My 3 Secrets for Growing BIG Vegetables in My Garden

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Alright! This is John Kohler with
through another exciting episode for this another. Grown your greens in a minute or
as close as I can possibly state for a minute. So I want to share with you guys today the
secret of growing some awesome super large or super-sized vegetables and what I want
to do for you guys right now is harvest one of the beet growing in my garden and this
guy is going to have be like, oh here it is, check it out we grew a beet. Well yeah this
is what most beets may look like. You know your standard beat and all the beats I am
growing are the same or similar variety you know, I’m not using any special genetics
to get my crops really large. But let’s show you the real one, one I pull
for you guys, man check out this monster right here. This beet, it’s like half the size of
my head, look at that this thing is huge, the bottom view, look at that. I mean compare
that to your standard size beet, you might get the market or that you actually might
be growing. So the secret to growing really large beets like this is, I don’t focus on
growing large beets this just happened right. Where you want to focus on to grow large beets,
you want to focus on building your soil. Right. Don’t focus on growing large plants, focus
on building your soil, the more you could build your soil, you know the larger your
crops will grow. Now the three tips. There are things that
you should add to your soil in my opinion to grow these crops based on my research and
based on this real world experience here is number one, you want to add the rock dust
minerals that’s very important, trace minerals supplementation in your garden. Whether it’s
from rock dust , azomite, or a different sea mineral products. Number two, you want to add the fungal dominated
compost. So this is something that I started adding recently and literally it’s taken my
vegetables from larger than normal to super-sized, right. Number three. The main critical component
that may be missing in soils of today is the biology right. I called my style gardening
biologic organic gardening. So you want to add the biology to your soil and this includes
different bacteria and fungi, nematodes and earthworms and all this biology in your soil
because they are the driving force that drives the trace minerals and the fungus base compost
into your plants and the regular compost for that matter. So that your plants could absorb
the nutrition when they get fed the most and get everything they want. Guess what they
respond by growing super large jumbo plants. If you like this video please give me a thumbs
up and be sure to check my other videos where I recommend specific products that I like
to use to supersize my crops, hope you guys enjoyed this episode once again by name is
John Kohler would with We’ll see next time and remember. Keep on

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