Jaboticaba & Sun Sapote Review – Weird Fruit Explorer Ep. 63

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Alright, I’m at the fruit and spice park in Miami, Florida. And this is a very cool park, because you can go Hunting around And any time you see anything that’s fallen on the ground You can eat it. So you can’t eat stuff that is on the trees, But if it falls Like This avocado. Like, I can eat this. If it wasn’t full of bugs I would eat it. So… I’m gonna go foraging for fallen fruit. Hopefully I will not get worms. But ah… Yeah, this is a pretty sweet place. If anyone is in… South Florida, go to the Miami… Or Miami’s Fruit and Spice Park. I’m gonna go… I’m going to turn this off. If I find anything, I’ll let you know. This is a Sun Sapote. There’s fruits around. I found this one. It actually looks like it might be edible. So I’m gonna try this one. Ehh, this’ll be a very clumsy video because I forgot my stand. But this is a Sun Sapote I picked this off the ground off of the side of the sun sapote tree, So it might not be perfectly ripe, but it’s fairly soft. I think it’s as ripe as it’s gonna get. So let me see… The flavor’s kind of like… That’s all I’m going to eat of that. The flavor’s kind of like a… Sapodilla. It doesn’t taste as much of like, mamey sapote. More like a sapadilla to me. Like a Chiku. I described Sapodillas as tasting kind like caramel-y tasting. A little bit like pumpkin. Like pumpkin pie. Kind of taste. It has that. Maybe if it was perfectly ripe it would be a little sweeter. This one isn’t like very sweet. It’s not as sweet as the sapodilla or the mamey sapote, But that might just be because it’s not perfectly ripe. It tastes good though. So that’s very interesting. I’ve never had a sun sapote before. Didn’t know such a thing existed. So it’s another one to tack down on my list. Very tasty I don’t know if mine is perfectly ripe, but it tastes ok. Ya know, it’s not… You can tell it’s not like 100%, but the flavor is good. It’s not giving me dry mouth, but it’s also very fibrous. Which is something that maybe goes away with the riper fruit, but it’s much more fibrous than any of the other sapotes I’ve had. But that’s all I’m going to say about that… That’s the Sun Sapote. I feel like I’m foraging… I think I can eat that. Yessss Ok, I’ve got a… Jaboticaba. And behind me you’ll see the trees. Jaboticaba tree right there. And the fruit actually grows on the bark of the tree. To eat it you crack it open and there’s this white pulp inside. It’s very good. It’s very sweet and strong tasting. Kind of hard to describe. It’s kind of like a grape but a little creamier. And it’s like more sour, almost how like a passion fruit is sour. Yeah, very interesting. The guy that showed me this, told me that this is edible but doesn’t taste good, So of course I’m going to eat it. It’s not that bad. I mean it’s not great. The inside is definitely tastier, but The outside is more like… A little more like… Green and herbal tasting. Kind of the way like a wampee tastes. But like a wampee… Yeah… Yeah, like the wampee skin I wasn’t able to eat at all, But this tastes like a very muted version of that, so A little bit kind of like wampee if you’re eating the skin. This one… I’m going to try it with the skin intact. This one doesn’t have a seed in it. Yeah, eating it with the skin tastes even more like a wampee. Because then you’re getting the little sweet thing. It’s got like a peppery taste when you eat it whole. Yeah… It’s like a little peppery, But also sweet and creamy. Very interesting… That’s a Jaboticaba fruit

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