IIFYM | Full Day of Eating | Groceries | Ep. 5 Lean Hulk Bulk

IIFYM | Full Day of Eating | Groceries | Ep. 5 Lean Hulk Bulk

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{Music} Welcome guys to another day of eating. So
basically this is what im having this morning. Quest bar, Probiotic, Apple cider vinegar
in here a black tea and then my supplements. So theres odourless garlic, glucosamine sulphate,
vitamin d, omega 3 6 9 and a multivitamin. So im going have this. Got to apologise because
the washing machine is going crazy. Hit the gym and ill see you in a bit. (Music)
Right just got back from the gym. Got to see whats in the fridge. What i have got is 250g
of white rice, spinach and some tuna. Erm ill rustle that up and show you what it looks
like in a minute. So this is what we are rocking with. This is a post workout meal. Its around
450 calories so its not that much. Just done a quick shop, got some lopsided bread, peppers,
cheese, spinach i think i go through bags of this a week, a few more bananas, dark chocolate,
packs of chicken, real chicken, some milk, probiotics. So im probabaly going to eat something
now. Im not sure what videos coming out first but i had a block of this the other day. And
its nasty. that explains why it was on offer. Just mix up some bliueberries with some rice
pudding. And its only like 200 calories so its a good snack. A couple of hours have gone
so im going to have two apples and some plain greek yoghurt. Ive got some Waldens syrup
as well which is zero calories that im going to probably add. So this is the waldens syrup.
This is the greek yoghurt. So we got that and ive just got basically two apples that
i just found in the fridge. So i was basically going to erm open this greek yoghurt and it
looks like somebodies already done it for me. Somebodies just erm kind of helped themselves
to some of it so im not going to eat that. Right we have to think of something else to
have. I dont know. (music) Ok im just going to have 10 crackers and basically
a box of this so thats about 500 calories. So basically i just got three chappatis a
bit of spinach, mushrooms and some ketchup. And then im just going to basically weigh
these chicken breasts, chop them into little pieces put them on there, have some wraps
then hopefully, erm i mean its 7 o clock now so i reckon ill probably have one more big
meal, think i got about 8 900 calories left to hit after this, then ill catch you at the
next meal. Its now 5 past 9, just had a shower, chickens
digested, it didnt sit too well with me. Going to finish macros now so i got about 8 900
calories left. What im going to do is basically have this and ive just weighed it erm and
theres only like 200g left which is about 700 calories, well 750 and i thought ill have
some milk with it. Ill put the whole calories on the screen, for yourselves and then thats
basically it. So today i tried to keep it healthier, tried to keep it a bit more in
tact with what i kind of do, i will kind of eat good nutritious food all throughout the
day. Again guys thanks for watching, please do like the video, subscribe if you havent
already subscribed. Share this shit erm and thats about it. Thanks for watching guys.

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