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Howdy folks hows it going welcome to my virgin
kitchen it’s Barry here and Kenneth good old Kenneth has asked me to make a layer salad
it’s right there the kids loved it I loved it everyones gonna love it good times.
Looks amazing right guys and I really hope you give it a go I’ve got to be honest with
you i’ve had a crazy old week i’ve been re-doing my website and it’s gonna look amazing there’s
one feature I think you’ll love where you can vote for my next video recipe so i’ll
let you know about that once it’s live things have been so frantic I gave myself 16 hours
off looking at my emails and I got a thousand overnight that’s how frantic it is with youtube
comments and stuff just to give you a bit of an indication but anyhow layer salad was
really popular back in the good old 1970’s although it was also frowned upon some people
said it gave salad a bad name which is potentially where bon jovi might have got inspiration
for his lyrics *sings bon jovi* (badly) so yep the cool thing is you can pretty much
layer it up with anything you want this is what I did with mine but let me know down
below what you would do with yours. So first up grab yourself a nice big transparent salad
bowl I plonked down some grated carrot first of all and gave it a little tap then poured
on some peas again a nice little tap to layer it out then I got some chunky mozzarella slices
so so good make sure it fills in the middle too then I got some cherry tomatoes too I
dumped them on then arranged it all neatly around the outside edge it’s important to
get that outside edge looking amazing next up I added some mixed salad leaves a good
old dump of that and scattered it all around again it’s gonna get flattened by the layers
above but it’s looking great then followed up with some orange bell pepper slices some
freshly chopped mango and a good old sprinkling of cheese before the final finale.
So yep for this finale I made an orange pepper mayonnaise grab a bowl of mayo grind on some
pepper some orange zest and a little squeeze of orange juice mix it together and spread
it on top of your huge bowl then you want to get some shredded chicken pieces that have
already been cooked, some crispy bacon bits that I fried up earlier and then one final
sprinkling of cheese and that my friends is a darn good looking salad.
Once you’ve made it all you want to do is keep it in thr fridge until you are ready
to gobble it up it tastes amazing I loved it and my girls did too hello Phoebe is that
nice yeah are you enjoying it yeah do you like the different colours yeah what is your
favourite bit in there out of all that the meat you mean the chicken good times and little
Chloe she is getting right in there enjoying it nice.
Don’t forget to let me know down below what you’d put in your layer salad the cool thing
is i’m not a rabbit I don’t like salad that much but you can customise it and make it
just the way you like so if you’re a vegetarian omit the meat all that kinda crazy stuff I
can’t wait to show you the website if you haven’t pre-ordered my book already make sure
you do you can get it delivered all around the World wherever you are also ebook and
kindle and ipad there’s this special version with like built in timers and stuff kinda
crazy and i’m happy to sign them all for you signing an ebook would be weird though maybe
i’ll sign your ipad I dunno how that works we’ll get around that and if you enjoyed this
video don’t forget to give it a thumbs up share subscribe and comment good times, see
you next time.

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