Harvesting Carrots and Other Root Vegetables

Harvesting Carrots and Other Root Vegetables

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Hey everybody, it’s Christy from Gardenerd
and today we’re harvesting carrots. Ta-da! I get a lot of questions from people about
how to know when to harvest carrots, parsnips, and beets and all those root vegetables. And
the answer is right here in this finger. Your index finger is the key to knowing when to
harvest. The trick is you stick your finger in the soil, and you feel around the diameter
of that vegetable. So for example, with carrots here, I’m running my finger around and I can
see that this is still very small and so I’m not going to pick it, even though the foliage
is looking pretty big. But another carrot might have smaller foliage but I feel around
there and it looks pretty big. That’s pretty good. So, stick your finger in there, expose
the diameter, feel the shoulders of the carrot, and pull it if it feels, if it looks to you
like it’s big enough. Now, sometimes, most of the time, when you pull a carrot that’s
about an inch in diameter it’s going to be about this long. Sometimes, this is part of
life, you pull something up that’s this wide and it’s only that long. Such is life. But
for the most part you can do pretty good. See these carrots were…these carrots were
all harvested today using the technique. So use your index finger, harvest with ease and
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5 thoughts on “Harvesting Carrots and Other Root Vegetables

  • Larry342516 Post author

    Thank you for the tip. Gotta say you are so cute. Your hubby is a lucky guy. Love your cat too. Thanks for the video.

  • Andrew Cheeseman Post author

    I am lucky! Thanks for another useful video, Ms. Gardenerd! Yours, -Mr. Gardenerd.

  • Markanthony Miranda Post author

    That had to be your most gardenerdiest video yet. Keep up the good work.

  • Fensterfarm Greenhouse Post author

    I have been asked the same question several times but I never thought to tell my subscribers to give their veggies the finger before… Sorry, I couldn't pass that one up! 🙂

  • S Williams Post author

    "Such is life!"

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