Learn Names of Fruit Vegetables & Nuts Vocabulary + Pronunciation British English Lesson

Learn Names of Fruit Vegetables & Nuts Vocabulary + Pronunciation British English Lesson

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Hello everyone and welcome back to “English with Lucy” Today I’ve got a vocabulary and pronunciation lesson for you. We are going to be talking about to pronounce Fruit , vegetables and nuts in English. In this video I am going to show you 42 different fruits , vegetables and nuts, with pictures and the pronunciation. It should help you improve both your vocabulary and your pronunciation. This video should be relevant for everyone. I wonder if you learn how to say : a new fruit , vegetable or nut in English. I am going to start of with more beginner vocabulary and move up towards advanced. Before we get started I would like just to thank the sponsor of today’s video.
It is Lingonda. Lingonda is an online language school where you can learn English , Spanish ,French , German and business English 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world as long as you have a stable internet connection. You learn with native, qualified teachers and when you complete enough courses , you get a CERF certificate ranging from A1 beginners to C2 which is very advanced. You follow a structured curriculum but you can choose from over 1000 classes , meaning that you can tailor your language classes to your profession and hobbies. If you want to try also the option of a free trial class. Lingoda have given me a special offer to pass on to you , if you click in the description box and sing up with a code : Lucy8 you will get a 25% discount on all Lingoda packages for your first month. That’s a really good deal!I’ve tried lingoda myself and i think it’s a fantastic way to improve your language skills and to practice with native , qualified teachers in a comfortable environment. Right, let;s get started with the lesson. Before I start talking to you about pronunciation , I would just like to mention fruit and vegetable. The two nouns. I often hear my students make a mistake . If you can correct you will sound much more native. Vegetable is a countable noun. Do you like this vegetable? No, I prefer these vegetables. When vegetables is in plural form we add an “s” to the end. Vegetable. Vegetables. Fruit, however is slightly different. It is an exception. It’s not an uncountable noun … but sometimes we do treat it an uncountable noun. If we want to talk about fruit in general, we wouldn’t say fruits , we would say fruit. In a supermarket you would see fruit and vegetables.Not fruits and vegetables. Rarely used with the plural “s” , except in phrases that require one. For example I ate 3 different fruits this morning. Now, let’s discuss pronunciation. I am going to start with fruit , simply because I am addicted to fruit, I love it , it’s my favorite food. Make sure you repeat after me. I am going to leave some time for you to practice your pronunciation. One Apple apple Number Two Banana Banana Number Three Orange Orange Four Lemon Lemon Five Lime Lime Lime Six Grape Grape Seven Plum Plum Eight Kiwi Kiwi Nine
Pear Pear Ten Strawberry Strawberry Eleven Blueberry Blueberry Twelve Fig Fig Thirteen Pomegranate Pomegranate Fourteen Pineapple Pineapple Fifteen Dragon Fruit Dragon Fruit Sixteen . My Favorite ! Watermelon Watermelon And seventeen There is a debate on this whether is a fruit or a vegetable . Tomato Tomato Ok , those were seventeen fruits. Comment down below with your favorite. I have already told mine. It’s watermelon. I love watermelon! Right. Let’s get started with vegetables.
One Carrot Carrot Two Potato Potato Number Three Pepper Pepper Remember this is British English. Sometimes pepper would mean something different in other country. Like the next one.
Four Chilli Chilli In some English speaking countries you would call a chilli , pepper . Sometimes to clarify we say chilli pepper. Five cucumber cucumber Six Aubergine Aubergine Seven Artichoke Artichoke Eight Onion Onion Nine Garlic Garlic Ten Avocado Avocado Eleven Asparagus Asparagus Twelve Broccoli Broccoli Thirteen Mushroom Mushroom Fourteen .
Okey this is a pickled cucumber . But it is important if you want a really good burger. Gherkin Gherkin Fifteen Radish Radish Sixteen Pea Pea And remember the plural ” peas ” is with a “z ” sound , not peace which is world peace. Seventeen.
Pumpkin Pumpkin And number Eighteen Perhaps a not quite a vegetable but still important. Ginger Ginger Right. Let’s move on to last part of this video the pronunciation of nuts. Number One Walnut Walnut Two Pistachio Pistachio Pistachio was the name of my rescue cat, who still leaves in Spain with my ex-boyfriends family. He was lovely. He is lovely. Number Three Brazil nut Brazil nut Four Peanut Peanut Five Hazelnut Hazelnut Six Macadamia Macadamia And number seven . The final one. Almond Almond
This is commonly mispronounced as A’l’mond or A”ll”ond. It should be Almond. Right. That’s it for today’s lesson. Don’t forget to comment down below with your favorites from this list. And don’t forget to check out lingonda, the link is in the description box and you can use my code Lucy 8 for 25 % discount off for your first month. You can also connect with me on all of my social media, I’ve got my Facebook, I’ve got my Instagram and I’ve got my Twitter. And I shall see you soon for an other lesson.

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