Fruit Ninja Kinect Review – Ermac Hates Fruit!

Fruit Ninja Kinect Review – Ermac Hates Fruit!

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Oh if there’s one thing ninjas hate it’s fruit fruit ninja was a sensation on mobile devices your iPhones iPads and even the Android it’s a fun distraction then you can fart around with for 30 minutes while you wait and it’s such a simple mechanic you slice your finger across the screen to slice bruda scoring points as you go occasionally a bomb gets thrown up and you have to be careful to avoid it otherwise it explodes and ruins your score that’s pretty much it super simple but super addictive now they ported the game over to Xbox is connect on Xbox Live Arcade this is part of their new initiative to put out a new Kinect enabled arcade game once every month fruit ninja Kinect being the first and believe it or not it’s a surprisingly good fit a ton of fun and workout they’ve even added multiplayer where you can cooperate or better yet compete against each other you actually feel a bit like a ninja yeah and like a real ninja you can appear and disappear in a puff of smoke allow me to demonstrate this ancient art okay so it’s connects way of telling you you’re too close or too far from the screen it’s still pretty awesome now game play hasn’t changed much you just swipe your hands instead of swiping your finger and the Kinect seems to read this motion pretty well unfortunately it doesn’t really apply very well to the menus it seems overly sensitive there and you’re gonna be frustrated sort of navigating through those now depending on the mode you’re playing classic Zen or arcade you’ll get all sorts of different fruit like frenzied fruit with an impressive light show new color-coded fruit and even this new sweet fruit type that zooms in allows you to go all routes least I alive there’s also a challenge mode and the Masters dojo visiting the dojo allows you to unlock different customizations it just changes the color of your swipe type yeah it kind of pointless but the challenge mode utilizes the Xbox Live leaderboards to keep you motivated to beat your friends just remember mine Khumbu is better than your kombu unfortunately even with these tiny additions here and there and the addition of multiplayer it still frankly feels like an overpriced minigames that should have been part of a bigger set it costs 800 Microsoft Points that’s gonna set you back $10 whereas the app version only costs $0.99 and you could take that one anywhere you want it just it’s just a pretty big jump therefore the final verdict for fruit ninja Kinect is a six out of ten it’s definitely fun and addicting don’t get me wrong especially with the multiplayer mode added unfortunately it’s gonna get old kind of quickly it’s just a game that you open up a set for game night with it’s not one that’s gonna have a lot of staying power without any substantial modes attitude in its current form this game needed to be 400 Microsoft Points $5 max then I’d be able to recommend it to any and all Kinect owners as a must buy but $10 I just can’t right now but if you hate fruit just as much as ninjas do wait until the price drops before you unleash your rampage until then oh that’s good I’ll see you guys mmm juicy on the neck angry jello stop calm yourself down Oh you

37 thoughts on “Fruit Ninja Kinect Review – Ermac Hates Fruit!

  • Ch3ri0 Post author

    "even the android"… lol fuck Iphone

  • Quang Dang Post author

    uuyg hdhxjcjcj

  • Ghost Killer Post author

    lol im late

  • felipe martinez Post author

    this is when joe had more time for reviews jaja

  • Oumshka Post author

    turn on captions at 1:18

  • Jerry Cruz Post author

    Ermac must come back

  • RJ Beatingo Post author

    Ever notice how ermac and corporate sound the same?

  • Sajid Altaf Post author

    Wow this rеallу works, todaу I did prеviоuslу aaаdd rеsоurсссеs оn Fruit Ninja, I will cссomе bаck and try аgаin tomоrrow, I hаvе sаved the link for уоu guys. Fruit Ninja Кinесt Reviеw Еrmaс Haates Fruit

  • Afroz nazareth Post author

    USE THIS–> IT IS ТHE WOORКING Fruit Ninja Hack ТООL ТHAAТ WORKS! ENJOY! Fruit Ninjааaa Kineсt Review Ermаc Hatees Fruit

  • German Bonivento Post author

    ahahaha , that rave move. lol

  • Some Dude Post author


  • To Be Announced Post author

    Fruit ninja is free.

  • ChuggyNation Post author

    the links are dead

  • Crash Schwarzenegger Post author

    Ernacs Dojo XD

  • FJJ WFP Post author

    Haha wait for the fruit ninja PSVR

  • golden cupcake Post author

    this makes me wanna buy xbox 360

  • Your Favorite Canadian Youtuber, Eh! Post author

    Have you heard about all the awesome new stuff added to the game? Like all the new themes for example! My 2 most favorite themes are the Christmas theme and the 8 Bit Retro theme! In the Christmas theme you get a cool Candy Cane Blade and better yet your Shadow looks like is has like a snowglobe inside it or something, I know that may not sound exciting, but if you try it and see it for yourself then you'll know what I mean! Oh and the best part, the whole theme of the entire game changes to a Christmas style version of the game! With a festive background, all the select options are fancily decorated, snowflakes falling everywhere, and the Pomegranate is changed to a Fruitcake! How freaking awesome is that? Now if you think that's cool, then just wait until you see the 8 Bit Retro theme! Once you select that theme, just like The Angry Video Game Nerd, the game is gonna take you back to the past! The whole theme of the game is changed to a Retro 8 Bit style version of the game! You see a cool stream of pixels every time you slash, your shadow is all pixelated, and everything is changed to look like an oldschool 8 Bit game! The background looks retro and so do the menu features, all of the fruits are pixelated, and you can hear those sweet 8 Bit sound effects from your childhood, along with a sweet 8 Bit version of the Fruit Ninja theme playing in the background to top it all off! Now that right there is pure awesomeness! And yet those are just 2 of the many new themes of the game! There are many other awesome themes, including a spooky Halloween theme, a Rainbow Hippie theme that makes you feel like you're playing the game while on drugs XD, an outer space theme, a traditional artist theme, a cool looking futuristic quantum technology theme or something like that, and more! Trust me, these new themes in the game are 100% awesome! They may cost you a few extra points to get them, but it's worth it! You're gonna love em, just as much as you hate fruit! XD

  • Karate Shark Post author

    A good Kinect game it can't be!!!!

  • Alladeen Madafaker Post author

    Cant believe this games is already 7 years old

  • Allan Vang Post author

    Cooking with scorpion, Ermac's Fruit Ninja Dojo, whats next? Sub Zero the ice cream man?

  • Oh Yea Yea Post author

    Ermac's dojo needs a revival series

  • Mo Ullah Post author

    Shut the fuck up

  • Gabe’s Ultimate Gaming and Vlogging Post author


  • NehanPlays Post author

    The game is free now

  • OSanoBR Post author

    I love how Joe incorporates my favourite MK character X-D

  • YukiSkyZero Post author

    I miss playing this during my teenhood days. xD
    I mean the Mobile Phone version. xD

  • Geddy Lee's Owl Nose Post author

    Lmfao that roundhouse tho

  • NashDIY Post author

    You mean a pomegranate?

  • Wander Post author

    Lmao that club music from Blade! I love this show!

  • A.T Lesbian loli Post author

    kinda strange seeing Joe review a mobile game since now he says "mobile gaming is shit"

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  • TheSixteen60 Post author

    why does a cuss a lot

  • woooudo Post author

    That blade music will never get old. Its forever.

  • Akshat Sinha Post author

    2:34 watch at 0.5 speed xD

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    Fat joe

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    I love Hispanic Ermac.

  • 火災 Post author

    What happened to him lmao

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