Harusame Noodle Salad 春雨サラダの作り方♪ – OCHIKERON – CREATE EAT HAPPY

Harusame Noodle Salad 春雨サラダの作り方♪ – OCHIKERON – CREATE EAT HAPPY

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100 thoughts on “Harusame Noodle Salad 春雨サラダの作り方♪ – OCHIKERON – CREATE EAT HAPPY

  • May Post author

    Welcome backk 😁😁😁

  • 太陽女神 Post author


  • Robincat Post author

    Love you ochikeron! So glad you are back <3

  • ochikeron Post author

    thank you for your love, support and understanding for my passion. you my viewers always inspire me to create videos!!! i am feeling way better now!!!


  • Myth Dragia Post author

    welcome back 😘😘😘

  • Michaela Alcordo Post author

    So happy to see you back!!! 🙂

  • ochikeron Post author

    please correct if the title translation in your language is wrong. thank you 🙂 or i can add if it is not available in your language~ "Harusame Noodle Salad"

  • ochikeron Post author

    you can add subtitles in your language from here:

  • felix dekker Post author

    I have a restaurant in Spain and in my menu are ideas from you , thanks to help me to understand the japanese food , gracias

  • Themis Post author

    That looks delicious, I will try it out :3

  • Michael Alotaya Post author

    Good to see you back <3

  • Jazmen Dale Post author

    wow I actually made this last night!! thanks for the idea!! it was amazing with & without lemon juice!! Thank you!!

  • Nevamistaken11 Post author

    I love everything you create.

  • adam Post author

    Yayy more recipes!!! Love you lots!❤️

  • Shara Day Post author

    Thank you for cold food ideas in this hot summer! They look very refreshing!

  • Only Oni Post author

    I'm glad you're back. Ignore the haters, bad tabloids usually tend to manipulate people's words. WE SUPPORT YOU!

  • Choky choki Post author

    I saw 春雨サラダin 深夜食堂(comics) And I always wonder what it taste like,now I got the recipe and I want to try it out!Thank you for your amazing work!

  • LumaLazuli Post author

    This looks really good, I wonder if I will be able to find Harusame noodles near me.

  • Steve NG Post author

    u are so lovely, nice mama
    i love this channel so much although i dont read any japanese

  • Mg Riu Post author

    yayy! i'm glad you are feeling better now! we will always try to cheer you up ♡♡♡ i loooove your videos♡ never give up, we love you!

  • Anonimas Post author


  • Hajime Soujo Post author

    Yay, you are back. Do your best girl❤️

  • Weiwei Lee Post author

    Glad that ur fine now of what happened with the incident 😬😝

  • Masa ON Post author

    여름에 먹기에 딱 이네요! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Jessy Oh Jessy Post author

    I'm not vegetarian, but I don't particularly care for eggs, do you have a suggested substitute for the egg?

  • Elizabeth Post author

    It looks so yummy!

  • indrabar Post author

    ooh I have all the ingredients for this! I will make it for lunch!

  • Fresca Alexandre Post author

    so fresh 😆

  • snv648 Post author

    Best thing when you're pregnant , finding a food you can really enjoy eating ; ). I think baby liked the fork better than the cherries!

  • のあ Post author


  • Serena Skye Post author

    Welcome back!!! This recipe seems like a perfect summer bento side dish! 😀

  • Hiroka Nakzawa Post author

    i wish you had a wonderful break. i barely started watching your videos and they r great. i tried making mochi ice cream from your other video and i loved it. i messed up few times but as i got practice more and more my siblings and i r having fun making food and tastes really good too.
    ochikeron san no stukuru video nara, uchino imouto to otouto to ishoni mimashita. itsumo imouto ga new no video stukuta ka miyou to ittemasu. donna video wo tsukuruka tanoshimidesu. korekaramo yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

  • snowygurl Post author

    Can this be made and kept overnight in the fridge so that I can bring it to work for lunch the next day? I'm scared that the cucumbers will sweat and turns soggy.

  • kazuko kusakari Post author

    it looks SO refreshing and especially perfect for when the weather is hot and/or humid. the sauce goes well with harusame or somen noodles in a salad (I use this  same sauce when I make Hawaiian somen salad). I will be making your version of harusame noodles very soon! thank you for sharing!

  • CristineeJ Post author

    This is cery similar to korean food 'japchae'

  • lindalou83 Post author

    yum! Will deffo make this!

