Japanese Grocery Store in America! Interviewed Japanese lover! アメリカの日系スーパー!日本大好きなアメリカンにインタビュー!

Japanese Grocery Store in America! Interviewed Japanese lover! アメリカの日系スーパー!日本大好きなアメリカンにインタビュー!

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This is Japanese grocery store in Houston. Right after you get inside you can see lots of Japanese snacks on
your left. Asian vegetables Chinese chives some people use it to make gyoza
Shiso leaves are Japanese herb. Shungiku. I don’t know the English name.
Who knows that ? Bamboo shoot I like stewed bamboo shoot. Japanese yum.Japanese
mushrooms!! Japanese noodles!! Pumpkins. Looks like
different right? Misos. Organic Tofu. Probiotics drinks which are called Calpico. Burdocks which are used to make Japanese food. This is Monaca
ice cream wrapped in soft waffles Canned fruit cocktail. I miss that Ramune cider. Lots of kinds of soy sauce.
We like thinly sliced beef to make Sukiyaki and Shabushabu. yum noodles to make sukiyaki. Japanese
tea area. My guest is Sergio. Can I ask your name? Sergio. He went to Japan before. Which part of Japan did you go to? Oh. I’ve been to Akita, Morioka I was in
Tokyo I was in Yokote. Yeah. I went went to Miyako and Amagari just
different parts. Yeah. Why(When) did you go there? ( I asked “when” but my English wasn’t understood. Lol) I went sightseeing, I went sightseeing. Go to Japan and enjoyed the culture.so, Wow!! How long have you been there? Um, I
was there I was there for a couple months.. a couple months yeah I have a friend that lives over
there. Oh, really! Is he a Japanese? Uh. No. He’s a Latino. He stays over there. How was Japan? It was beautiful! It was beautiful! I was for the Kantomatsuri, the Lantern Festival in Akita. I was there. That was really really beautiful.
Just like um and Miyako just really pretty though. Just the people are great.
They’re really really kind and it was a great experience. I definitely really liked when I was
over there we visited a lot of the Shinto shrines? Mm-hmm. Uhm, just the
spirituality over there was was something else something I had
experienced and to see that was very was it was just something new. It was very
impressive. Awesome. Did you learn how to pray at the shrine? I learned a little bit. I learned the steps of washing
your hands. You bow twice bow twice and you ring the bell twice. Great. It was awesome. Thank you so much for joining my video. No no. Thank you. This video is pretty cool. Did you come here, Seiwa because you like Japan? I went over there.. There’ was an opportunity. This Seiwa Market. .Yeah. Here. Oh. Seiwa Market, today? I can get some food. We are gonna go to the movies. to get some food. Like I miss the food in Japan. Because I was over there. Wow. so like a lot of the food there.Today I
was like you know I feel like Japanese , so Seiwa market today.
What kind of Japanese food do you like? Me? I like a lot of convenient food? That’s like fast, you know. Delicious and. Yeah. And fast and.. That was always convenient. That was great to see you Thank you so much for joining us. Okonomiyaki and Yakisoba Japanese sandwiches. Pork stewed in soy sauce. Sashimis!! Yum-yum!! Roll sushi. Have you seen this type of sushi? We really like this type of bento boxes all of them ready to eat
Octopus balls which are Takoyaki. Japanese sweets Japanese sweets are very elaborate to
make. Thank you so much for joining Sergio on my channel. He is amazing!!
I never forget this with Sergio. You made my day. Thank you so
much for watching. See you next time.

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