Fruity Bean Salad (Pregnancy Recipe) by Tarla Dalal

Fruity Bean Salad (Pregnancy Recipe) by Tarla Dalal

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Welcome to Tarla Dalal’s kitchen. I am your nutritionist Nisha. Today we are going to make nutritious Fruity Bean Salad. Easy to make, very colourful , tasty and healthy at the same time. In this salad we will use fruits, mixed sprouts and curd based dressing. First we will make the curd dressing. In a bowl take whisked curd Then add chopped mint leaves Add powdered sugar and salt to taste. Mix well. Dressing is ready. Keep it aside. For this salad we will use mixed sprouts. Moong , Matki and Channa were sprouted together. It is also easily available in market. Since this recipe is for preganant women I would advice that you sprout the pulses at home. I would advice that you sprout the pulses at home I would advice that you sprout the pulses at home In order to ensure hygiene. In a big bowl take sprouts Sprouts are very rich in fibre. Fibre will help to reduce constipation that is generally experienced during pregnancy. To make it more healthy, lets add fruits. Add chopped apples. Add chopped oranges Add grapes (cut into halves) Any fruits of your choice can be added. Add iceberg lettuce Lettuce was soaked in cold water to keep it fresh and crisp. Tear the lettuce into pieces and add to salad. Add chopped spinach Spinach and lettuce contain iron and folic acid which increases hemoglobin. Doctors advice pregnant women to consume foods rich in iron and folic acid. Till now we have added fibre rich sprouts and fruits And iron and folic acid rich green leafy vegetables. Lets add calcium and protein rich curd dressing. Salt will not be required as it was added
in both dressing and while boiling sprouts. If required extra salt can be added as per taste. Toss the salad properly, till dressing coats all the ingredients. In the end add chopped green chillies Green chillies were added at the end, because it is optional. Pregnant women may experience acidity, so this may be avoided. Instead of green chillies, black pepper powder can be added. Salad is ready to serve. It can be served now or chilled. Make this multi-vitamin salad everyday, to avali its benefits.

8 thoughts on “Fruity Bean Salad (Pregnancy Recipe) by Tarla Dalal

  • Jasmine Joshi Post author

    Yaay!! first to comment ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Scream Tv Post author

    i need your help as on 28 jan is my homescience board practical and i have to make a nutrious meal for lactating mother i want your suggestion
    tell me something unique , in my last pre board practical i made palak paneer with multigrain roti and gajar ka halwa and now i want to make something unique .
    plz give me your suggestions

  • vishakha AGGARWAL Post author

    i need your help my home sci board practicle is on 7feb i hve to mke a meal for latating mother , give me some ideas with uniqueness or can i made this fruity bean salad for a lactating mother

  • Sheetal bharadwaj Post author

    I need ur help … I prepare food for pregnant women in my college nutrition program…plz suggest

  • Nafisa Slatewala Post author

    thanku fr yummy salad๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  • rose jpn Post author

    Mam i am in frist trimester of pregnany..had a misscarrige past…so want to know does rolling atta roti by a hand belan make any pressure on my uterus or is it safe for me… plzz…ans me…..

  • Riya Rajput Post author

    Mam I need your help for my home science board practical which is on 5 feb… I have to make iron rich fruit salad for adolescent age girls, give me some idea pls..

  • Smokes 2go Post author

    For those of you who are pregnant and vomiting severely follow a brat(banana rice Apple toast diet).

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