  • IceQueen975 Post author

    This looks soooooo yummy!!!

  • Nalani Pimentel Post author

    Ok, stupid question, cellophane? What exactly is it? I know I can Google it, but I want to know from you since cooked with it. I always thought it was some sort of plastic for packaging…

  • 甘糖沛 Post author

    that's good in summer!

  • jaom181 Post author


  • Kimberly Holt Post author

    This sounds delicious!! Definitely trying this summer.

  • Easy Breezy Post author

    Welcome back ♡

  • Taste The International Post author

    Soooooo happy that you are back 😀 cant live without watching your videos 😍😍

  • Nitsuj chan Post author

    your family is just soo cute and your a great cook omg this channel is awesome

  • Jo Lo Post author

    Looks delicious! Gives me a great idea for the food I have in my fridge (I don't have ham- there's grilled chicken, though). Just had lunch, but hungry again lol

  • Angelina Vigil Post author

    This looks like a good side dish for bento!

  • Aseneth Luna Post author

    thanks Ochikeron…that salad looks so good! I was salivating through the whole video😆. I am so glad to see yiu in good spirits!♡

  • Tarsila Sartori Nascimento Post author

    I love harusame salad with kani kama and cucumber! ❤

  • えみ Post author

    私は、もともと料理は好きだったのですが今までは自分が食べたいものを適当に作る感じだったのでバリエーションが少なくて( ˃ ⌑ ˂ഃ )

    先日のテレビちょうど見てましたがこのチャンネルを見てる人はおちけろんさんの気持ちわかってると思います!テレビなんて嘘ばっかりだしあまり気にせずにこれからも頑張ってください( ˊᵕˋ )♡


  • Grylls L Post author


  • shadrakbindi Post author

    Just made this! It's delicious, thanks for the idea!

  • yellowme07 Post author

    Looks so good ! I am definitely going to do this one 👍

  • Cari Cheng Post author

    hmmmmm!!! looks dericious and refreshing!! definitely will try this when the summer gets hot! great idea for dinner 🙂

  • Unique Designs by Monica Post author


  • Dual Love Post author

    She actually does sing in the same voice of your Songs!. Such a cutie 💕

  • closetwarrior Post author

    This looks super tasty and really good for summer :9 And welcome back Ochikeron! We missed you 😀

  • Nico Eger Post author

    7,020th view 😋 also was never this early, love your vids.

  • studywithinmilk Post author

    I made this and oh my gosh it was sooo good!!:O

  • unknowndeoxys00 Post author

    Wow, I just noticed how long your hair is here! 😮 😀

  • Samantha Roars Post author

    Wow, I didn't keep track of the days and I see you posted and I'm like "Nahhh gotta be old… She's on a break– wait 11hrs ago?!" Glad you're back!!!
    Love your videos, I plan to use some recipes for school. I'd love to see quick lunches for college students.

  • Lavendelblauen Post author


  • Hi Honey Post author

    Wow, this looks amazing, and easy to make Thank you

  • Jay Jay Post author

    Omg I want some egg rolls right now😢🍴

  • cosmo_rebeljdal97 Post author

    Hey Ochikeron. Not sure if u will see this but I just want to tell you that I really enjoy your videos. They are so cute and simple. You put so much effort into them and I really admire how determined you are. You really care about your viewers! I look foward to making this dish 🙂

  • kattkat08 Post author

    That salad looks really good! Great for a hot day! Also I was so happy to see you are feeling better! Keep on smiling!

  • Janice Ang Post author

    hi Ochikeron , thanks for sharing this recipe. its perfect for summer food.
    May i know if it is ok to keep the mixture in the fridge first and only squeeze the lemon juice when you about to served?

  • Yuuki Post author

    Welcome back Ochikeron ~
    I just wanted to say I saw your previous video on the break, I think it's ridiculous they cut so much stuff to make you look bad. Even if you do earn money from YouTube, you are spending time making the video and coming up with new recipes, so it's essentially your job. Who cares about what they say . オチケロンさんの動画が大好きですから、インタビューの事、落ち込まないでね!(^∇^)

  • felix dekker Post author


  • Qy Amelia Post author

    clever girl, your daughter 🙂

  • lilseena Post author

    Wow, so easy to make! I will make this tomorrow! 🙂

  • Arvin Dimalanta Post author

    ill try this next week!! thanks for the recipe!

