Low Oxalate Foods | Low Oxalate Salad Recipe

Low Oxalate Foods | Low Oxalate Salad Recipe

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yo what’s up everybody Michael A
Castaneda here with Diet kidney stone. in this video we’re gonna be making a low
oxalate salad and we’ll have three end results. You’ll notice it will have a lot
of different ingredients here. I also created a PDF download of a list of the
ingredients and the oxalate count for you, but that’s linked down below in the
description. We’re gonna start with the base, which is the lettuce and also kale.
The reason why it’s called a calcium oxalate diet is because calcium combines
to oxalates, so you’ll want to increase your calcium and you should do that
naturally rather than taking calcium supplements. I’m adding green and red
pepper into this salad not only for the vibrant colors, but also because they’re
not too high in oxalates. I have oil and unsalted butter in this pan we’re gonna
saute some onions and garlic and you’re gonna want to add the tilapia. It’s
important that you order fish that’s in season. I created a video in the past
where I talked about seafood watch.org the Monterey Bay Aquarium has a nice
resource for you. I like to add a little extra butter to the fish while it’s
cooking and some extra peppers just to give it some additional flavor. In
addition to that I also like to add corn which is an added benefit of additional
fiber. And the end result I think is a very vibrant salad. It’s gonna be good
for you it’s gonna be extremely low in oxalate. The highest oxalate are the
peppers but if you notice I’m not using an entire pepper. And don’t go anywhere
cuz we’re gonna do the same thing with the Ahi Tuna, the yellowfin tuna, which
was fished off of the East U.S. Coast if you’re not subscribed consider
subscribing because we focus on low oxalate dieting here. I have a goal of
reaching 1,000 followers just because that opens up a huge opportunity for
this channel and if you’re already subscribed thank you so much! Your
support means little world to me! We’re gonna do the same thing and make an
Ahi Tuna Steak, overall you’re gonna want to take about a minute and a half
on each side and you’ll see here I’m also gonna cook it on its side, so you
get a nice golden brown around the side of the fish. I accidentally overcooked it a
little bit because I was filming this at the time, but, oh, it was still delicious in the
end. With this salad you can choose to put meat on it or not, which is why I said
at the end you’ll have three different results, basically the salad by itself,
the salad with the tilapia, or the salad with the tuna, or you can put chicken,
or beef, or pork, or you know…go crazy! Corn will give you fiber, Kale will give you
calcium, lettuce will give you…I don’t know…hope and the tuna, you know dead
animals…I love it. Mmm, that was gross but…wow! My wife, she is not gonna see any of this,
I’m sorry hun [Not Sorry].

4 thoughts on “Low Oxalate Foods | Low Oxalate Salad Recipe

  • Michael A. Castaneda Post author

    What would you add to this salad? I tried to keep it simple…

  • Sondra Harris Post author

    I think I’ll use chicken, because I always have chicken on hand! I can’t have green peppers, so I’ll use red. Thank you for sharing culinary skills with us!! I hope you and yours are enjoying your weekend!!

  • Erika Wakefield Post author

    Hey! I just wanted to say thanks for all the help you have been giving me on my channel! I appreciate it! 🙌🏻 Great Video! And I love the way you do your descriptions 💪🏻

  • Sondra Harris Post author

    Miss seeing your videos!!

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