How to Eat Healthier: Eat Veggies 5x a Day | Keri Glassman

How to Eat Healthier: Eat Veggies 5x a Day | Keri Glassman

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I’m so excited about today’s video
because I feel like this is something I talk about seriously every single day.
People still say to me I can’t get vegetables in, I know I’m supposed to eat
vegetables but I can get them in and everybody said there’s so much
information out there that just says eat your vegetables eat your vegetables but I find that
when you just tell people eat your vegetables eat your vegetables you need more vegetables
it goes in one ear and out the other and it doesn’t mean that much to people research even has shown that eating
vegetables seven times the day significantly lowers your risk of death
from cancer heart disease and stroke you know what that means that veggies
your life yes veggies can save your life vegetables are loaded with antioxidant
they’re loaded with fiber and water volume water volume alone is important
because it actually helps keep you full and we know that hydration is so
important soI hope I’ve convinced you you probably already even actually were
a believer in the power of veggies but you may be having trouble like I said so
many people are getting them in so I’m gonna show you a way that you can get
vegetables in throughout your entire day Hey Everyone! I’m Keri Glassman, welcome to your most
nutritious life starting at breakfast and ending at
dinner you can sneak vegetables in and it’s not that hard you don’t have to be
a gourmet chef you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen you don’t have to shop every single day you
can do it I promise you ok so let’s do this breakfast if you normally have eggs at
breakfast and you think you had to have passed hard-boiled egg scramble eggs
really quickly for go to work you can scramble eggs with some mushrooms
spinach or some peppers in the same exact amount of time I actually had a
client say to me well I’ll do a big veggie scramble on the weekends but not
during the week I don’t have time for that if you’re scrambling an egg during the
week or even if you just normally making some oatmeal you can scramble eggs and
add some veggies in the exact same amount of time if you run out the door
with something then you know what premake little egg quiches a healthy
type and I’ll give you a recipe below that you can just pop into the microwave
you can get in veggies that way you can do even a green juice with let’s say a
yogurt on the run with not obviously a lot of added sugar so we don’t want tons
of fruit in that green juice or times about any other form of added sugar but just a basic green juice
which you can find even deli’s now are celling types of greens you so no excuse
not to get some veggies in even in the morning ok so then let’s go to your
snack you might grab some nuts obviously a super healthy snack compared
to many other options but couple those not with some veggies red pepper that maybe you satuteed in your scramble in the morning Leave some to the side and add them to
your snack or make something you normally go for chips and want something
savory make something like a zucchini chips on the weekend to make a big batch
and then individually bagged them or just just keep a big bag of them in your
office so there are ways to get in veggies and still satisfy your different
cravings ok so lunch if you normally have a thousand you have greens and
cucumber and tomatoes and into additional veggies adding some red
peppers added mushroom adding roasted asparagus or if you do a
sandwich and you normally just have a basic sandwich with mustard and cheese, add in some sprouts, add in sliced tomato. tomato so there are no I mean it’s
really not that difficult if you just focus and push yourself on adding it in
a notice I didn’t think take anything out this is another point I want to make
some challenging you to get in a vegetable at breakfast snack lunch snack
and dinner right now because by the way I’m challenging you to do that I’m not
telling you to take anything out right now so even if you’re having a big ol
cheeseburger at lunch just make sure you get in a big salad on the side because right
now I really just want you to focus on getting into the habit and making it
making it into your normal M.O. to get in veggies at every single eating
opportunity if you are a burger junkie out there and you’re really thinking ok
Keri I do fries and bacon cheeseburgers right now there’s no way I’m adding more
veggies to a salad because I’m not even eating salad yet what I want you to do is get rid of the bacon and add lettuce and tomato that’s all you have to do right now you
don’t even need to get rid of that cheeseburger yet just add in the lettuce
and tomato I know you can do it now lets go to afternoon snack if you’re
the type of person that normally goes for some pretzels or maybe even skips
a snack make a big batch of something like a quinoa or a bulgur tabouli
on the weekend and package up a little bit of that and if youre at home and really
no excuse because you can easily bring this to work but again at home no excuse you
can even chop up a few more veggies and added on top if tabouli is still to
gourmet too much work and you use your fridge to store your sweaters and you’re
not gonna be doing any cooking on the weekend or any prepping I have another
option for you if you’re already being healthy having something like an apple
and peanut butter which by the way is an awesome snack but if you want to add in some veggies you can swap out
that Apple for celery. Celery with peanut butter is actually a snack I grew up on
and I love it and if you haven’t tried it I promise you you will love it or put
a little almond butter instead of the peanut butter sprinkle a little cinnamon
so easy that celery. And celery by the way has health benefits it’s not just water it’s
a lot of water but it’s not just water and it counted counts as one of your
veggies that I want you to get in throughout the day let’s get to dinner maybe for dinner you
normally have roasted chicken and a baked potato and maybe maybe even are
doing a great job and having a salad first. Well you know what? Add in one more veggie add-in roasted
cauliflower or roasted broccoli and kids by the way love roasted broccoli and
cauliflower I know that for a fact this is not just my kids i’m talking that
they love them lots of kids I have lots of come through my house and I swear they
love the burnt veggies but make a big batch of them ahead of time and you can
either heat them up or you know throw them onto a salad the next day but also if you are
making them that night you think you don’t have time I promise you you have
time. If you’re grilling chicken or even if you’re just microwaving leftover
chicken by the time you microwave the chicken you can have the cauliflower
chopped up drizzle a little oil a little bit of sea salt and pepper put it in the oven and by the time you
go through your mail from coming home from work will pretty much be done lots
of ways to get your veggies in throughout the entire day don’t focus on
other habits need to change things you can’t eat I want you to focus on getting
them in because veggies yes can save your life ok so remember I’ve challenged you. You
don’t have to take anything out you don’t have to change anything else about
your diet right now but I want you to get in a veggie at every single meal breakfast
snack lunch snack dinner and if you skip a snack or even a meal I wanted you to double up
at the next time you eat I know you can do it and leave me some comments tell me
how you do and tell me your quick and easy ways that you’ve incorporated
veggies into your life.

5 thoughts on “How to Eat Healthier: Eat Veggies 5x a Day | Keri Glassman

  • Kitty Lee Post author

    I changed the topping on my baked potato, instead of sour cream and shredded cheese I used a cup of mushrooms sauted in butter along with about a cup of steamed spinach. It was so good.

  • Evgen Mozolevski Post author

    I learn about diet thanks to Woo&Pep.

  • Senorita Aurora Post author

    I have a green smoothie with my breakfast, lunch I will add a side salad or have a wrap with peppers or tomatoes added and recently I've been having home made vegetable soup for dinner or making a side salad with dinner if having something else.

  • Oleah Morris Post author

    I use a Foodsaver. How do you preserve your veggies?

  • jerri Sow Post author

    Why red peppers and not the cheaper green

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