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[BURNIE]: A great excuse for playing video games are that they improve your hand-eye coordination. That’s the excuse that I used to use when I was growing up. And a popular game, like Fruit Ninja here, proves that. But if that theory is really true, then playing this game on a mobile device, well — that should more than prepare a person to have fruit lobbed at their head at a high velocity while they try to cut it down with a samurai sword — — right? [IMMERSION THEME PLAYS] [BURNIE]: So, we’ve come out to our official Rooster Teeth outdoor dojo to find out if two idiots have what it takes to become real life video game ninjas. [GAVIN]: Thanks for flying us all the way to Asia. [BURNIE]: (laughs) Well, don’t thank me. Thank our sponsor, So, how are your ninja skills? [GAVIN]: Black belt! [MICHAEL]: Really? [GAVIN]: Yep. [BURNIE]: So, where did you get your black belt, Gavin? [GAVIN]: Found it over there on the floor. [BURNIE]: Really? So, you said — “I found something in the field, I might as well tie it to my head.” How about you, Michael? Any martial arts experience? [MICHAEL]: Did you see that? [BURNIE]: I did. I did. Alright, well I figured that you guys did not have any martial arts experience. That’s why I decided to bring out our resident ninja and lead animator: Mr. Monty Oum! [SMOKE PUFFS] [MONTY]: Good morning, disciples. As Rooster Teeth’s resident Asian — I am fully qualified to teach you in the art of Fruit Self Defense. Lesson one is stealth. Let the training begin! [ANOTHER POOF OF SMOKE] [MICHAEL]: (coughing) [GAVIN & MICHAEL]: (coughing) [GAVIN]: Were we supposed to disappear then? [BURNIE]: No, just look — he’s right over there. Just go over there. [BURNIE]: Okay, Gus. How we doing this? [GUS]: Alright, so we set up special stages for Michael and Gavin to show off their super ninja skills. [BURNIE]: So, what? They’re just going to be standing there while fruit pops up in front of them? That sounds pretty easy. [GUS]: It does sound pretty easy. That’s why we brought this giant sling shot to fire the fruit very, very rapidly. [BURNIE]: So, we’re going to be shooting fruit directly at them just like in a real world fruit attack scenario? [GUS]: I’m telling you, that’s not a thing. [BURNIE]: It doesn’t matter. Here’s the way that this is going to work: every time Michael or Gavin hits a piece of fruit, they get one point. If they hit the special piece of fruit, which is a frozen piece of fruit, they give five points. The person with the most points after three rounds wins science for the episode. [GUS]: Man, I really hope they learn something from Monty. [BURNIE]: I hope so, too. [TRAINING MONTAGE.] [GAVIN]: (screaming) [BURNIE]: Alright, well it looks like Gavin is in position. Let’s start this off. In three, Two, One, Begin! [GAVIN]: Jesus. [GUS]: You’d think his experience with cricket would make him a lot better. [BURNIE]: Oh, there’s a solid hit. [GUS]: Oooh, that’s nice! [BURNIE]: He’s showing his sliver of atheleticism. [GUS]: That’s what I was expecting from the sliver of arms. [BURNIE]: (laughs) [GAVIN]: Fuckin hell! [BURNIE & GUS]: OOOOOH. [BURNIE]: Alright, that will do for round one for Gav. [GUS]: Oh, looks like Michael’s up now. [MICHAEL]: OH, SHIT! [BURNIE]: There goes his helmet! [GUS]: That’s penalty. Safety first. [MICHAEL]: Woah, fuck! [GUS]: Looks like he’s going for a blender type maneuver. Good one! [BURNIE]: Nice! [GUS]: Wow! [BURNIE]: I feel like we should be making notes — some kind of data of some kind. Okay — for round two, they’re going to face double the amount of scientists. [GUS]: Very impressive number of misses there. [BURNIE]: Very impressive. [GUS]: Oh, that was a nice one! [BURNIE]: That was a great one. [GUS]: Another good one! He’s on a fucking roll. [BURNIE]: Alright, well he’s given up the sword — he’s going for the nunchucks. [BURNIE & GUS]: (laughing) [GUS]: If he– (laughing) [BURNIE]: Alright, now he’s back to the sword. And here’s the frozen fruit. [GAVIN]: (strained noises) [BURNIE]: (laughing) [GUS]: He’s getting hit by more than he’s actually hitting. [GUS]: Wow! [BURNIE]: (still laughing) [GUS]: Ouch! [BURNIE]: Alright! That’s enough. Let’s get Michael in there. C’mon! [GUS & BURNIE]: Ohh, right in the face! [GUS]: Good one! [MICHAEL]: Aw, shit! [BURNIE]: Aww, his helmet came off! And now he’s using it as a weapon. Scientists, aim higher. [GUS]: Dropped the sword, going for the nunchucks. [BURNIE]: Oh, nice! [GUS]: OOH, was that in the dick!? [BURNIE]: One of our scientists is getting a raise. [GUS]: He does not have the form of Bruce Lee. [MICHAEL]: (yelling) [BURNIE]: Alright! Oh, and he caught a banana. That’s not any points, but congratulations. Good job! Alright, for round three we want to see some real fruit carnage. So, Gus. Let’s call in the reserve scientists. [GUS]: — No! [BURNIE]: Yes! Let’s empty out the labs. [GUS]: We’ve never used them before! They’re untested. [BURNIE]: Well, we’ve — never had enough lab coats before. Amazon had a sale. [GUS]: Oh, cool. [SCIENTISTS]: FOR SCIENCE!! [GAVIN]: ( SCREAMING) [GAVIN]: ( CONTINUED SCREAMING. ) [GAVIN]: (noises) [GAVIN]: My nob! [GAVIN]: (continued screaming) [GAVIN]: (screaming) [GUS]: PEOPLE LIKE GRAPES, GAVIN! [BURNIE]: Alright, let’s bring in Michael for the final round. [MICHAEL]: Holy, shit! OH, FUCK, STOP — [BURNIE]: Alright well, today I think we learned a lot about fruit management and– [GAVIN]: We didn’t learn anything! [BURNIE]: What are you talking about!? [GAVIN]: — less scientific every week! This is how this one happened: Let’s — Let’s throw fruit at Michael and Gavin. What game is that? Like, Fruit Ninja? Yeah, alright. [GUS]: To the — man, it may appear that way. [BURNIE]: Yeah, it would. Yeah. [GAVIN]: Bollocks. [BURNIE]: At least you had training from Monty! Did the training help? [GAVIN]: Useless! No help at all! [BURNIE]: If you were going to battle with real fruit, would you take the katanas or would you take the nunchucks? [GAVIN]: I’d take the fruit! Deadly! [BURNIE]: Well, I got to say — if we scored this based on how much you guys hit fruit with your body, your scores would be a lot higher. But just based on scoring with the weapons, this week’s challenge goes to Michael. You are the winner of science. Alright, well! Tune in next time on Immersion — uh, where we’ll move our way up to vegetables. I guess. [GUS]: We get some broccoli. subtitles by @paokous.

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