Fruit Ninja – feat. Peter Sudarso [FAN FILM] Power Rangers | Super Sentai

Fruit Ninja – feat. Peter Sudarso [FAN FILM] Power Rangers | Super Sentai

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Damien don’t forget to eat your fruits
now. No thanks I’m good. Come on Damien, fruits are good for you. The only fruits I eat are in my fruit flavored cereal.
You do realize that those types of cereals aren’t the healthiest of foods
right? And besides fruits help you get stronger and it’ll make you become a
hero when you grow up. I’m already a hero, remember? How can I forget, you make me reuse that footage in every
single video. What did you say? Oh nothing… But seriously Damien, what can I do to make you reconsider?
Give it up Tito (Uncle), fruits don’t taste good and I’m already strong whenever I morph. Hey Damien! Whoa aren’t you?! Yep that’s me! People
will never believe this! So I heard that you didn’t want your fruits? Yuck fruits don’t taste good! Heroes don’t need fruits! The truth is the
costume doesn’t make the hero. What do you mean? I actually also used to dislike
fruits, especially apples… don’t really remember why… The point is the moment
that I embraced fruits, I grew stronger! I became so strong that
I didn’t need to transform into a spandex wearing hero!
I’m already strong enough as is. Look if you lost the ability to transform, what then?
I didn’t think of it that way. You need to be strong by being yourself as well
and you need to be healthy for that, hence the importance of eating fruits. I
guess you’re right. Okay check this out. If you eat your fruits you might be able to
do this… Okay fine I’m convinced, thanks Peter.
You’re welcome a little bro! Hey Pete, thanks for talking some sense into
Damien. Of course dude no problem. Peter! Catch! UGH! That’s why…. apples….

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