FRUIT Tetherball Challenge!!

FRUIT Tetherball Challenge!!

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Bobby: ah, dangit! (lots of screaming) Bryan: It got in his eye! Joey: Ah! Stings so much! Hello to team edge, we are in the edge space and today we are playing Fruit… Tetherball I had to think about that one for a second Bryan: all right, So we got Tanner here from Rekt that is a channel over on the hi-5 network. It is an awesome channel We’ll send you straight to a video at the very end so stick tuned to the end Bobby: stick tuned Joey: stick tuned Tanner: stick tuned Bryan: STAY tuned That would’ve hit Joey So we got a bunch of schoolyard games you guys… that we are gonna be playing so… some old-school games that you guys forgot about Joey: EDGE TIME! Bobby: Joey, if you get this question correct you get an extra point in the next round In our most recent beach ball baseball challenge, who hit the game-winning point in Beach ball volleyball? Joey: guys, if you want to know the answer to that question or answer it yourself you can click that poll up in the right-hand corner of the screen and that card and Give us your answer, and we will reveal the answer in the next round Bryan: all right first up Four Square. (plays the game) (Joey screaming like a baby) Bobby: Ah dang it Bryan are you just going to look at it or were you going to swing for it? Bobby: I was going to barely tap it like this. Bryan: Now We’re playing with the big ball now. Now, We’re talking Bryan: I was trying to hit him Joey: That was Tanner I am the king I am the one the bing de bong de bing boong bing a bing bong Bobby: Back at the King spot For this part of this round I’m gonna be calling out appendages… so that means if I call out foot you can only use your foot. If call your hand you can all use your hand (record scratch) What is this thing called the karate King mantis Bryan:That was your left foot Joey: I spiked it yo! Bobby: All right, moving on to the next round Bryan: guys before we start this next round make sure you click that subscribe button down below and then that Bell icon because you don’t want to miss our videos that we release Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays what time Tanner? Tanner: 4 p.m.. Bobby: PACIFIC STANDARD TIME Joey, in the first round we asked you the question in our most recent beach ball baseball challenge who hit the game-winning point in beach ball volleyball Joey: Bryan Bobby: you are correct. Joey: Ohohoho sweet! Bobby: your advantage in the last round is you get to serve first Bobby: so for this round I have five attempts to shoot those tomatoes off of Joey. The ones on his hands are worth one point. The one on his head is worth three points if I hit him anywhere that is minus deux points Joey: The tomatoes are attacking me shoot them off of me Bryan: My aim is true Joey: Now, this is the part where I’m scared Bryan: I really am not trying to hit you in the face Joey: Does that mean you’re gonna hit me in the face? Bryan: my aim is true Joey: it just hit me in the head Tanner: that was super close Bryan: It just went to the side of the tomato Joey: ohh that was terrifying Bryan: Joey, I really wasn’t trying to hit you dude Joey: I’m not going to try to hit you either, that’s messed up Tanner: You could have murdered him Bryan: are you kidding me? Joey(flash back): That’s messed up I’m not going to miss tho Bryan: Oh my gosh! Joey: I almost hit the other tomato too Bryan: You’re not high enough (Bow drop) Bobby: that’s how it’s done All right moving on to fruit tetherball Bryan: all right guys it’s time for a fruit tetherball… Connor and Tanner are going first… Nope, it’s not Connor Bobby and Tanner going first… we have a Kiwi up first… whoever wraps around the pole wins or… if you knock out the Kiwi… You lose Why did you stop it, you lost that round Bobby: Well. Because. I- I wrapped (gives up) All right I lost, fine Tanner: Hey, you lost… you have to eat good food Bryan: It got in his eye Joey: Ah! Stings so much Bryan: His face is all red Joey: It still hurts! I’m so glad I wasn’t wearing eye protection, this is great YouTube content Dude, Bobby’s getting rekt! Bryan: Bobby what are you doing Bobby: It keeps getting shorter and shorter Joey: yeah, that’s tetherball Bryan: Just throw it up high, Bobby’s short Joey: Dude, Bobby is weak Bobby: Dude, I’m having a hard time Joey: he just throws it at the ground Tanner: who didn’t see that coming, like…it’s a banana Joey: what happened I won that one. next up is watermelon. Joey: oh wait, why did I just let it go? Bryan: Oh, it’s cracking… you can’t hold it that long Joey: It’s so heavy Joey: oh, this is so dangerous… it’s cracking folks. Bobby: It’s cracked all the way Bryan: Oh, it’s still on, it’s still on, keep going I won the point Bryan: it’s like like a piñata, everybody just rushes to the candy Big thanks to Tanner from Rekt for helping us out on this one make sure you guys go watch this video right here That is a twenty thousand dollar filled up pinata an indestructible piñata… go watch it let us know what you guys think Joey: Subscribe to their channel too Bryan: and watch this video right here that is the Try not to laugh challenge. It’s an old-school challenge videos that I think you’re gonna really enjoy bye Joey: also Gunners on that channel

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