Get P500 OFF your next groceries!

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Our groceries have arrived from Honest Bee. Delivered by this guy! Thank you! There! Sorry I was just so happy because our first order from Honest Bee just arrived so What is HONEST BEE They basically do deliveries and in this case they also deliveries of groceries Like you can do online shopping and then they get their stuff from Robinsons Supermarket. You choose what Uh, what items you want to buy and then You choose if you want to pay by Cash-On-Delivery (COD) Or if you want to pay by credit card. And, If you use the link… If you use the code below, it’s in the description Uh, you can get P500 pesos off on your first order. And then if you refer other people You get another P500 off on your groceries So, there it is again. I’m just really so happy. Because, it’s very convenient. When you place your order yeah you get to choose if you want to do COD. In my case I chose COD Uhh, you choose What day you want it to arrive And what time slot. So, I chose Today at 10 am And around 7am they already texted that they won’t be able to make 10 am So they rescheduled for 11 am, and then Around 9 am they called up to say That there were a few items out of stock so you have the option to tell them What to substitute for those items Or if you want to remove them completely from your order. So in my case I swapped out a few I removed a couple of things that were out of stock And there! It’s very nice! Very convenient! And, uh, actually You end up saving On your groceries because you’re getting P500 off So try to check it out! Yeah, Honest Bee!

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