Fruit Ninja Frenzy Force – Meet Peng

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♪♪The personification
of a sugar rush,
Peng’s energetic aura and
unbreakable spirit
make him the unpredictable
wild card
of the Fruit Ninja team.Why does he jump
in slow motion? Uh, he thinks it
looks cooler.He may not be super focused
when it comes
to Juice Jitsu training…Good one.…or juice stand duties…Did you check the bolts
on the roof like you said you would? Yep, should be okay.…but he possesses
a natural charm
which he uses to weasel
his way out of
and then back into all kinds
of sticky situations.
Peng’s lack
of risk-calculation skills
means he’s literally up
for anything,
except for cleaning.Or homework.Probably not vegetables.“Fruit Ninja Frenzy Force”♪♪

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