Gennaro’s Potato Salad | #PotatoMadness

Gennaro’s Potato Salad | #PotatoMadness

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Hi lovely people from Food Tube Channel! What are we doing today? I’m going to make for you and for me a fantastic fresh, tasty Potato Salad! Yes! You will love it! So simple. Three ingredients, maximum flavour. let me get a colander. Some fantastic potatoes I just boiled. The small potatoes, they cook for about 15 to 20 minutes. You move it. And drain it. Put the potato inside your hands. And just peel it. Those are not too hot for me. I don’t need a cloth. So simple. Everyone can do that. You need about 5 potatoes for person. But I can eat 10. I’m a little bit greedy. Then you have the onions. Red onions. It’s very sweet. Start from the middle if it’s possible, Have to be extremely fine. Rings of onions. If you like the other onions, use the other onions. I’m gonna use a little bit more. Slowly, you have to loosen it. Little salt. Little red wine vinegar. But you know what? If you don’t have red wine vinegar, you go white. If you don’t have wine vinegar, so what? Use a lemon. It will work. You mix it nice. You let it stay for about a minute. No longer than that. You get a potato and you cut in wedges. Did I say the right word? What a salad! Little salt. I’m going to show you some fantastic salt. Little bit of crashed pepper. Quite a lot of the extra virgin olive oil. Bounded olive oil. I love it. Right! Oregano. Just put it in your hands. And crush it. Look the way it’s coming down. Let it go. Fantastico. Clap your hands. Get those fantastic onions. The acidity went away. And the lovely vinegar stays in. Put them inside. Everything goes in. Mix with your hands. Don’t be afraid. Put inside the dish. Right at the end, you sprinkle some more salt. A little bit of olive oil. Little oregano to celebrate it. And this is fresh, tasty Potato Salad, Genaro way. If there’ a better salad, I don’t want to know. I’m going to enjoy, here in Malta. Look where I am! Thank you for watching my video, Foodtubers! This recipe was adapted from my book called Passione. Take a look, you will love it! And make sure you check out my channel! Subscribe, it is free. Bye!

6 thoughts on “Gennaro’s Potato Salad | #PotatoMadness

  • Max Schindler Post author

    I am crying for these poor potatoes D: Dont try this at home if you want to serve a potato salad! There are a lot of things Italians know to do brilliantly but they have no idea what a potato salad could be like… make sure to check a german variety of a potato salad before!

  • checkar peat Post author

    If you‘re happy and you know it: 2:31

  • Rosalind Kincannon Post author

    We make this often at my home but add parsley, chunks of celery n whole olives….DELICIOUS

  • MrGilRoland Post author

    For extra flower don’t forget to clap your hands 😂

  • Dmac 740 Post author

    This guy got some good recipes and things I've never tried.

  • Marco Wang Post author

    I love you Gennaro !

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