How to Make Tomato Soup : Chop Celery & Potatoes for Tomato Soup Recipe

How to Make Tomato Soup : Chop Celery & Potatoes for Tomato Soup Recipe

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My name is Brandon Sarkis on behalf of Expert
Village and I am making tomato soup. All right so now we are going to chop up the rest of
our vegetables. First things first, we will do celery. A lot of people won’t tell you
this but this part of the leaves in the celery make it nice and bitter which you don’t want.
I’m just going to snap those off and also on the end, the white part is the only part
of the celery you don’t want so I am going to cut that off just like that; kind of got
away from me a little bit. Now it doesn’t really matter how we cut this stuff up because
the fact that we are going to be pureeing everything, I don’t want to cut in to too
big of pieces so I am going to do small chunks. Once again, holding my knife like I did earlier
with my thumb up on one side and your hand on the other so that you’ve got control of
it. I’m going to take this hand and I am going to keep these fingers well out of harms way.
I’m going to curl them under like this so that I don’t chop off the end of my finger.
So just a nice even chop here. If you will notice, I am using my thumb to kind of push
through kind of like this as I get towards the end so that way I am keeping my thumb
out of harms reach too. All right I’ve got a couple of pieces that got away from me.
So there’s that. We are just going to take this and this is how it is going to go. You
can do a couple of things with your ends and pieces. Obviously throw them in your trash,
throw them in a compost pile in your back yard or you can actually keep these and put
them in a pan and make your own vegetable stock for the next time you make something.
You can take all of your onion pieces, celery pieces, tomato ends, it doesn’t matter. As
long as they are not bad, you can throw them in a pot with some water that will reduce
for half a day and you will have really great fresh vegetable stock and you don’t have to
pay for it which is always nice. Next thing we are going to do is the potato. Potatoes
are super super simple. We are just going to cut this into small pieces also. If you
notice, this potato is kind of weird shaped, kind of flat. So to get a smaller piece, I
am cut it across the narrow side so that the potato slices are big as opposed to being
this wide,they are about an inch and half wide. We’ll do just a couple of cuts across
here to make them a little smaller so we are basically just going to take this potato and
just dice it up. Same rules apply. One carefully diced up potato.

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