  • maikor3 Post author

    look so refreshing perfect for summer. i want to see your baby's face

  • Alifa Alvita Post author

    Is this the type of salad you can refrigerate and bring it as a lunch meal? Or an immediately need to eat after cooked type of salad?

  • It's Just Milk I Swear Post author

    i love cutting into thin strips.

  • Yes Honey Yes Post author

    This looks delicious! 😀

  • La Lu Post author

    I like you video.. Please upload more video of your cooking. You are the best………👍👍

  • OldPkeFan Post author

    Never notice til now, but your hair is super long.

  • jessie chen Post author

    can you make a recipe for tiramisu cakes please?

  • shellyscorner Post author

    Hello ochikeron! i just SO LOVE what you do! But, I'm curious about something. I was recently diagnosed as a Type II diabetic! Well, really it was the end of Feb. so it'll have been 5 months on 7/26/16! When diagnosed my A1C was 10.8% and my sugar was 385! Much too high! So after doing some research, I realized that I didn't have to take medication for it, all I had to do was to limit my carbohydrate intake to 60g/day or less! Since then, my A1C is down to 6.2 % and dropping! And my sugar is back within normal limits, as in below 100 with I test it first thing in the morning before eating breakfast. And the best part is that I did almost all of it inside of three months after being diagnosed! Needless to say, my doctor is quite surprised AND PLEASED!!!

    So all that said, I don't suppose you could give me an idea of what the carbohydrate count is in each serving! It would be so awesome is would be really awesome if under each of your videos you could included the nutrition information for each recipe! I know it's asking a lot of you, but it would sure make it easier to tell if what your cooking is something that I can eat as is, OR whether or not I could easily make the changes to create the same dish in low carb format! Thanks for your time! And please know! I REALLY LOvE YOUR WORK!!! You have CRAZY MAD COOKING SKILLS!!!

  • JunAttic Post author

    hi Ochikeron,i would like to know how your noodles doesn't stick all together,it's because you washed with cold water?And it is possible to use another kind of thin noodles in this recipe?Thanks and sorry for my english

  • Noxmoony Post author

    Yum! This looks so fresh and delicious!! Also little baby is growing well >w< She can sing too omg sooo cute!!
    And those cherries looked so fresh and lovely..I've only ever seen radioactive looking cherries XD

  • Candy Apple Post author

    Glad to have you back! Hope you're doing well! 🙂

  • Maurits Post author

    Thank you for this!! I'm gonna make this tonight!

  • STOOL PIGEON Post author

    uh… will ya marry me? (● ̄(エ) ̄●)

  • Rebecca Smith Post author

    looks おいしい

  • Sophie Vanderbilt Post author

    Aww your daughter sounds so cute at the end! My niece makes "mmmm" sounds now, too! (And sings!) She's 14months old. She also does the "ahhhh" sound after she drinks something.

  • Alrisha Marie Aquino Post author

    this looks like good, delicious diet food if you're on a diet 🙂 <3

  • Kumiko Kurokawa Post author

    Is Harusame noodles the same as vermicelli noodles?

  • bcgrote Post author

    A lovely refreshing salad. It's been a very good year for cherries. Usually we can only get the for a week or two, but they have been in the stores since May. I may finally have eaten my fill!

    Baby is really good with music!

  • shonda christy Post author

    I wish you could make that Ana send it to me 😋

  • Sakura B Post author

    Ochikeron, where did you purchase that pot with the removable handle? It is really nice but very hard to find in the US, any suggestions as to where I could go to buy some?

  • nimedhel09 Post author

    Seems delicious! I'll try it at my new house when the weather is good 😀

  • Shade Silverstun Post author

    When you cook noodles, do you salt the water? I know my family does but not sure if you did, thanks so much 🙂

  • Adriana Araujo Post author

    yummy!! Arigatô xx

  • Hung Le Post author

    I know english, japanese and also vietnamese?? Wow i am so admire you

  • Sakura Haruno Post author

    hi ochikeron ,the day before yesterday i tried your harasume salad ,it was really delicious and really refreshing😊😀😃😉

  • Sakura Haruno Post author

    i forgot to cook the carrot stips but was still delicious.

  • Watermelon15 SUPER!!! 15 Post author

    I loved it so much……. I love noodles
    But I don't know how to use chopsticks
    But I need to learn.

  • ivonehime Post author

    could I use rice noodles instead of harusame noodles?

  • sabão sabão Post author

    Mais uma inscrita 😍

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