in sealed jar in fridge,
but be aware that the juice loses its potency by hour.
And finally, celery powder, celery juice powder and celery tablets won’t replace
fresh juice. Also, eating celery won’t give you the same benefits.
I wake up between 5:30 and 6 a.m. and start my morning with 20 minute yoga
session while oil-pulling. After that I drink 16 ounces of lemon water with juice
from half lemon and then it’s time for 40 minute walk. And after I get back, I
start juicing and have my 16 ounces of celery juice. The juicing, cleaning up and
drinking takes me about 20 minutes each morning. And finally, when I’ve had my
juice, 30 minutes later I have fat-free breakfast, either some fruits or berries
or heavy metal detox smoothie from Anthony’s book Celery Juice. Now, in case
it is impossible for you to make the juice in the morning, just to fit it into
your morning routine, then alternatively you could also pre-make the juice the
night before and store it in fridge in a sealed container or jar. But the juice
definitely needs to be drunk in 24 hours . But you need to be aware that it loses
its potency by hour. Anyway, if you have the possibility then always try to drink
it fresh. So, what else is there to say? Just to sum it up, I wanted to say that
I’m certain that now when I’m adhering to all the correct techniques, it’s only
a matter of time before I see results with my other symptoms as well, or not…
who knows! We’ll see, future shows us. But the bottom line here is — if you try
out a new remedy, whatever it is celery juice or anything else, be sure to turn
to the original source to make sure that you are doing everything correctly and
you are getting the most benefits out of it. And don’t just rely on those
YouTube videos that don’t even refer to original source! To me it says that
they have not done their homework and can lead you to wrong conclusions or
give you wrong tips and you might not get the most benefits out of it. So yeah,
let me know in the comments below, if you enjoyed this video or if you have tried
celery juice yourself and what have been your results and experiences. I’d love to
hear from you and yeah, see you next time and happy juicing! I’ll be here creating new delicious and
healthy recipes. So, if you want to fill your body with nutritious food, join this
community by subscribing!

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  • B Bacc Soon Post author

    I'd do a month of the juice if it wasn't so damn expensive. Right now I have it two days a week, any more and it would be eating away at my grocery budget more than I'd like.

  • Mar-Lin Austell Post author

    I use to soak my organic soy beans and I made soy yogurt and milk. My fibroids were out of control. I've since stopped soy products and No longer have fibroid issues/ problems.

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    I am also always down for a challenge, and just uploaded MY CELYRY JUICE CHALLENGE as well.✅

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