How to Make Salmon Salad Sandwich ~ Leftover Salmon Recipe

How to Make Salmon Salad Sandwich ~ Leftover Salmon Recipe

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It’s not a tuna salad sandwich but it is
a salmon salad sandwich. This salmon salad is a great recipe for
leftover salmon. Stay tuned! I’m Tess and welcome to my
kitchen. I made some salmon fillets last night
for dinner and I have a little over a pound left so I thought I would make
some salmon salad. I’m adding some traditional ingredients
like celery, green onions and you gotta have some hard-boiled eggs in there. I’m chopping the celery and green onions
in fine pieces and keeping the eggs a little chunky. It’s all in preference. To highlight the
salmon I’m adding some fresh chopped capers. Lemon and salmon were meant to go together! Capers are sometimes found in tartar
sauce so they will be a nice compliment to the salmon and adding some flavor and saltiness. I’m just getting everything chopped and
ready. The salmon I just cooked with a little
salt, white pepper and lemon. The salmon was refrigerated overnight
and now I’m taking off the skin and this comes off rather easily. Just loosen one end and give a pull. This
will come off and you can scrape the rest with a knife. I’m also scraping off the brown layer
bloodline found between the pink salmon and skin. This is edible but I’m removing for
presentation just taking a fork and flaking off pieces of the salmon. I want to keep the pieces chunky so
everyone knows what they’re eating and I think it is more satisfying. All right! Let’s put everything together!
In a large bowl I’m adding some mayonnaise and I’m starting off with
three quarters of a cup. I don’t like a salad real wet so I’m
starting off with a small amount and I may add some later. To keep it healthier
you can use yogurt if you wish. Adding a squirt of Dijon mustard , the
green onions, celery, capers and fresh dill. You can add whatever seasonings you
like. Add your favorite seafood or cajun seasoning. I’m also adding some chopped pimentos
which will add some flavor and color. I really like pimentos in a salad. Next
zest of a lemon for a pop of brightness! Again, lemons and salmon love each other! In go the chopped hard-boiled eggs, a little salt. Not too much and some white pepper.
If you don’t have white pepper you can use black pepper. Giving that a good mix to make sure
everything is well combined. Now I’m adding the salmon and lightly
folding and mixing so I don’t break up the salmon any further. I want it to be
chunky. This is going to make 4 nice large
servings. You can get six smaller portions. This
salmon salad is rich, good and goes a long way. If you like this salmon salad recipe
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You can also find me on Facebook and Tess Cooks4u blog. You never know what i might be cooking
and feel free to share this with your friends and family. Covering and refrigerating for at least
two hours before serving. So let’s fix a sandwich! I have a seeded
bun with some lettuce and tomato and on the side i have a miriad of fresh
veggies. You can keep this slow carb and serve in
a lettuce wrap OR over a leafy green garden salad. This salmon salad turned out so good! You can really taste the salmon and it’s
just enhanced with the capers, dill and lemon. A great sandwich that will sure to
impress your friends and family! Another great way to serve the salmon
salad is making a salmon melt. I have some oat bran bread and I’m
spreading the salmon salad over the bread. Adding some tomatoes and topping with some baby swiss cheese. Placing in a 400 degree oven until heated through and the cheese is bubbly and melted. Ahhhhh! Look at that! It smells so good! I’m not done! Did i mention this is
breakfast time? I’m adding a poached egg on top. Oh My! The egg took this right over the top! It
was insanely good! Next time you have some leftover salmon
give this salmon salad recipe a try. If you like salmon I am sure you will like this recipe.
Thanks for watching and until next time… Enjoy! And Thanks so much for joining me here
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Until next time… Much Love!

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