GREEK PASTA SALAD | Fun Festive Food | DIY Demonstration

GREEK PASTA SALAD | Fun Festive Food | DIY Demonstration

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Welcome to Deronda here with foods 101. Today. I’m showing you how to make this delicious Greek Pasta Salad. Absolutely simple and easy to make. Perfect for picnics, get-togethers, it travels nicely, and everyone loves it. The ingredients you’re going to need is a handful a flat leaf parsley. Make it fresh…that’s best. 1/2 cup of olive oil, 1 (8 ounce block) of feta cheese. I’m going to crumble this down later. I have the tomato basil flavor here, but if you want to use the regular flavor, or another flavor you be my guest. 1 cup of golden grape tomatoes. If you want to use the red or the purple you may. 1 cup of pitted black olives. If you’d like to use the green olives. You may go ahead and do that. 1 (4 ounce) jar of sliced pimentos, 1 teaspoon of dried oregano, 1/4 cup of red wine vinegar, 1/4 of a cup of sliced green onions. That look like this. 1/2 cup of chopped celery, and I’m going to use 16 ounces of Penne pasta. If you want to use the rigatoni or the elbow pasta. You may. Let me show you how we’re gonna get this together. Cook the pasta according to package directions. I’ve been slicing my tomatoes and my olives in half while the pasta cooks. Be sure to stir your pasta, occasionally. Chop down the parsley. I hear the timer going off on my pasta. Okay, so these three ingredients are ready for that lovely Greek pasta salad. Add your olive oil into a large mixing bowl. Along with that red wine vinegar. Add the oregano, and some fresh cracked black pepper. This isn’t necessary, but I’m adding it right now. With a whisk. Mix these ingredients until they’re well blended. Now the trick is to add the pasta while it’s still warm, so it can absorb the flavors of this pasta salad I’ve drained the pasta. It’s very warm. You may see a little steam coming up. We’re gonna toss this with that red wine vinegar, and the olive oil. We’re gonna get those flavors absorbing into our pasta. Add your jar of pimentos. It’ll start cooling it down, but yet it’ll start absorbing the flavors as well. Add the celery green, and greens onions. Oh my gosh, it smells so delicious. So Fresh!! Those onions and celery just puts it over the top. Mix the black olives, the tomatoes, and fresh parsley. Oh my YUMS. Look how fantastic that Pasta Salad is. It travels well. It’s a great potluck dish. It makes a lot. Serves anywhere from 8 to 12 people, or more depending on how big or small the serving sizes are. Last…I’m going to break down that tomato basil feta cheese Now, if you don’t like feta cheese, go ahead and use whatever cheese you like in your salads. That will be fine. That’s it. Simple and Easy to get together. Everyone absolutely loves this Greek Pasta Salad. I’m gonna give this a lovely little taste. I want to get my penne pasta on there. A tomato, a little bit of a black olive. If I can work it over here to the side. Oh my yums!! Look how fantastic that is!! Maybe a little pimiento, and some feta cheese. It smell Look how fantastic that is!! Maybe a little delicious! Here goes Yeah, this is absolutely fantastic. I love that tomato basil cheese, the pop of those golden grape tomatoes, and that fresh parsley, the black olives. Y’all it makes it win-win. If you think it’s good today… put it in your refrigerator overnight. The pasta will really absorb those fantastic flavors. This is a make a head Greek Pasta Salad. I’m Deronda with foods 101. You know what to do. Hit that notification bell. Give me thumbs up. Leave me a comment. I’ll catch you lovely people later..

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