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hello everyone and welcome back to
another Hannah’s happy home clean with me video I hope that you guys enjoy this
video and that it can give you lots of motivation and inspiration so we are
going to be doing lots of cleaning in this video and we also are going to be
putting away all of these groceries that I just picked up from the grocery store
I’m going to show you a couple of the things that I got and I’m also going to
be sharing with you some new recipes that I’m going to be trying and I’m
going to be making one of those recipes at the end of this video so be sure that
you stay tuned until the end of the video if you want to see that recipe and
today I am doing my third and final gift card giveaway in honor of reaching sixty
thousand subscribers I did two gift card giveaways in two previous videos and now
this is going to be the third and final giveaway this is a bath & Bodyworks $25
gift card and so being that it’s full time you could use this gift card to go
and get some nice fall candles or fall hand soaps and the two previous
giveaways were just for my youtube subscribers but this giveaway is going
to be for those who follow me on youtube and Instagram though to enter to win
this $25 Bath & Body Works gift card first you have to be subscribed to my
youtube channel and then you have to go and follow me on instagram and then you
will just leave a comment down below this video and in your comment below
this video you have to put your Instagram name because when I choose you
as the winner before I announce you as the winner I’m going to head over to my
Instagram to be sure that you are following me over there so like I said
to enter the giveaway subscribe to my youtube channel go follow me on
Instagram and then leave me a comment down below with your Instagram name in
that comment and leaving your Instagram name down in the comment just helps me
to be able to get in contact with you easier as well over on Instagram I got some new coffee at the grocery
store to try because I’ve been hearing so many people talk about this so I
decided to get it as a little treat I got some of the Starbucks unsweetened
medium roast iced coffee and then I got some of their new caramel machiatto
creamer because that’s my favorite drink from Starbucks as a caramel macchiato
you mix the two together you don’t need to use too much of the caramel macchiato
creamer because it’s so sweet but it tastes amazing it’s basically
tastes exactly the same as if you would go to Starbucks and buy yourself a
caramel macchiato so we’ve been enjoying having that every morning with our
breakfast once I had all the groceries put away
then I took care of all of these dishes put the ones into the dishwasher that I
could and then I washed the ones in the sink there wasn’t too many dishes so it
didn’t take very long this is the dish soap and hand soap that
I currently have at my kitchen sink this is the Miss Meyers brand and the scent
is compassion flower it smells really amazing I definitely recommend this
scent and these are from Grove collaborative and I always have a link
down below where you can get some free items with your first purchase of $20 or
more from Grove the last thing that I had to do in the
kitchen was to give the countertops a quick wipe down and before I wiped them
down I’d sprayed on some of that Truman’s kitchen cleaner Truman’s had
sponsored one of my cleaning videos a while back and I’m still using their
cleaners I really do love them and they did give me a 50% off coupon code for
you guys I will check and see if that is still valid and if it is I will link it
down below for you guys so after the kitchen was cleaned up I headed into the
living room at my Walmart bags were still sitting right in here inside the
door side to go through all of them I got these new slippers from Walmart
they’re literally only like two dollars and 88 cents and they’re comfy slippers
and what I love about them is when they start to look older get worn you can
just throw them away buy a new pair like once a month or something because
they’re only three dollars and I just gotten in the mail these items from the
company Eloise and Lolo on Instagram they sent me these are really cute
matching shirts for the boys and also this really awesome diaper backpack so I
will be sure and put a link for them down below after I had all of that stuff
put away then I went to tidy up the rest of the living room areas now I’m using those seventh generation
cleaning wipes just to wipe down a few surfaces in the living room area and
then I’m going to get out the vacuum and vacuum all of the floors and yes I am
using a new vacuum about a little over a month ago I got to work on a non youtube
related project with the company shark and so this is where this vacuum came
from it was really exciting to be able to work on that project with them and
yes I still do use my cordless vacuum I used that cordless vacuum or so on like
a daily basis just to do a quick sweep of the house so I usually use this shark
vacuum like once a week just to give the whole house a really good vacuuming
because as you can see this thing has amazing suction and you can just see by
all of those vacuum lines that it leaves in the carpet what an amazing job that
it does you so at this point I am still vacuuming
almost done vacuuming the carpets and then I’m going to work on vacuuming the
kitchen and it’s taking a while because I just like to take my time and do a
really good job when I do this once a week vacuuming with the shark vacuum
like I said I use my cordless one to do a quick vacuum every day so now we are going to make dinner and
I’m going to share that recipe with you but first I wanted to share with you
these five new meals that I’m going to try this week I opened up a new board on
my Pinterest and I called it weekly meals and these are the five new recipes
that I’m going to be trying this week I got the ingredients for these at the
grocery store and then after I make them if I like them I will keep them and save
them into a different board for recipes that I’ve made before and that I like
and then I will just add new recipes to this board to try each time before I get
groceries if that makes sense I just want to be more experimental and try new
recipes each week because I always end up sticking to the same recipes the
recipe that I’m making for dinner tonight is called one pan cheeseburger
pasta this looks like it’s really easy it also looks like something that the
boys are going to like but I realized when I unpacked my groceries that the
person who I did grocery pick up at fries and the person who got my
groceries they forgot to put my egg noodles in the bags and so I ended up
having to do a different type of noodles it didn’t turn out quite as good with
those types of noodles that I had to use it definitely would be better with egg
noodles so if you make it make sure that you use egg noodles but it was really
good everybody really enjoyed this recipe I hope that you enjoyed this
video today and don’t forget to go and enter that giveaway I will have all the
giveaway details typed up down in the description box and also down in the
comments thank you so much for watching I’ll see you in my next video


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