Healthy Habits Infographics – Vegetables

Healthy Habits Infographics – Vegetables

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Building Strong Foundations: Simple steps
to a healthy, active child Brought to you in part by Cincinnati’s Nutrition Council A balanced meal contains most of the
food groups grains, vegetables, meats and beans, and dairy however federally sponsored surveys show that
fewer than fifteen percent elementary school age children eat the recommended
daily servings of vegetables as a result the majority of children
today have a higher chance of eating fatty foods which can lead to obesity and
other chronic diseases Getting your kids to vegetables can be difficult but there are simple solutions try serving vegetables first when
everyone is at their hungriest encourage them to finished before moving
on to the rest of the meal Or try vegetables into foods your kids love
like adding peas to mac and cheese tomatoes mushrooms and greens peppers inside an omlet celery topped with peanut butter or
frozen vegetables mixed into spaghetti sauce be creative! finally expose your child to vegetables
outside of the dinner table Studies show that children who participate
in gardening greatly increase their daily vegetable
intake other fun activities include shopping
and preparing vegetables together theses are only a few examples to start
building strong healthy foundations for more information, contact us at or call us at (513) 631 – 3262

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